Scared She Might Not Talk

Pls hide my identity,my name is ..... nd my number is ..........
I have a baby girl who's a year nd 8months and doesn't even know how
to call mummy,though she goes to school. She does her things very
slow,she crawled at 9months,walked a year nd 5months and now she's not
talking,all she does is speaks this baby language which no one
understands and my husband does not care about it cos he loves her so
much and now I ve another baby while d first one is not even talking.
Some people said she'll talk and my doctor has examined her tongue ND
said she'll talk but รก♏ scared she might not talk because I have seen
lots of children of her age talking but hers is different and its
making me worried and unhappy.
    Pls ur advices will go a long way. Thanks.


  1. My dear stop being aprehensive kk, I beleieve she/he will still talk. I hav a neighbour whose kids were very slow just like urs but dey still talked bt it took so long. 3 of her kids walked frm 14mnths, her 2 sons of 5 and 7 does nt stil speak wEll yet bt dey are improving. I don't knw if its medical or spiritual prob bt just pray and speak positivity into ur baby.

  2. Anonymous7/25/2013

    My nephew was 3yrs n still spoke gibbrish,he is 4 now n we no de here word,my niece wasnt even walkin by 2 tlk less of talking now shes 12 n very smart so pls b patient jor som kids r slow but catch up in no time.

  3. Anonymous7/25/2013

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    1. Odogbo7/25/2013

      Is everything ok @ home?jst asking#smh 4 u

  4. She might be a late boomer and medically,its not late yet. Encourage her to talk by always talking to her,sing with her, speak positively into her life and do it audibly. All will be well IJN!

  5. I personally don't think there's anything wrong with your girl as kids develop differently. You are concerned about her slow speech development just like every parent will do in such circumstance.

    I'll suggest she is referred to SALT speech and language therapy, they are very good with working with kids to help their speech. You might even b suprised that they tell u nothing is wrong with her.
    Remember to put her in prayers and encourage her to use words to help build her speech.

  6. Anonymous7/25/2013

    Dnt kill urself she'll speak in no time. Make her stay among other children, before time she'll catchup. Prayer is the key, make positively declarations concerning her. Rebuke watever spirit dat may surrond ur baby n causes her nt 2 speak. Above all, have faith in God. Kattyreality

    1. Anonymous7/25/2013

      Jst don't worry becos ur little girl is going to talk.i knw of a friend's daughter who is 2 years nd 6 months dat just started talking.jst be prayerful nd positive minded.

  7. Anonymous7/25/2013

    I know sme1 who did not talk till she was 7. The mum was soo scared then. But now she is a graduate nd talks very well with no impediment.
    7 yrs is a long time and I dnt wish it for u, jst want to let u know that pple develop differently.
    Don't worry she wld be fine and don't allow it affect ur relationship with her always be patient.
    Bless u

  8. Pls stop worrying ok? She would talk. My son just started talking at age 4. As long as the doctor said there's nothing wrong with her tongue, then don't worry. She'll talk at her own pace. I remember being so worried, but it did me no good. My daughter sef is 2 and she's a chatter-box. Infact, she and her brother helps each other. Don't worry, soon, you will see dat you had nothing to worry about.

  9. Hahhaha - Sorry I cnt help but laugh. Dear poster, have u taken your time to study the components of developmental milestones? Google it pls. Babies are xpected to walk normally by 1yr6months. Urs did at 1yr5months. Don't mistake being able to stand without support which happens at 1yr with being able to walk. A child can only make 15 words at 1yr6months. Mummy may not be a word she has learnt. Moreover where will she learn it from? She's ur first child, she obviously don't hear any1 call u mummy.
    She crawled at 9 months, dats just 2 months late. My dear, developmental history is not absolute. It is actually an estimate. More like average. Social, verbal, gross and fine motor all develop differently. Doesn't just happen in one day or wk. If ur baby were 2 yrs old begining to learn how to crawl dats wen u shld be worried. So relax, and try making Aunty Eya's peppersoup.

  10. Mummy EJ7/25/2013

    I don't think you need to worry just yet. As others have rightly said, children achieve milestones at different times, so it'll be unfair for you to compare her to her peers.

    My first child, now a 29 year old man didn't say 'Mummy' until he was well over two! But he was always one of the best graduating students through out all his schooling. He still babbled by three. His two sisters though were much quicker to speak, I think, because of his influence.

    So stop worrying. The so called slower kids may end up way ahead of their peers.

  11. Anonymous7/25/2013

    Don't worry

  12. Anonymous7/25/2013

    Relax dearie, she will talk. My first son did not start teething till he was 18months and he was walking o. I almost died of BP when he did start talking till he was two plus. But last friday he graduated the best pupil in his school @ age 9+. His younger sister who started echoing everyone at 9months is seven and still in basic two, she talks too much and doesn't pay attention in class. I wish she is like her brother jare

  13. Anonymous7/25/2013

    Its becos there is no kid at home dat he can emulate, dnt worry he will still talk, take him close 2 oda kids.

  14. Relax mammmy, ma nephew walked @ 10 month n did not talk until 3 ma sister was so worried 2day dat boy can talk for africa.

  15. Anonymous7/25/2013

    Thanks@all for ur advices,luv u all!!!

  16. Anonymous7/25/2013

    Ur baby will talk,don't worry,it happens especially to first borns.Let him/her try 2mix wit oda kids and sing songs 2him as suggested by WC family.


  17. Anonymous7/25/2013

    Happened to my sis....d thing was my mum spoke igbo to her,her frends spoke yoruba n her skul spoke didnt knw wat to speak....till my mum started english @ home

  18. Anonymous7/25/2013

    Pls relax,my sis was speaking magic till she was understood a thing she used to was mum regrets not recording all the mysteries she sis turned out normal and extremely beautiful.pls RELAX and enjoy ur daughter.she'l be fine.

  19. Anonymous7/25/2013

    Happened to my sis too. She waited for a new baby to be born. Her younger one actually taught her how to talk. My mum thought she was dumb or something cos she also had this beautiful soulful eyes. Well she talks well now and is the most beautiful of all.
    And please there is nothing wrong with her development. She is not slow afterall my son walked at almost two years. I was so worried I took him to see several doctors but they said he was fine. It was true.

  20. Chukwunonso7/26/2013

    ...What you want to see is what you will to your child,listen to your doesn't matter if the child is listening or responding,just keeping talking...Another tool is prayer...

  21. Chukwunonso7/26/2013

    And then be very very patient and happy with your child.Respond to everything your child says,say mmhh,,eeehhnn,dont ever ignore anything your child says.,it will encourage it to say more.Then in response,say something correctly.A BABBLING child is a very creatve child...describing its imagination,feeling the world around him in his own words.They think alot.They know you dont know what they are saying when you ignore it,but if you pay attention,they will pay attention.thats my secret,soon you will UNDERSTAND each other

    1. Anonymous7/29/2013


  22. Anonymous9/18/2013

    My sister was like dat, now she's a talkertive. just pray, watch and give her time with encouragement!


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