Can My Bow Legs Be Corrected At My Age And Where In Nigeria?

Good morning ma
Thanks for accepting my friend request.
Am 25 yrs old and married, beautiful but not confident!

I will like to know if my bow legs can still be corrected at my age
It doesn't make me wear what I want to wear
And makes me lose confidence in the
company of other people
Please as a matter of urgency help me post this on WC
So I can get likely recommendations if any on where to get help in the country.
Thanks so much, looking forward to receiving helpful informations
Pls I would like to remain anonymous from the public!


  1. Anonymous8/22/2013

    I love bow legs. They are hawt.

  2. Anonymous8/22/2013

    Hmm na wa oh. Is your husband complaining? I think he loves u d way u are. He saw other women before marrying u. Self confidence does not depend on your leg status. Thank God u are not even leaping. There is a lady in my office who has a bad leg but she carries herself very well. As a matter of fact u wouldn't even notice it,becos of the way she carries herself.Please and please ignore the bow leg. It is nothing dear.

  3. Pls love n embrace ur bowleg my dear, I wld not advice u to correct them in Nigeria,if u can't travel out to correct pls just love them.
    I don't think correcting them will change who u r.

  4. My dear. Do u want to destroy ur legs bcos you have passed the age

  5. If your husband isn't complaining, why bother?

    I used to know someone back in school who said that her fiance(now husband) loves her bow legs.

    All you need do is to work on your esteem and confidence.

  6. Anonymous8/22/2013

    Yes it can be surgically and medically corrected from bowleg to Yam leg!!! Hehe Meanwhile Asuu strike is still on Suswam is still decieving himself next meeting will still end in deadlock and he will collect his sitting allowance

  7. Anonymous8/22/2013

    pls love yourselve. God didnt make a mistake with u

  8. Heehehehehe some comments here sha.
    But me I love bow legs not too bow,coz girls with straight legs endup with yamlegs most time.
    The sight of her wearing my boxers with her bow leg is very lovely and romantic.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

    1. Bona Bona

    2. Anonymous8/23/2013

      Dis Bona na real something else heheheheheheeeeeeeee

    3. Anonymous8/28/2013

      Bona Bona, You are always everywhere.

  9. Surgery is only recommended for extreme cases of bow leg which i dont think is your case.

    Best age for such surgeries is 7 or 8. By then, children's legs have reached the
    angle they'll retain into adulthood.

    Just feel good about yourself. Truth is there is nothing you can do about it at your age unless you want to put yourself through unnecessary medical pains.

    In other news

    we ladies will do anything to look perfect including going under the knife but is it really worth it? Visit for gist and more!

  10. Dear poster, at this stage, it will be painful and I don't think it will be corrected totally besides it will mean you using crutches or wheel chair. If your husband isn't complaining, you just need to build your confidence

  11. desire8/22/2013

    Yes it can be corrected. My sister did hers @ 18yrs. Though d legs r straight but the surgery mark is all over her legs. She did it @ igbogbi orthopedic hospital, fadeyi. Lagos.

    1. Anonymous10/04/2013

      Rily??can u kindly helpme find out how much it costed her??..i av a frnd dying 2 gt a surgery done..

  12. Anonymous8/23/2013

    Leave surgery things. Me I love am for bow-legged babes. I will hook you up as my second wifey if you no mind. Fine goal post!! Heehee!

    -Akpos O.

  13. Bow legs can b sexy. But some bow legs r terribly o. Anyways u jst hv 2 luv ursef n raise ur confidence. We cnt hv all we wnt. I'm sure u r rily beauriful. Once u r beauriful u r beauriful.

    1. Anonymous8/23/2013

      Story! All in the grammar; u should see the legs. If legs have hunchbacks, I'm sure it'll be called quasimoto. Yes, story & grammar! Mtcheeew!

      - Akpos O.

  14. Anonymous8/23/2013

    Irony of life.!!,2 say i use nd stil take a u-turn weneva i com acros bow-legged babez,am ful of admiration for them especialy d way their hips curves,i sently wish ave got dos curves 2....@bona,ure makin me trip wit ur romantic indeed...@poster,b contend nd lov ur body image,u nid 2 reset ur mindset nd build ur self esteem,u knw wat???Ure beautiful jus the way you are..#Thelma#

  15. Anonymous11/10/2013

    Sure u guys really understand what having bow legs means? It will make u lose ur self esteem esp. If ur a gal. No matter how slight it is....was given the best catwalker in ma dept in school en also modelling agency buh ah still don't like the legs. I always wish ma legs are straighter. I will give everytn up should I see how to travel outside and get the surgical operation. Like ah said, if u don't have the bandy legs, u will never understand hw we always feel about the leg..

  16. Anonymous1/07/2014

    I had bow leg as a child and my parent took me for surgery to correct it. D tin is my legs never became d perfect straight leg dey imaged, it is stil slightly bow. Now I av to live with the scars all ova my legs nd I totally hate dem. The good part is dat my fiance is nt complain rada he loves dem nd likz teasing me abt dem......*u kno dat part in wande coal's Rotate where he said '' I love my gehs wit d bo bow leg'' my guy jes luv teasing me endlessly wit it.#smiles#

    1. Omolade4/23/2014

      me n yu are somewhat in common.....buh i always feel terribly pains when walking or standing even sitting for too long...most times i have sleepless nights coz of the pains....i want mine corrected again coz ive done surgery when i wan 8 n also orthopedic whn i was 12...naw im 20..n i relli want it corrected. it disturbs me alot

  17. Anonymous1/18/2014

    Just do bowed legs exercises ..they will get straight but needs patience.. U can search for images on how to do the exercises on google..

    1. Anonymous4/11/2014

      really????doez exercise relly work to staight our legs?????????????

  18. Anonymous5/15/2014

    Bowlegs can be corrected without is done with massage therapy they are experts..u can do it in kaduna or abuja..its done at a couzin did hers last two months and her legs are straight like dey were never bow

    1. Anonymous4/30/2015

      Hello please where can I get these massage experts in Abuja? I would love to see them. And how long did it take your cousin's legs to straighten out. Thanks

  19. If u aint got 'em u certainly cant understand wah its like, even when loved ones keep complimenting you, u just cant help buh wish atyms dat d legs were straight.........i'd say it doesnt matter who says u're beautiful or who likes ur legs...... U've got to decide to cherish 'em nd build ur confidence cos ure stuck with 'em legs for life and no one else is gonnna use/love 'em legs better dan u ma'am.

  20. Anonymous7/08/2015

    I hate bow legs and I can do anything to see my legs straight! I hateda attention I get when I enter places an 24 now, I wear and goto places and ata times I feel discriminated and it hurts me, nobody wants it all of u admiring it I wish I could transfer it so u can feel how we feel, it has made me short from a tall family!!


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