BreastFeeding My Son While Pregnant

Good day aunty Eya, am a silent reader of your blog which has helped me tremendously. Please I need help from Wives Connection. 

My son is 1yr+ still
breastfeeding and am 6wks Pregnant. Is it good to continue breastfeeding him, does it have any effect on my son? Pls mothers in the house advice.
Mrs kay


  1. Anonymous06:12

    Hi, u can continue breastfeeding ur son to Abt 1 and half year, it has no effect on him or d pregnancy

  2. I tink u hv 2 stop breast feeding ur son. Its said 2 b poisonous. Ask ya doc sha

  3. livy08:57

    No it doesn't. Just eat healthy and you'll be fine. I did same too and nothing happened to my baby. Since he's up to a year n 6 mnths,u may consider weaning him so it doesn't get too stressful for you with ur condition esp at nyt. Goodluck

  4. Diuto09:00

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with breastfeeding while pregnant. Its an old wives tale that says it's harmful for more information visit

  5. Anonymous10:04

    I believe one year is enough for any child..Besides it will tell on you as you my be tired and weak all the time.. So I think you should stop..Just my Opinion tho.. for the health risk you should ask your Doctor..Congratulations..Aso kale Ayo ohh..

  6. I don't know if it's safe to continue or not but for me, none of my kids sucked breastmilk for more than 10 months. (before any WC sis asks after their mental health and performance, 3 out of the four rarely come second in class.*they mostly come out as all round best by God's grace.I'm sure some of their teachers read this blog, so if I lie they will challenge me.

    Once a baby starts eating everything I eat, I don't see reasons to continue so I wean and we continue with solids and other drinkables in a feeder. Drinkables in the feeder very important for me. My baby must continue enjoying her sucking though it's no longer breastmilk.They continue with their beverages in the feeder till two years or more sef.

    WARNING: For mothers who do not have the time and patience to really explore, cook what a baby loves plus variety and then feed the baby well, pls don't try my method. Breastfeed for two years I beg you.

    #The baby in the womb is taking from you, his big brother outside is also taking from you. This might affect you. Pls talk with your Doctor and see if you can wean your son, if he has started eating everything you eat, then he is cheating by taking what you keep in your body and also taking from your plate.He is a big boy. IMO

    1. Pls ma, drinkables such as?
      2ndly, my girl refuses to suck her feeding bottle except for water.
      Is there other kind of feeder she might like?

    2. Lizzy14:35

      The type of drink u give ur chiild depends on the child's age. Try wheat milk, cows milk, pure fruit juice in moderationn, water. If she refuses her bottle try a sippy bottle, beaker bottle or colourful bottle.

      Some health visitors do not encourage feeding bottles for over 1yr olds as they said it affects the teeth n gums developing, they give a curved cup to start the child using a cup early.

    3. tnx Lizzy, I'll look for d bottles u mentioned.
      She's 7mths, pls which drinks should I try?

    4. Anonymous05:44

      Try a spoon she may just be tired off a bottle like my baby.
      My baby stopped using d bottle frm 6 months on her own.

  7. we r in d same shoe though ve wean mine it does not affect any of them. just make sure ur toddler eats well before weaning.

  8. Lizzy14:27

    I am not sure if it is safe to breastfeed and be pregnant at the same time, please ask a health visitor or child development specialist.
    It will get really stressful for you so I suggest you try to wean ur son especially now that he is over 1yr.
    I only bfeed between 4-6months as my kids don't get satisfied/full up with breast milk so I start to wean from 5months but give formula milk and water.
    Some kids are very fussy and mothers easily give up weaning as the child may intially refuse everything you give them. Try a little bit at a time and offer variety then you'll get to know what he really likes.
    Searh WC for ideas of food to wean babies as we have given tips on the topic a few times. All the best and congrats.

