That He Has Every Right To Cheat Cos We Are Not Married


Mine is a very long story but I will make a little bite short....I meet dis guy 5month ago,since than w'v been dating but
der dis particle gal dat cals him every mins but he keep on tellin Me dat he does not have any feels 4 d gal but dsame gal cums to his house 4 weekends n she still in school but am through wit skol.......

but if I try to comfort him....he will tell me dat he has every right to cheat on me dat his not married to me n dat am marking him so much...last week he renter my tins I left at his place.I could not stand d breakup so I went to his house crying like a baby....after all said n done we made up n I left dat nite but since then tins has not be d same again. 

He. Hardly cal or send pings.....right now am at his place trying to sort out tin but he said der is no problem....he has not giving me money b4 or a gift n I dnt ask him cos I have a little work. Am doing...his suspecting me n my director n he also said dat I have someone dat gives me money.... N now he. Want to make luv to me.....pls tell me d right step to take cos I still luv him....pls dnt add me name.


  1. You are in a one sided relationship leave before the hurt gets deeper

  2. Anonymous7/22/2013


    dry humor/sarcasm!

    You have no atom integrity whatsoever!

    1. You this anon that writes in Capital. I have to reply you today. There is no post Aunty Eya publishes that you don't try to umiliate her in one way or the other. Are you her rival or what?

      She wrote that because obviously people are going to bash this write up and IMO she is saying that the experts should correct rather than bash. You don't like this blog and yet cannot do without. I think you need help. I have been following your uppercase comments silently for a while. If you like change to lower case but me I know your write up when I see it. Yes we yab bloggers but yours is nevr like yabbing at all. You kind of comment with an effort to discourage readers ora bitter hit against Aunty Eya.

      I have been keeping quiet but today, I chose to reply and if you like bring it on. There are a billion blogs on the internet must you die here? Go read from bloggers you likeabeg. No be by force to read wives connection. Am ready for you today. Olodo bitter soul

    2. Anonymous7/22/2013

      Thank you Jayne, you said my mind. recently this reader has been so much against Eya, not by way of yabbis at all. It is always to raise haters.

      Yesterday, I realised she was replying every commenter that gave Chidiebere good advice, her replies were bitter but later they disappeared I guessed Madam Eya deleted them.

      You are first to comment without any advice to the poster. all you wanted to do was pick out Eya's words and spew like always. You can't succeed by being bitter. I also will advice that you go read your gossip blogs since you have no advice to give. This blog is for brains, not your type. SMH

    3. Anonymous7/22/2013

      @Jayne, what is umiliate? Razz yoruba girl

    4. Anonymous7/22/2013





      BYE! BYE!


  3. I'm not a summary expert so I won't do that neither will I do the bashing on the writeup. I will just drop my 2 cents and leave.
    It's all about respect. The worst kind of men are those who don't respect women IMO. But even if your man don't respect women, why don't you respect yourself? This is a non-issue to me. "Delete" the man from your life ASAP. He is not worth it at all.

  4. Girl wake up. He's not into you. Leave jare. I don't know why we ladies like to give ourself pain. What the hell are you with him for? He doesn't give you attention,doesn't give u money,cheats on you and u are still with him?? Is it the sex or what??!

    Babe,borrow some sense and find your way. And do not look back. Learn to value yourself. When you value yourself you won't tolerate Bullshit/crappy treatment like this.

    1. Gbam! Gbammer!! Gbammest!!!

  5. Hmmmm! Nawa ooo! Pls hw old are you? What right step do you want to know again when it is clearly written on d wall? D guy cheats and hads no remorse, has broken up with u but u forced ur way bk, doesnt communicate with u.....babes abeg have some self worth and leave, he doesnt deserve u. At d right time you'll find someone dt will love and cherish you.

  6. just leave!!! i know it's hard but trust me it will be harder if you carry on. He has no regards whatsoever for you so pack up and leave already!!!!!

  7. Anonymous7/22/2013

    Heyaa, one sided love. My dear, the guy doesn't love, will not love you and will never love you! Don't beat up yourself, just give yourself brain.
    Its so easy to move on, just tell yourself that you have forgiven him for treating you like trash. Its so peaceful... You will also be glad you left him in 2yrs to come
    PS: don't sleep with him.

  8. Hmmm,just d same tin ave bin telling dis my friend ova and ova again..I hope u will listen well now den pack up bags and get d fuck out of d rubbish relationship,a guy dat doesn't respect u neither does he give u transport wen u visit all he does is fuck u he doesn't love u,my dear friend wise up cos you only live once

  9. Anonymous7/22/2013

    Toxin is that you? Sounds very much like you.

  10. Aya Okanlomo7/22/2013

    1. You need to respect yourself even if he does not.

    2. Never sleep with a man unless you are married, that way it makes it a bit easier to move on.

    3. If he cheats on you b4 marriage, he will definately cheat after.

    Pls move on with your life without him.

