Tips For Pregnancy, Labour And Delivery

Good morning Aunty Eya,I was wondering if you can post some topics on labour and delivery on WC:
We have so many pregnant women on wives connection and I guess for some it is the first. Last week we saw Mummy Amanda's comment that it was her EDD. We wished her a safe delivery. By God's grace she should be doing great right now. There are others like Lizzy and many others who may not want to disclose until after delivery.

Experienced wives, medical personnels, nurses, men  and mothers in the house, can you please share tips for Labour and delivery with us?
 *how to avoid a tear, cut or episiotomy
*how to manage contractions 
*how to have a less painful labour
*how to help waters
*safe tips to push baby out.

 *For someone who just had a baby and has no help (house help, in-laws or live-in-family to help): 

*how to manage the home, baby, other young kids and not forget the husband.
Bear in mind that having a newborn is tiring with all the constant day and night feeds, having to cook simply but tasty meals for the family, supervising/bathing kids and getting them ready for school, school run both in the morning and afternoon, keep sanity amongst screaming and playing around kids, keeping a clean and fresh home. 

*how to look good and lose baby weight, attending to baby and still give other kids attention as some feel not loved because of the attention given to newborn.

*how not to always say NO to oga at night after having a very busy and tiring day with all d above and how to keep the spark in the bedroom.

I look forward to reading people's opinion on such posts especially ladies with such experience and MEN (this concerns them too) on WC.

Have a great weekend.



  1. Great topic Lizzy!
    I'm in my last trimester and currently doing Kegel Exercises, Squats to avoid episiotomy/tears.
    I also heard that Perineal Massages work as well.
    God be with us all :)

    1. Anonymous7/20/2013

      The best way to avoid tear/episiotomy is to dilate fully, at least that's what I do. The only problem is sme nurses are soo harsh and impatient that b4 u know it they wld ve given u tear, its not easy but u ve to stand ur grnd nd allow ur body to wrk for u. Its worth it cos then u wldnt have to do a lot of sitz bath nd d rest.
      Once u dilate fully the rest is easy.
      Also don't over eat or eat too much junk so ur baby isn't too large and it wld also help in going bck to shape cos u wldnt ve gained too much weight. Eat healthy.

    2. Thanks!

    3. Anonymous7/21/2013

      I wish all you expectant mothers safe delivery but without mincing words my dears, childbirth is very painful, don't let anyone tell you otherwise..just remember to breathe cos u might not be thinking straight at some point..if u have the opportunity of getting an epidural, please do!! It's the best thing since will all go away once you hold that precious miracle..mee

    4. As we are different from one another,giving birth too is different,I just gave birth on sunday 21/07/2013 to my 3rd child and it was so different couldn't believe it is the almighty God that is d all doing.

    5. Congrats Sade,
      I hear each pregnancy is different.

  2. Anonymous7/20/2013




    1. Google is our best friend however it'll b nice to hear real life experiences rather than general google tips.

    2. The info that Google will provide was written by people. So let's add these ones to them... If no one writes anything new and we all keep relying on Google, soon all we will have is outdated info... :-)

    3. Anonymous7/20/2013

      HmmMm,don't worry u hear? Safe delivery and strength as u progress IJN!

  3. has all the answers you need, and any other question pls ask your doctor for professional opinion, because of the ante natal session you will have, the doctor can guide you on all the stages of labour because it differs frm individuals. Read books, watch youtube for videos etc.

  4. Aunt Eya, how about AyaOba? Did I get her name right? She told us she was close to her EDD some months back, we have not heard anything from her since then. Please try and get in touch with her.

    1. Name is correct.

    2. My baby girl came 1st of June. Thank you soo much for checking up on me, God bless you and your family.


    3. Amanda7/21/2013

      Congratulations AyaOba. God bless you and the baby.

    4. Congratulations AyaOba. God bless you and your little angel. Amen to your prayers. Thanks. Kisses to the pretty little one...

    5. COngrats Ayaoba. She'll be a blessing forever in ur home IJN.

    6. Congrats Ayaoba! God bless your family!

  5. Anonymous7/20/2013

    Ask friends and relations that have put to bed for their experience and your doctor should answer all medical questions during visitation.

    No matter what you are told here, it is going to be different on that day, women bodies and level of endurance differs, rather be concerned more about having an experienced doctor and midwife on the day of delivery, and be prayerful.

  6. Anonymous7/21/2013

    Congrats Ayaoba.God W̶̲̥̅̊ȋ̊ƪƪ continue to protect u all Ąπϑ Ơ̴̴̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡ us through cos A̶̲̥̅♏ also I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ ...M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ 3rd trimester IJN,Amen.EPHY.

  7. peace-udo7/21/2013

    Good morning fam, contributory experiences is what u will get from docs, nurses n all. Congrats to Ayaoba n LO, God bless u.
    As for labour, it differs but the pain is called PAIN, well that's my opinion. As for episiotomy, most first moms get it whether fully dilated or not, full dilation has got nothing to do with getting episiotomy or not. It is d cervix that needs dilation not ur perineum. Oga n other kids should not be neglected, it is not easy sha, but apply wisdom. At six weeks, all things being equal u should be able to resume 'work' under the sheets, it will be painful at first. Use olive oil to massage ur nipples everyday while pregnant to avoid cracked nipples later when the LO 'attacks' the booby - I mean the breast. Most importantly,Don't leave God. Let Him be incharge. Avoid negative confessions even if the pains seems unbearable.
    God pls answer n bless those expecting n grant those pregnant safe n successful delivery. We shall hear the cry of the baby n d laughter of the mother in Jesus name.

  8. peace-udo7/21/2013

    Let me not forget to add that the joy n peace that follows after baby pops out is out of this world.

    1. meeeeeeeeeeee7/22/2013

      Like someone said, labour is painful! But it's amazing how the pain disappears after the baby pops out.

  9. Aya Okanlomo7/22/2013

    God bless everyone on this blog. No two pregnancy is the same but it's best to hear different peoples experiences so you have an idea of what to expect and pray about / against. May we all enjoy the joy of motherhood IJN. I pray for those that have been waiting on the Lord for fruits of the womb that He will visit them b4 this year runs out and they will testify to His faithfullness.

  10. Thank you everyone for your prayers, I appreciate.

  11. Anonymous7/23/2013

    Am newly married and 3months preggs. God bless you Lizzy for bringing this up. All necessary Info will help. Am currently having a hard time taking my vitamins o. I skip some days, totally forget sometimes( I hate drugs) am trying to take more and be disciplined about it. Does it have a negative effect for skipped days? Pls mothers

    1. Anonymous8/01/2013

      Wow....congrat to u... Same here buh am in early second trimester buh I neva missed my prenatal supplement..... A dr. Once said its very important to take folic acid tab so to help correct any abnormal in d child esp. Frm d 6weeks cos if any is formed it wil have to grow wit d child till birth wen operation can be carried or abortion wil b d decision(GODFORBID)......I also will like to knw d right tyme to start anetenatal..... Tnks all....

    2. Right time to start antenatal is in ur last 4th month or immediately u enter ur 5th month.

  12. Wow!!! This is awesome...may God grant all due mothers a safe delivery Amen


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