Why I Am Very Controversial

What has been happening, as you seem to be so quiet lately? 
It is deliberate as I have been so busy for some time. I have been travelling a lot and working on so many other projects outside the movie circuit. Just recently, I opened my boutique in Abuja. I also have a spa and a saloon in the city. I will soon open my Lagos outlet, it is just that Lagos is too choked up for me, but that should not be an excuse.

 I am definitely working on my Lagos branch. I have loads of customers in Lagos that I bring stuff for more than every other place. However, I love Abuja right now for its serenity. As per movie, during my spare time, I still run to some locations to shoot one or two movies. In fact, I am working on some scripts. 

Are you not afraid that you may recede in the memory of your fans with this long break? A good brand will always remain fresh even if went out of circulation for five years. You will always be remembered for your good works. I don’t believe one needs to do a hundred movies to stay relevant and fresh in the industry. 

I know some people who have featured in many productions but yet do not have that star status. If you don’t have the star streak, you don’t have it.
You can do just a movie in a year and you will be high up there. Funke Akindele has been in the industry for some time but she came up with this fantastic movie ‘Jenifa’ that deals with a very important topic, though comical, and that was it. Moreso, with the level I have attained in the industry, I don’t think I should be everywhere. That’s the truth. But we all know that there wasn’t real money to be made in this our industry, so, one has to really use his or her talent in a very positive way. I have a flair for other things and I am pursuing them. Movie will always be there and I can always fall back to it. I do it when I can do it. I travel a lot. The name is still there 
So I need to do a lot of things because I would definitely fall back to the movies. 

You can’t leave the industry just like that. It’s not possible. What is it about Empress that attracts controversy? I don’t know o. I can’t explain the reasons for all these controversies, but I guess a lot of your people think that without me they can’t sell their newspapers and magazines. But you enjoy all the buzz? Well, as much as I like people to make money and improve their lives, but seriously it doesn’t have to be through controversy. What even are all these controversies? 

That people write things that they know aren’t true, all because they want to sell their magazines? Most times they just write things to entertain their readers which they know are not true about me. Is that the kind of controversy you think I enjoy? 

Why are you still single? I am going to say this and don’t care how people will take it; the days when marriages were sweet and all beautiful are no more. If you listen to how your parents got married and how those days were sweet, but unfortunately it is not like that anymore. I have seen a lot of people going into marriages and have witnessed them coming out of it. Considering this, you will be careful.

 A lot of guys can’t stand an industrious woman especially if she is doing very well. That is the mentality of some people. Looking at me, I am a car freak alright. I have five cars and not acquiring them because I want to show off, but to some guys, can they stand that? I am a very blunt person and always trying to say it the way it is, not minding whatever. Every woman’s dream is to get married but it’s not just to get married but to get married to your friend. I want to marry my friend.
Empress Njamah


  1. You could have arranged the post properly, everything is muddled up and does not read like an interview excerpt that it is.

    Back to the post, I think Empress is a good actress, I love that she is focused on other things while the scripts are not coming.


  2. Haba! Aunty eya na story be dis abi na interview excerpt or am I missing something?. Meanwhl I liked Empress Njama movies but just like she said it one gats try other lucrative business too. I wish her the best and pray she meets dat her "friend" someday

  3. No matter how bad marriages get, there are still very good ones. You both have to make certain sacrifices and make up ur mind to make urs the best.

    And biko, what is she doing with 5 cars? The men may not be intimidated by your success. They might just be seeing you as someone who wastes money. No man wants to marry a woman who is very materialistic and a spendrift.

    But anyhow sha..wateva helps anyone sleep at night.

