There Are Still Good People In The World, She Is Truly A Hero

With the things we see around us daily, terrorism, rape, war, suffering and all, one would think the world has come to an end. Sometimes one is forced to think that people have become very selfish and uncaring. But No!

Just watching the Asiana Flight 214 Plane Crash and seeing this flight attendant back other injured accident victims despite her own injuries. Kudos to her. After an air crash, everyone is
trying to get to safety and one person is here giving her own life to save others. 

While commending her, someone asked me to stop that it's part of the training they get, and I'm like what training?
After all many people know what happened when the Costa Concordia tilted? What did the captain do? Wasn't he the first to look for his safety? Was he not trained? 

Sometimes, things happen that make me think that women are just naturally built to put others first in every situation. We try to see that other people are comfortable before thinking about ourselves and most times, by the time we remember our own selves, there is no much time left.

There are still very good men too but the Costa Concordia's Captain needs to learn a lesson from this young Asiana Flight Attendant, IMO. Not many can do this. 

A plane crashes, everyone knows the next thing would be an explosion, yet someone is trying even with her own injury which she didn't realize, backing other adults to safety. 
God bless her abundantly and may she always find help in time of need.
She is truly a hero.


  1. Anonymous7/10/2013

    Is it a play or in real lyf or fiction; the two instances u mentioned above. MrsAjaryee

    1. Real life on current affairs

    2. Ehn Ehn Mrs Arjaryee I hope u don't have kids yet!
      I wonder what kind of knowledge u would be imparting to them.
      U don't know about the crash landing in San Francisco airport involving the Asiana flight or about Costa Concordia which happened 2yrs ago but find time to visit gossip blogs?
      No wonder the new crop of kids are such dull heads and can't construct a simple english sentence when u got mother's like Mrs.Arjaryee.
      Its a shame!and no u haven't got any excuse of whatsover.
      My mother would buy the Dailies everyday and give it to us to read as young as 5yr old so that as she would put it 'never would you be found wanting when called upon to make intellectual statement'.
      Enough of the over indulgence in African magic movies and gossip blogs,develop yourself by being newsy with current affairs.
      See u asking if what she talked about was fiction,like seriously?!!!!

    3. Anonymous7/10/2013

      Abena.. Your words were too much. That is not nice. It is not a crime for her to ask questions because that is how we learn. In life, everyone must not be on the same level. It is only those who are ashamed to ask that will forever live in ignorance. As a matter of fact, I do not think that you hold a world wide knowledge base in your head so stop belittling people.

    4. Shayor!7/10/2013

      Ahn ahn! Abena!!! Kilodeeeee? Unto what naa? What crime did she commit? Asking a question? Na wa ooo! Mrs Know it all, I would rily like 2 know u in person, I can only imagine what d people around you are going through! Gosh! Smh!

    5. @Anon 3:22 no I wasn't belittling her just drawing her attention to a very important area that she MUST work on.And the way I said it is called tough love.

      @Shayor:no I'm not Miss/Mrs Know it all because knowledge doesn't lie with one person.
      However,there are certain basic information that as a mother and a grown up u must have at your finger tips.It a MUST!
      And the people around me don't suffer because I choose my friends not the other way round so my friends are a reflection of me.
      Fortunately my colleagues are like minded so we understand each other.
      However I'm very tolerant and quiet helpful in person.
      I'm always voted as miss congeniality at our end of year review at my workplace so there u have it.

    6. @Abena.You reasoned like a fool.

  2. Anonymous7/10/2013

    Kudos to her (d air attendant)..

  3. Anonymous7/10/2013

    Yes she is truely a good hearted lady,wen i saw it on news 2day i almost shed tears,watchin her in her own injuries wt blood backing other injured passengers 2 safety was commendin. Kudos2 her. I Pray4 such Grace2 hlp those in pains even wen i'm in pains too. Amen. MASON'S MUM

  4. Anonymous7/11/2013

    Abena you need help!



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