Suggestions: A Three Course Meal On Nigerian Or African Dishes

Good morning to you ma'am. I trust ur night was good?

Well, like i said,  A̶̲̥̅♏‎​ hosting an opening event for my online mobile restaurant/kitchen. Date is on d 23rd Aug 2013. in d evening. The event will be a combination of both business opening and my 31st birthday.

Because business name) is strictly specialised in local dishes, i'd want to do a three-course meal on Nigerian(or any other african) dishes. Ma'am, d thing is i want  some organic food and drink(especially for d starter and maybe d dessert). I want people to know, aside how sweet African(basically Nigerian) dishes are, the healthy side of them.

The basis of this ceremony, is to have people have a taste of wat they'll be buying/getting.

On that day (by the merciful grace of God), i'll be featuring orphans from a particular orphanage home. I dont have any in mind yet, but

i shall be visiting one today after church service(i seriously pray my boyfriend agrees taking me round, lol!). I want to invite them to my event( my special guests of honour!) and also, give to them some assistance from my monthly profit(God's grace). And so, i shall be selling some bowls of food that night, with the money going to the orphans. I guess that's not even enough for me to thank Jehovah God!
So ma, am working on a low budget. Because of this, i'll be needing ur highly esteemed advice, every step of the way, please ma!

Please, do you know of any wine company that is new to the market and will like to show their brand to the market? I'd so love to partner with the on this, so that they can also sell themselves.

Truth be told, i want low-cost or if possible free services. I have a meeting with the cake lady after church( before visiting the orphanage home). Am seriously praying she's not expensive!

I need suggestions and advice on how to serve a three course African Meal


  1. Google is your friend ma'am!


    1. Anonymous7/29/2013

      lool, dis young lady!!!! who released u frm ur cage again, its been a while i saw u comment on here

  2. Anonymous7/29/2013

    Hi if you want to make it African dishes why not prepare your own drinks instead of wine.
    You can try serving ginger drink add a little pineapple and some milk and you've got the best tasting drink ever.
    All you have to do is blend ginger and pineapple together until smooth. Sieve to remove the chave so you only get the juice, add some milk and viola!!
    You can add sugar depending in how sweet the pineapple is. You are welcome

  3. Anonymous7/29/2013

    You can try ginger and pineapple drink with some milk. Blend ginger and pineapple, sieve to get the juice. You can keep adding water when sieving. Add some milk and you can include sugar to to sweeten depending on how sweet the pineapple is. Viola!!

  4. Anonymous7/29/2013

    Hmm, r u sure u r opening a restaurant/kitchen? U no suppose ask dis kain questn na...its supposed to be your area of expertise #no offence intended biko

    1. How do pple think its alright to say "no offence" after offending...

  5. For drink I agree that u shld produce your own eg zobo, kunu, fura da nono etc

  6. Please poster no offence meant, if you really want to enter the cooking business I think you should know better as to what meal to serve . Also I do not feel it's a good idea selling your meals at the opening, unless you intend selling at a subsidized rate. I am of the opinion that you use bate were necessary at least to gain patronage for a start.
    For wines check online you could get help, or make fresh juice.

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