    1. Anonymous7/09/2013

      So what If she was a man. That one it would be ok to have the 5 cars abi? Just because she is a woman she can't buy cars she likes eventhough she worked hard for her money.
      At the end of the day, that is why she said she wants to marry her friend. Cos someone who is her friend will understand her passion for cars. This is a woman who knows herself and what she wants in life, and she understands that marriage is not a do or die affair. If you like her, you should like her for who she is, and not force her to succomb to societal ideas about how a woman should or not behave

    2. Anonymous7/09/2013

      We all have things we like and can splurge any amount of money on, for some people it's clothes, others are shoes, some are electrical gadgets. Even you Ada you mention that you have more than one phone, e-tablet, iPod, iPad, and some other gadgets.
      For her she likes cars and she works hard to get her money do why judge her as someone who wastes money. Someone might also thing you are a spindrift for having all those gadgets

  4. Guys I understand ur point...and trust me, I am just playing devil's advocate here. I m a firm believer in working hard and playing hard....man or woman...in fact, especially women. I love it when I see a woman who earns enough to make herself happy without depending on any man.

    That said, I am just stating reasons why men avoid such women. It's not always inferiority complex on the men's part.

    Btw, having 5 gadgets is different from having five cars o....hehehe... I have a friend who is a car freak...but he sells his old ones and buys the latest every year...sometimes 2-3 times in a yr... but like I said, whatever helps anyone sleep at night..

  5. Ezewanyi D Most Beautiful7/09/2013

    Empress keep consoling urselve u hear
    I ve an aunt who reason u way u do today she has lost her looks and those cars ve turned to jalopy
    Me Ezenwanyi is very happily married,let me tell u marriage is a beautiful thing and u also know it but only trying to save face

    1. Anonymous7/09/2013

      Ezenwanyi,no kill me abeggi buhahahaha

  6. Ezewanyi Ma Anu Di7/09/2013

    What kind of tasteless interview is this sef
    5cars,opening shops in d moon,nne u are very funny
    These are achievements abi.yawns
    I started driving when I was thirteen,not tokunbo ooooo tear rubber now that am married nko cars everywhere infact I match my clothes with any car I wish to use. I ve fleet of cars provided by my handsome hubby FYI he is unsnatchable so don't get any ideas into ur head

    1. Eze Eze na you biko you match ur outfits with cars waohhhhh thats so marvelous...

      Aunty Eya is this an interview you had with Empress? I dont understand this piece ohhh..

      I have always loved empress and her brothers John and Aquilla they have made their mark in Nollywood even tho they may not be so popular I think they should be proud of how far theyve come..


  7. Looool@Ezewanyi....Ur hubby is all urs madam.

  8. Anonymous7/09/2013

    Yay! Omo Ezewanyi don finish empress ooooooo!
    Chei na you get mouth pass oooo lol!! Abeg which kin interview this empress they do sef?

  9. Anonymous7/09/2013

    This Ezewanyi ehn,are u sure ure not satanic.....u have serious issues.always antagonizing people. ur spiritual husband bought u cars to match ur outfits inukwa? And its that same spiritual husband that gave u a tear rubber @ 13...u better take several seats on those plastic chairs u used to decorate ur sittn room. Agadi ekwenka,old mama youngy.wrinkled crayfish,trying to relieve her. Dream youth on Eya's blog.gerrrrroooout.

  10. Ezewanyi Omalicha7/09/2013

    @anon,y does it pain u eh
    U just described ur face me I slap shack @ajegunle btw this Ezewanyi is anything but wrinkled infact I am d most beautiful woman in d world.

  11. Anonymous7/09/2013


  12. Anonymous7/09/2013

    @ Ezenwanyi,Hahahahahahahahaha ROTFL choi choi you are very funny. Am a silent reader and this is my first comment ever. I couldn't resist. So Ezenwanyi you actually match your clothes with your cars? LMAO. @ Empress, I believe in doing whatever that makes one happy. It doesn't matter whether they get intimidated by your success and cars. When the right person comes he will stay. GENNIE

  13. Anonymous7/09/2013

    Pls why is she fat? Stop using the euphemism "full body" aunty yea, she is supposed to be a role model and in the spotlight, we have known her since d days of girls hotel, and we know she has not carried a baby full term for nw. Empress Biko lose ooo d weight o nne! U don't look appealing . Aunty eya better post this!!!!!!

    1. Anonymous7/10/2013

      Role model to who?pls speak for yourself.Empress can thief for africa.I no wan vex

  14. Anonymous8/07/2013

    Ezenwanyi! u sha! U go just dey fine trouble. I perceive u are just an old frustrated mama!


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