  9. Dr Blakky16:26

    Dear Poster,we do not advise women who are pregnant to breastfeed..Your unborn child only depends on nutrients from you..Breastfeeding will greatly reduce the amount of nutrients your unborn baby will receive..Your son is a year plus already,it's high time to introduce solids and gradually wean him off the breast.If he is having difficulty taking solids,you may have to place him on formula

    1. Anonymous19:27

      Thank you jare.

    2. Anonymous09:21

      Dr Blakky, I do not agree with your first sentence.
      A healthy woman with good body reserve and who eats a balanced diet can breast feed any number of children she wants. What may be a problem is the inconvenience, tiredness of pregnancy etc.
      In my centre (Teaching Hospital) we let women decide for themselves as long as they are healthy and eat well.

      Poster, check things up, the Internet is there, and what about your own doctor or midwife?

  10. Anonymous17:01

    Abeg it's not harmful anything. I did it with my second pregnancy. My first child was nearly 2 and I contined to breastfeed he whilst pregnant. She stopped accepting my breast milk herself when I had my second daughter. Just make sure you are eating properly; lots of fruit, vegetables, protein etc to keep yourself healthy. Just for clarity, my daughter was not solely on breast milk sha, she was also eating he same foods as we did but she was not willing to give up he breast until the baby arrived.

    1. Anonymous12:08

      Glad to read this, as I am 6months plus and still BF my 11months old baby,she loves d breast and just wouldn't let go, though she has started eating everything we eat . Lots of friends n family are strongly against it that I should stop BF but my doctor sees nothing wrong just advised that I should stop at least 3months to the birth of my second child. I hope my baby lets go before then .

  11. mrsAjaryee19:20

    I jst asked my hubby who is a med doc now cuz it seems Iv heard him discuss stuff lyk ds b4; apparently it has no effect on ur 1+ baby but the one in d womb. He said smthg abt an hormone oxytocin(dunno if d spelling is right) wc is usually released yl breastfeeding wc is what is needed as well for contraction of d uterus to aid pushing; though he said d sensitivity is usually high yl approaching 9mos bt it is ADVISABLE to STOP breastfeeding once u take in

  12. The most concerning thing is that every change that happens in your body also goes in your breast milk. I'm sure if your google doctor advise website on this topic they will recommend that you stop becuse your hormones increase during pregnancy and they will taint your milk. I would not like to feed my babies high female hormones no matter their gender.

  13. mrs kay07:26

    Thank u all for yur advice, I realy aPpreciate, God bless u all in WC. He eats ev ervrythind we eat at home but will not give up breastmilk. I tried not to give him breastmilk all tru d night but d cry was unbeareble I hv to giv him, gradualy will continue trying till he gets it. Thank u all once more mothers and doc's in d house u hv lighten up my spirit ESE PUPO

  14. Mrs Morgan14:27

    Pls allow ur child pass d wkend@grandma's place or som1 close to d d time he coms bck,he wld hv 4gotten abt bobby dats wat worked 4 me.

  15. I recently found out that I'm pregnant again, probably about 8-9 weeks along. My first born is only 5.5 months old. I want to continue exclusively breastfeeding him up to the one year mark but I've been reading up on it and everything says he may self-wean before then and that my milk will turn into colostrum when I'm 4-5 months along. I detest formula with every fiber of my being, so that's not even an option. Has anyone else dealt with pregnancies this close together and still been able to EBF the whole time? Did you have to wean to animal milk or formula?

  16. Anonymous11:45

    Aunty Eya I'm so blessed by your blog well done ma. My 3 month old baby has not pooped for 7 days and I've been giving her orange pls what else can she take?

    1. Thank you. There was a time when my baby didn't pass stool for about 14 days and I was worried and took him to the hospital. We were not given any medications. I was told to give more water because we were not on exclusive breastfeeding. He pooped the following day. At another time, I couldn't endure pass one week so I started helping him with pedia lax glycerine suppositories for babies. Immediately that is inserted,the stool comes tumbling down until now he is seven months and eats everything food, I guess that's why we stopped experiencing that. You baby is fine, especially if you are on exclusive breastfeeding and if baby farts from time to time.


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