Sign The Petition, Stop The Nigerian Senate From Making Under-Age Marriage The Law


My offline schedule is so tight these days I can't find even a second to blog during the day, that's why I resorted to blogging very late at night. However, this is just for this time. Very soon I'd be free to start our normal blogging. I started a post on the child bride issue last night but couldn't publish  cos it's still incomplete. Do Not Relent, Let us all sign the petition.

This country belongs to us all and no one should push that down our throats. I can't imagine my babies getting married at 12, are they done with WAEC and JAMB? 

I can't imagine my precious daughter being sold out when she should be
doing JS one in Junior Secondary School. Becoming of no value to the society at large, being incapacitated from contributing to humanity. Being disqualified from fulfilling her vision and purpose in this life. Having nothing to contribute to life, nothing other than make babies and cook meals for a man.

I can't imagine my child leaving me at 12 to become someone's property and to be looked upon as a liability.
I can't imagine these kids I'm ready to do anything for getting VVF because a man old enough to be her grandfather is tearing her up to donate sperm and start producing babies.

Thinking of it alone gives me the creeps. #ISeeGooseBumps.
I can't imagine my 12 year old in a labour room pushing out a baby. WHAT?
I just can't imagine my 10 year old beginning to think of how she'd get married in 2 years.
I can't imagine my 12 year old that should be learning how to strap a bra, should be rehearsing how to wear a sanitary pad, becoming a parent to another human being.
I can't imagine my 12 year old struggling to please a callous old man somewhere. Being saddled with the responsibilities of marriage and family life?

In this age and time, where is our conscience? 
A 12 year old is still a #ChildNotBride.

I just signed the petition "United Nations: Stop The Nigerian Senate From Making Under-Age Marriage The Law!" on

It's important. Will you sign it too? Sign HERE


  1. Thank you Aunt Eya. God bless you. We can all make a difference if we want to in this country.

    The 'siddon look' and 'e no dey affect me, so e no consign me' mentality is why Nigeria is still where it is today.

    Let us try as much as possible to look beyond 'me, us, my'. Fight for what is right. Try and change someone's life!

    Try and do something that will put smiles on the face of a young girl-child someday. You don't have to know her personally, but just try and DO SOMETHING asides praying. God has given us power. USE IT!

    1. Thank you so so much Jay! You took the words out of my mouth. I'm just apalled at our attitude in this country.

    2. Cleo...7/21/2013

      Oh puleeeez! Spare me d jargon. Abeg all ya talking should channel dis energy to more outrageous and destructive happenings in Our Country Nigeria.Its high time our youths wake up!its high time we say enough is enough! High time we send all dis power recycling old devious arm robber blood suckers packing!!!On Rethink; I support marrying out a girl "AS SOON AS SHE ATTAINS ADULTHOOD". Now am writing from common sense, because common sense is uncommon!
      Nigerian Youths today are the MOST STUPID & IGNORANT set of individuals on earth. A bunch of STAGNANT IDIOTS with no will of moving forward (I do not mean to be provocative).
      We waste our time on social networks creating confusion out of nothing.
      Months ago it was the OGA @ THE TOP saga! Now its SAY NO TO EARLY GIRL MARRIAGE!
      So what if a man decides to marry out his daughter early??? Nobody is forcing anybody to marry out his daughter early. You can decide to keep your Daughter Until 40 or even for a life time, nobody cares! After all you bedded your wife to have her.
      Today ASUU is on strike NO youth is broadcasting about it. ASUP just called off months old strike, no tongue sang about it during that period.
      When the Government is looting the country we are here pondering on who to marry out his daughter and who not to.
      Singing the Gospel " Give the girl a book not a husband" "give the girl a pen not a penis". What if you send her to school and she chooses a boyfriend over her books? Or chooses a penis over her pen?
      What if???
      How many of you girls can confidently say "I'm a still a virgin from secondary through tertiary institution?
      How many of you guys can say my girlfriend told me its pen over penis?
      So please my fellow Nigerians, we should concentrate our forces to say:
      NO TO CHILD AND MATERNAL MORTALITY..... So many positive NOs to be said by us.
      This is a wake up call to NIGERIAN YOUTHS.(Anty Eya better post my comment!)

  2. Anonymous7/20/2013

    Please how do i join? As in where do i click? Maybe mine is network, but i have been trying to either log in with my facebook ID or join, all to no avail. Somebody help #bbmsadface#

    1. Not too sure of how to sign with cos I couldn't sign there. Maybe you should try with a browser that has javascript. If your mobile browser doesn't work, you can try with a desktop browser OR just go to the link I dropped on the vagina tightening post. That's a link for ipetitions. It's straightforward there. Cheers..

  3. we occupied Abuja coz of fuel subsidy,we can occupy Nigeria to save our future leaders.
    Pen not penis.
    Child not bride
    If she can't vote why propose to her?

