Can This Be Crab Allergy?

Good evening Aunty Eya,

Is it normal to develop a sudden allergic reaction to something you've been eating and tolerating before?

I ate just 1 crab last night and had serious allergic reaction which started within 3 minutes of eating it. I started feeling an itchy throat then very severe stomach pain with strong urge to throw up but after about an hour, all parts of my body from scalp to sole if my feet were itching me, had to be rushed to a close by hospital where

I was almost admitted but I rejected, got an 2 injections and sedated.

 woke up in d morning relieved but after an hour, the itching started again with serious chest pain like something was stuck in my chest.

Pls throw it open to the house but hide my identity pls
I also want the post on bed wetting. My two sons aged. 9 and 7 still bed wet


  1. Anonymous8/04/2013

    It's allergy for sure but might not be from the crab, maybe an ingredient used to prepare the crab if u made it yourself you can check carefully for the new spice u used, if it was bought outside then I dnt know again o. Cos I remember I had thesame reaction after eating pizza somewhere went back to check the menu and Oregano was the only thing I hadn't eaten before so I knew that was the problem.i hope my 1 cent helped.michgirl

  2. Anonymous8/04/2013

    If u ve been eating crabs b4 then I don't tink it's an allergy,it cld b food poisoning,d crab was not cooked properly or it was almst bad b4 it was cooked making d crab poisonous 2 eat or mayb u ate a specie of crab different 4rm d 1nces u used 2 eat

  3. halima8/04/2013

    Its very possible,I used to eat crab and crayfish before until I started having allergy.d same symptoms u just took me time before I discovered it was crab and crayfish reaction,no matter how,where its is cooked or allergy includes swollen lips and itchy tongue

  4. Anonymous8/04/2013

    yes it will stop if you tell ASUU TO CALL OFF STRIKE!!! Aunty eya give me Akara make i chop joor!!!

  5. This sounds an allergic reaction from what u have described.
    This can also be some kinda food poisoning, seafood is usually very delicate so maybe it wasn't cooked well enough or it was past its sell-by or expiry date.

  6. It isn't food poisoning And was hygenically prepared by my mum. It was eaten by 3 of us but No other person reacted to it. Dr confirmed it't allergic reaction

  7. It was well cooked by my mum and three of us ate it but the two others had no reAction. The Dr that treated me confirmed she's had same experience with crap. Someone said it might be allergy to a particular specie, I'm off crap for life, shrimp included

  8. Yea, since u don't really know what caused it, its wise to stay off crab. After sometime u can't try it again to confirm if Its really the crab or smth else.

  9. Anonymous8/05/2013

    Eyah! Kpele... I had a worse case with wheat, it was a terible experience. I run fast whenever I see wheat, anywhere anytime. And this is something I use to enjoy a lot.. Don't know if my wheat had expired then, but I'm so scared to try again! It was terible!
    I think the body start reacting to some food after a while... Really dnt understand why!



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