Sharing My Early Morning Reading

This morning, what I read inspired me so much I feel like sharing with someone. I read about David, from where he took up the challenge to fight The Giant. I was so moved by his faith, when the King puts all his protective armor on the young man to help protect him from The giant's spear, arrow and javelin, the poor boy could not even move an inch. How do you fight a giant with such weight on you? He quickly asked the king Saul to take off the armor and then he went to war with just a stone, sling and the word of his mouth.

Humanly speaking, that is the kind of battle you lose before it even begins. But, that is not what God says. He went not only with the
stone and sling, but with a word  "...It is not by sword or spear that the Lord saves; For the battle is the lord's"  When I got to this point, I laughed at how like King Saul, many times we think that we do need all that weight to win, but we don't. 

Whatever type of Goliath is tormenting anyone's destiny, you have fought the best way you know, you have worn the strongest armor, you have the most expensive and sophisticated Chemical weapons, let me share with you that like David, it is more profitable to depend on the Lord for victory. Man will fail. Those who put their trust in man shall be put to shame. All the trained Army, including the king Saul himself fretted at the sight of this Giant, but a small shepherd boy defeated him just by coming in the name of the lord. (Stop fretting at that ugly situation in your life, cos, the battle is the Lord's). 

Because the battle is his' doesn't mean we go to sleep cos David didn't, he faced Goliath and continued to remind the almighty helper of his ability to save. Stand up please and face that Goliath in your life, but, do not go empty (The word is sharper than a two edged sword).

 Every Goliath tormenting and embarrassing you, every Goliath that makes you look stupid, every Goliath Challenging your faith in the Almighty, whether it is an ailment, a heartbreak, a loss, some hidden pain, know today that the battle is the lord's. Remember that he does not need our help to save. He gives victory to all who trust in him.

My Prayer Points: I asked that like David, I might grow to that point where I can just relax in the midst of a battle and let GOD DO HIS JOB. 

I also prayed that every Goliath is challenging the Almighty's ability to help, be brought face down just as Dagon fell before the Ark of God. 
Finally, I pray that God gives us all, that kind of David's faith in him.

My Monday morning reading was from I Samuel 17.
Happy New Month!


  1. Thanks for Sharing, and to think that's the core text for our Sunday sermon yesterday wow the Spirit is one. David is a man with exceptional perception.
    Ma Eya, please what time do you wake every morning and how many minutes do you devote to Morning Devotion?

    1. Hi Debbie, I set my alarm for 5am but realized I always wake up before then. Depending on when I go to bed, I wake between 3 and 5 am.
      My duration of morning devotion depends most times on the number of prayer points. Some days are shorter than others.

    2. *The duration of my morning devotion.
      The two phrases cannot be wrong abeg. One is correct.

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  4. So inspiring! Thank you. Wish u same.

  5. Thank you ma for this message.
    May GOD help us all in out journey of life.

  6. God Bless you ma

  7. Great... God is good! I'm now born again. Hehehehehe, for real o

  8. Anonymous7/02/2013

    I feel like dancing now! This msg is for me jor! Thanks Eya.


  9. Bislondy7/02/2013

    thanks for sharing ma

  10. Anonymous7/03/2013

    Hope there is no problem,anty Eya.You have not been posting new things.I can see you are really working on ur blog.Kudos



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