Slow Posting Again, Let's Blame It On The Holidays

I'm sure we are all used to my slow posting during holidays. Please continue to bear with a sister. Once it's holiday and I need to give my attention more to family, posting is kinda affected. 

To those who sent in mails
and haven't gotten replies or seen them published on the blog, Please continue to forgive until seventy times seven. I will definitely post everything. 
Thanks for usual understanding.
#SlowPostingTinz *wink*


  1. hmmm aunty Ojay u can lie for Rivers state house of Assemblyoo! Its because of BBA jor.lolz
    don't mind meoo*commenting from the site of the biggest hospital in Abuja*

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  2. Bona I swear u b clown.


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