  11. mrs krixx7/22/2013

    Na wah people really stay in relationships like dis...even begging him...for what na? pls leave dat man. He is not meant for u.

  12. Anonymous7/22/2013

    Tear ur certificate and go back to school. Start from primary 1. I wonder what school graduated you.

  13. Anonymous7/22/2013

    Its better u leave now dats its still early. Its very clear that d guy has no feelings for u. My sis. Look for ur wayoooo blf it hurt u badly.

  14. Aunty Eya, I feel for you. Please do not be discouraged. All these peopl mentioning traffic are bloggers like you, if not how would they know what brings traffic and what doesn't.

    Forget them and be focused, they are trying to derail you cos they can't generate traffic. Keep moving. For all I know, it could just be your old friends who disappeared into anonymous.

    They are trying to discourage readers from sending stories cos they think you are getting updates they can't get. Some of them have not updated in ages o (NOTHING TO POST). And pls do not see anyone as your friend cos am shocked at the comments on Chidiebere's post. They advising her to keep her story off your blog and instead calling it *BLOGS*

    Once you are successful, enemies will increase.

  15. Pls poster, forget this man he is not worth it. He has broken up with you yet you still went to cry and beg! Pls cut off all communication and try and develop yourself and work on your written english.

  16. You are in a relationship of convenience and you know it, so why the complaints? The man has come out open to say to you that he has right to cheat on you because you are not married to him. Simple!

  17. POSTER7/22/2013

    My problem is not yet solve....yesterday nite we had a chat......I was askin him what d problem was n he said d last time I came to his house 4 a weekend,dat d food made was not sweet n d meat was not properly wash n done,dat d brothers was complaining bitterly dat I dnt sweep or clear d house each time I came so d told him to get rid of me n he also dat I suspect him a lot n always callin him a lying dat his feed up wit me dat I shuld move wit my life,,,,,,,,is dat enough reason to breakup wit ur gal if u truly luv her.

    1. Poster, u are an idiot!

    2. Anonymous7/22/2013

      Madam whoeva u r I tink ur brain was divided in2 3 and 2/3 was scrapped off

      Its stories like dis I see dat makes me wanna slap d love out of some women.

      Oh! U even cook 4 his brothers? And they said d meat isn't washed? Don't hv dignity? Imagine being thrown around like this! Dnt u have shame? Jesus wept!

      My problem is dat even after all d advise, u will still go back and beg dis man to keep u as gf, are u insane?

      I won't waste my time advising u but one tin is clear, u jst love being treated like trash. One day the whole brothers will beat u up!

      I knw some member of dis blog will come and say be patient, pray, he will come 2 his senses. Bullshit!!!!!!!

    3. Anonymous7/22/2013

      Believe me when I say that this man that's putting this babe through this stress is a poor as hell!
      Poor men? Na dem get wahala pass.
      Hahahah @ poster u re an idiot!
      Lwkmd oo

    4. For christ sake, forget this guy.. He does not like u talkless of love..let him be.. U dey go him house dey cook for him and his brother,are u his wife??? He don pay your bride price?? Y are u even begging him?? He is a USER!! Let him be..

    5. Hmmmm! Dis girl na real MUMU oh! No self respect! Kai

    6. Anonymous7/22/2013

      Hahahaha. Too funny abeg. If you like, no run for ya life.

    7. Fyn Ijebu Chic7/23/2013

      I can't laff....
      Na we women be our own problem
      And u r a graduate
      Sister, pls forget love and use logic
      U cook and d stewpid(I didn't cuss out anyone)brothers are complaining...
      Get a life girl. Having man in one's life is not evrytin.
      BTW, make sure u r d one who dumps his stewpid ass!!!

  18. Poster, pls leave the man! He cheats on you without remorse and he has even broken up with you. What else do you want? Why are you begging him? Where is your self esteem? Do you think you can't get another man that will love and cherish you? Pick up your self and move on!

  19. Mtchewwww! I never wanted to comment on this trash cuz as far as am concerned dts wat it is. Begging a man who has no respect or regard for u, a man who has bluntly told u off wit no remorse! U are too cheap and unresonable!! Mtchew! Sidon fold hands mmk we go drag d idiot come hand am wit rope for ur head!!

  20. Things people do for LOVE, you better pack you slippers and pick race somebody no send you you wan die there tomorrow you go say man break you heart whereas you were the foolish one blinded by love or whatever you call it a graduate for that matter mtshewww!

  21. Anonymous7/22/2013

    U sha need sm sense in that skull of urs and some self esteem to go with it.
    Are U a learner or a free-lance househelp?
    U call ds a problem @my problem is not solved.
    Nne, go home.
    Get rid of him fast.
    Improve on your Eng speaking and writing.
    Read widely, newspapers, bible, listen to Voice of America, watch CNN.
    Drop Nollywood.
    God bless.