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  4. Anonymous7/20/2013

    Aunty Eya, you did not allow the ink to dry on this post before bringing up another?

  5. Anty Eya as Nigerians we are emerging with a voice, but the sad fact remains that underage marriage has overtime become a culture and the religious belief of some northerners encourage it. There are countless cases of parent giving out children as gifts or means to settling a debt, wonder why legal action has not been commenced by Human Rights Agencies in Nigeria? Because the Legislative arm is not allowed to legislate over formation, annulment of marriage under Islamic law and customary law( item61 part 1 second schedule of the 1999 constitution) so even if this petition succeeds it can only protect the rights of children that are not covered by Islamic law. The senate made a terrible mistake by wanting to make underage marriage a Law, because that will simply give every man the Right to force an underage child into marriage and it will be legal. However there needs to be more enlightenment by Religious Leaders, community Leaders for the Northerners to be more educated so that this trend can stop.

    1. Thanks Deb...exactly what I have been trying to say. Ignorance, poverty, perversion and religious fanaticism have a very big role to play here. Those are the main things that will be harder to conquer.

    2. @Ahdaisy: Rather than 'hard', say 'challenging'. Challenges can be tackled and conquered. It's all in the mind and in our will to cause a change like Mandela and Abraham Lincoln athink. There's nothing new under the sun. Change is imminent. And Oh yes, I'm your new 'lover' and I'm stalking you tonight. Goodnight dear oh, don't mind me. Lol :-)

    3. Deborah was subtle in delivering her point and didn't come off as being insensitive but your delivery Ahdaisy came off as being insensitive and brash!! Deb's comment will make one stop and think while yours will make one want to go all defensive.
      Talk about individual differences.

    4. Anonymous7/21/2013

      @ Nekky,you hit it right on the head.well said!
      @ Jay,pls stop loling when making correcting and sending a msg across to Ahdaisy pls this is no child's play

    5. Anonymous7/21/2013


    6. Err, Anon 5:47: The loling was for the tease I made, not for the Mandela ish.

      Sorry oh, but last time I checked, I'm entitled to 'Lol' whenever and however I want and with whoever, with my own device and my own internet subscription. Thank you. Have a 9ce day.

    7. Anonymous7/21/2013

      @ deb, our constitution isn't rigid, it can be changed.that is why we have a voice. We should speak out against any arbitrary law. In this day and age? Remember there is still racial profiling in the USA, but that didn't stop Obama from becoming the president..cos the people came in force and spoke. We all have to stand against it despite the challenges of ignorance and all what not..@ ahdaisy do we now succumb to any drivel meted out to us cos we are ruled by a bunch of (deleted) peep? ..mee

  6. Debs you are very correct. But it's not just the Northerners. I've seen some Eastern people do it too. The petition is against the decision of the legislature which will legalise paedophilia in Nigeria. In a way, if it pulls through, I would be glad if it can become a crime for any parent at all, Muslim or Christian to ship off their babies to paedophiles. In a way, Human Rights Groups can fight for the rights of these girls whose parents still want to go ahead, if it's signed into law all over the country, restricting the marriage age. I see this as an awareness to this problem. If we are willing, we can take it further. The Religious and community leaders can be pressured too. If only Nigerians were like the Egyptians. Sigh... It's a sad thing though.

    And on the devil thing in the other post, I just want to say this. The Anti-christ will surely come. There is nothing your prayer can do to stop it. Whether you fast from morning till night. Faith without works is Dead. So, in as much as we believe the world is spiritual, David did not kill Goliath by praying. God enabled him via the stones. Use your own weapon/stones. It doesn't have to be prayer all the time. Peace!

  7. Nice post my aunty.... Any yeye aboki wey near ur daughters ehn, I go join MEND cos of him matter... Lol!

  8. Mrs Ay7/20/2013

    Those yeye senators,are they mad or what!I can't imagine a man old as a grandfather with wrinkled prick trying to enter a o fe pa omo naa Ni.pls let us join d cause n sign ds petition.Our daughters will not suffer IJN.

  9. Anonymous7/20/2013




  10. Anonymous7/21/2013

    Dear Eya, U woke up late o, pending issues like this deserve a rapid action and considering its called wives connection, I xpected d fire to start from here or are we looking at welcoming 9yr olds??

  11. #childnotbride

    I just signed pls sign too!
    Aunty tanks!

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. It is time for all Nigerians to say NO to abnormalities that is being thrown in our faces. Our fathers have indeed eaten the proverbial sour grape and our teeth set on edge. Trully, our ship of state is in very rough seas.

    Visit Join the march to build a great nation. We are a good people. We love Gossip, We love Entertainment, but we live for more...

  14. Well Yerima says he can even giv out his 6yrs old daughters. So huz intrsted? Old fart. Mtchew


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