Help With Picnic Spots For Families In Lagos

Hi name is ...................,
Could you help ask your readers where one could go in Lagos to have intimate family picnics?..Thanks

Hi Eya..I sent you a
Mail twice on possible picnic spots for families in Lagos.. Please please, could you post it, I need the info for the Salah break..thanks in advance


  1. Anonymous8/08/2013

    A private beach

  2. Anonymous8/08/2013

    Marwa or Abiola gardens @ikeja

  3. Try Whispering palms... It's on the fringes of lagos, (Badagry)

    You can also visit Taqway bay or Ilashe private beach.... You need a boat ride if you choose the later!

  4. Anonymous8/08/2013

    Takwa Bay is one lovely beach you would enjoy, trust me. You take a boat cruise down there, rent your tent and enjoy yourself with your family. You won't even found too many people moving around. You ll love it. Get to law school bus top ask for Fiji jetty, they would cruise you down there and bring you back to the jetty 6-7pm.
    Have fun!!

  5. Please be aware that it is possible to get infections from public swimming pool. Even an eighteen times olympic gold medallist confessed to peeing in the swimming pool.

    Do have a safe and fun filled family time!

    Check out the complete gist on


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