Why Do Nigerians Blog This Much?

The reason for this title and post is because I know myself and a few other people (Nigerians) who blog. When I say bloggers, I don't mean blog owners. To, me anyone who reads blogs and leaves comments is a blogger. 

When I started typing, my intention was to ask why people love blogging (reading blogs) but I had to narrow it down to Nigeria cos I know in Africa we are number one when it comes to Internet usage.

A book I'm reading now, "Attitude Is Everything" By Keith Harrel" Under
normal circumstances, I read these kinds of books within days but this has taken several weeks and I'm still not done. I haven't touched it today but do you know very early this morning, even before I logged into my blog, I went reading a few other blogs and laughing to myself. 

Once I'm Online, I may not visit my blog, but will definitely go check on blogs I find interesting. I read blogs even more than I read books. It's so addictive. My daily timetable/ schedules  had to be written out on a book to enable me reduce time on blogs and do other profitable things. Cos without self discipline, this Internet we see, it has the ability to consume one's mind to the extent you begin to forget other things you need to do.

Once upon a time, when I'm lying down or sitting with a phone and then suddenly I start laughing to myself, the kids will just know. The first thing they say is "Mommy we know you are reading blogs." This was long before Wives Connection was born. The laughter that comes when I read blogs is so uncontrollable. It bursts out and embarrasses me even in public places. Reading blogs just makes me happy.

While we hear daily that the Nigerian reading culture is dying, we see more and more blogs springing up with more and more Nigerians reading and even sleeping Online. Yes, sleeping Online because some days I wake up, click on my phone and a blog opens up then I remember what I did *(after the main thing) before falling asleep.

Once, I had to ask an IT expert whether megabites continue running when one sleeps off while connected to the Internet and thank God I was made to understand that they don't run when there are no clicks on the phone if not one would wake up one morning to discover all your 5G is gone while you slept.

Dear fellow Nigerians and others, whether you agree with me or not, we love blogging, while book reading culture is dying, blog reading culture is growing. What do you think is the cause?

Finally, may I sound a note of gentle warning first before I stop. If you know that you don't read blogs, please don't start saying "Eya stop generalizing."

2. Please, don't come and start saying that you are too busy to read any blog, or that I do nothing that's why I read blogs cos even while in a meeting, I stylishly read blogs when I feel bored. While cooking these our recipes sef, I read blogs right in the kitchen and I know say no be my own bad pass.


  1. MEMO: No more vernacular on Wives Connection blog.
    Those of us who are yet to see our comments since yesterday, it's because we wrote in our mother tongue. If you want to fight, please fight in English language so that we know how to settle the fight in a civilized manner.

    No more village square wrestling. Sorry your comments didn't show cos you mixed English with native to confuse Eya's head.

    You speak vernacular, you pay a fine!!!

  2. Soulspasms7/02/2013

    Lmaoooo!! Eya is not playing!! No more playing nice!!
    she is cracking the whip,and she aint playing no more!!


  3. Na wa o....
    Eya has become dictatorship.
    I know Ʊ won't post, infact don't post...this is a word of advice..
    The more Ʊ continue like dis d more Ʊ kill d traffic 2 ur blog.
    All those little tins (vancular n all) makes d blog interesting.
    This blog is gettin in2 ur head n Ʊ think pipz can't do without cuming here.
    Ur mentor linda allows all sort that's y pipz flow there..there was a tyme sum1 insulted her 4 posting d tribal war comments n she didn't respond, that's bcos that tribal war gist makes it all fun....
    Mbok, giv urself brain n understand ur blog is not school or miltary ground...although we learn, we should also b able 2 poke fun too...
    Hav a nice day.

    1. Anonymous7/02/2013

      She owns her blog so she is allowed to make rules...anty Eya, u can do whatever u like, does of us dat will "blog" will blog.
      Madam Bebe u can blog on Linda's, its a free world..

    2. Anonymous7/02/2013

      Hmmm,anon leave bebe biko she is entitled to her opinion

  4. This is serious, hehehe (laughing in pidgin, hope it's allowed). Lol!

  5. I did not mean expressions that can be best said in our native languagesooooooooo.
    Chai, I mean people fighting and insulting themselves in vernacular. When I see insults, even when I can't tell the meaning, I still know it's an insult.

    @Bebe sis, anythin wrong with writing insults in English language so that we all know the meaning. Two people argued yesterday, one was consistently posting insults in vernacular, so you like that.

    Ok, please o let us cuss with vernacular, Eya will post. I don't want to offend those with cusses that cannot find expression in English Lang like my E*******i

  6. Aunty Eya, biko english s not my mothers tongue *rme*

  7. Ignore d previous post just saw ur 11.32 comment

  8. Bislondy7/02/2013

    Yaay!!! i love reading blogs... i am towing the line of addiction sef
    I am addicted to WC, its the only blog i open on my phone and laptop. Others I open ONLY on my laptop.

    my colleague and friend will say 'i know you are on that your food blog', then on weekends she will be like 'did you read that you food blog?' and my answer is ALWAYS a SURE!

    I read books too, but i read blogs more than i read books.
    I just love blogging
    Aunty Eya, i agree with you that blog reading culture is growing, i will like to state that as far as Nigeria is concerned,book reading culture isn't dying because it never really existed. Don't forget that saying that 'if you want to keep something from a Nigerian, just put it in a book' cos they wouldn't read it.

    chai! i yaff written epistle oo #whew make i rest here

  9. We blog so much cos a good percentage of Nigerians r jobless.

  10. Aunty Eya oooo

    You got me so so laughing.... Wow #No vernacular!

  11. Ezewanyi7/02/2013

    Let d comments flow jor
    Nice colour
    Ezewanyi uwa ni le
    I greet u all
    I ve come to say
    Deal with it

  12. It 'looks like' we blog so much because of our population. Trust me, a lot of Nigerians are not on blogs...infact so many Nigerians dnt even know what blogs are or if they exist. As popular as LIB is, I know ppl who have never even heard of her... so I think it's our population, the technologocal advancements, joblessness(altho I know very 'jobful' ppl who blog like mad and I know jobless ppl, who dnt blog at all..)

    Some of us r on blogs cos we are always looking for news and solutions on the internet. Many of us hardly watch TV. We just do movies and internet.

    1. Yeah, I knw people too dat don't knw abt LIB or blogging in general sef. These are pple dat re still very current with wat goes on.
      I agree with you. Most of us have got lots of free time, hence blogging (plus, comments kip me happy mehn...lool)

    2. It's a known fact that I do blogs rounds every morning. It started with Bellanaija, then Romamnce meets life and most recently WC (I love Aunty Eya!). So, you can imagine my surprise when someone asked me what a blog is. And this is someone who should know! There’s a distinct possibility you may be among the few who know what you know.

  13. i think trends is it, wont quite agree that Nigerians dont read, i think it depends on what we read. At the present,books are becoming more of electronic medium rather than paper;the reading culture is thus tilting that direction


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