  22. Babe, ARE YOU A LEARNER?????!!!!!!
    Kai! I dey vex ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Kai kai kai

    U dey sweep and tidy their crib? Na you dirty am? Kai! I pity you.

    Woman where is thy esteem?
    Where is they honour?
    Where is they value?

    Abeg, wake up and see this family no dey value women oh. Na their maid you go be if you continue. Things you won't do in your father's house, you go do for him house.

    1. ...thy honour
      ...thy value

  23. This girl has insecurity issues. Which self respecting lady will take such trash? Dem Neva marry u,u no Sabin wash meat,when u marry nko? U no Sabin do the do b dat? O girl comot for dia before I flog u,o ya were ni? Haba,ur mumurity no get level,tufia.

  24. Blossom7/22/2013

    Gosh! We really need to bring up our daughters to have high self esteem. Leave this guy immediately! Concentrate on your job and read widely. A good guy will come by at the right time. You'll feel sad now, but trust me, you'll get over it and wonder why u took all the rubbish from him.

  25. There is always someone better it happened to guys and ladies. It's right time you move on, there is someone out there better than it. Wash your face, rob yur powder n do your make up, pls don't cry about it soon you will thank God he left you

  26. La Blanche7/22/2013

    Dear poster,

    The writing is so clear on the wall. That man clearly does not love you and don't even get me started on respect.Please leave that man ASAP.

    P.S I really hope you don't speak like this. Your written english is an eyesore.I barely made out what you wrote. Please work on it. Devote some time to reading books(all kinds if you may).


  27. Do you love yourself? What are you worth in your own eyes? Why make yourself a doormat to a fellow man? Life is short, You derve better. But you can only attract to yourself your type of person. Improve your self worth, love and serve God. Take your stand and abstain from premarital sex. You will sure meet a man of like mind

    What have we made of the labour of our past heroes as a people. Visit have your say, you deserve to be heard. Join the march to rebuild our Nation. We have no other. We can live our Nigerian dream!!

  28. simply tolu7/22/2013

    Ok. this seems funny rite now bt it happens 2 d best of women. now, most women try 2 accommodate men with their glaring fault but we are always quick 2 judge in this society of ours . calling the poster names wouldn't be right.
    Anyways,for the poster .its kinna normal 2 feel this way and men try 2 turn the table as a defence mechanism for their faults in order not 2 admit 2 them and he is only playing mind games on u 2 make u feel bad..when u 2 notice that's the kinna man u with,u learn 2 be tough,learn 2 put him in his place and maintain ur stand. never apologize when u decipher his scheme of making u feel bad. walk out don't look back. Because when u continue begging he will continue 2 humiliate u. Funny thing is when he nos you can do without him he might want .a Come back. Bt then you would no ur worth and will laugh @ this past and when u experience. True love, then u will no that u just infatuated with someone that isn't responding back.

    Simply tolu

  29. wait, you only met him 5 months agao? wow!

    I believe you know in your heart that he probably doesn't want you. walk away

    but it is ALL up to you :)

  30. Poster,

    Alot has been said about your relationship. I believe Good advice has been rendered to you already. So am not going to say more on that. What i will comment on though, is your Use of English and VERY Bad spelling mistakes. Am not going to insult you, but what i will tell you is this, start reading, novels, newspapers, magazines etc (have a dictionary by your side when you do this). You NEED to brush up on your writing.


  31. This is what your letter should have looked like. (AM NO SUMMARY EXPERT)

    Mine is a very long story but I will make it a little bit short....I met this guy 5 months ago,since then we've been dating,
    There is this particular girl that calls him every minute, but he keeps on telling me that he does not have any feeling for this girl, the same girl comes to his house for weekends and she's still in school, I, on the other-hand, am through with school.......

    If I try to confront him, he will tell me that he has every right to cheat on me, that he is not married to me and that am 'marking' him so much. Last week, he 'renter' my things I left at his place.I could not stand the breakup, so I went to his house crying like a baby....after all was said and done we made up and I left that night but since then things have not been the same again.

    He hardly calls or pings.....right now am at his place trying to sort out things but he is saying there is no problem....he has not giving me money before or a gift and I dont ask him because I work...he is suspecting my director and I. He also said that I have someone that gives me money.... Now he wants to make love to me.....Please tell me the right step to take because I still love him....please dont add my name.

    I will discourage the use of shorthand in a bid to better to Written English skill.

  32. Anonymous7/23/2013 No mind any ofthese ppl weh d advice u, huh? Keep on loving d man, infact u fit d sleep wt d brothers join 4 them 2 love u d more. E be like na only u wey God been bless wit fish brain. She goat.

    1. Priscy7/23/2013

      azzin ehn... love the man with all your heart. Continue making diff dishes sef. Wash his clothes and that of his brothers as well, clean the house, wash the toilet, then later at night, service all the brothers as well. Be patient if he begins to beat you too. Maybe, just maybe he will begin to love you.

      I hope this helps...


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