Rivers State House Of Assembly Recruiting??

Vacancy! Vacancy!! Vacancy!!! 
Rivers State House of Assembly is recruiting for the positions of her impeached speaker and the suspended members. Interested candidates should submit their applications as quickly as possible. 
• Applicants must be able to communicate

in English, pidgin English and be fluent in his local dialects. 
• Must be a martial arts expert with an international certificate in taekwondo, karate, kick boxing and spitting... 
• Must have five years’ experience in weapons handling with the skill of converting a mace to sword.
• Applicants must go through blood test so as to confirm they have enough and ideal blood to shed during arguments in the house which may eventually result to a fight.
• Swift lying.
• Fighting for justice
• Representing their families, their pockets and their constituencies, all in the State House of Assembly.
• To oppose and impeach the speaker at any given time. Making of laws and breaking them as well as getting a police officer to help you kick the ass of your opponent when the need arises.
• Must be ready to enjoy a nap and a quickie in a nearby hospital after every meeting of the house.
All applications should be sent to or you visit their website for more information.
Long term motor park experience is also an added advantage...

Joy Obot


  1. Anonymous7/18/2013

    Lolzzzz, we just have jokers has leaders ..

  2. Show of shame and brigandage of the highest level.
    I was blaming only dishonourable Chidi Lloyd,till I saw the clip of dishonourable Bipi narrating to his thugs how they attacked Chidi Lloyd and how they were punching him.
    Had the Police commissioner taken the request by the speaker of police security during the scheduled sitting,this ugly incident wouldn't have happened.
    All this while we knew cultists have hijacked our Nations politics,but not to the point of making it so obvious to us.
    I shuddered when I heard dishonourable Bipi shouting Aro mate! To the response of the thugs he brought to the hallowed chamber.
    God help Nigeria.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

    1. Eneghalu7/18/2013

      Ewooo!bringandage supu oyibo

  3. Hmmm My peo my peo! Si hw dey hv taken stinky linens outsyd. I wld hv applied 2 b d new speaker bt I dnt hv doz qualifications needed der. Let my unc dt has grabbed it enjoy it. Rubbish

  4. @Bona nigerian politics is synonymous 2 cultism. Dats one sad fact dat has alwys put me off. I'm not surprised by any of d happenings I jst hope Evans knws wht he's doing.

  5. Anonymous7/18/2013

    Synonymous with

    1. O Y̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥å synonymous wit. Sori 4 d gbagun

  6. Anonymous7/18/2013

    Queen of the crazes this job suits you o, in fact, you ova qualify abeg go and drop ur cv sharp sharp.

    1. Lolz,pls its queen of the coast.I don't like d job description jare
      What kind of people does this,I am so disgusted by their conduct infact how can people behave like this
      QOF is a dignified and honourable lady .inukwa anon
      I am a peace loving person according to queen salawa abeni I be gentle lady *winks

    2. Anonymous7/18/2013

      QOF or QOC??
      What kind of people does this????

    3. Huh? QOC...your English is terrible young lady!!! You just spend your day ranting & spewing miserable English on wives connection huh? Take a chill pill hun!!!


    4. Lucinda aturu kenya otele mmiri mmiri siddon their dey form english anuofia
      Go and look for ur size

    5. Huh! You must be stupid to insult me in your language!!! Matiti yako kama matiti ya ng'ombe!!! Arrant Nonsense!!!


    6. Baba Suwe7/18/2013

      Huh!lucinda, You must be stupid to insult me in your language!!! Matiti yako kama matiti ya ng'ombe!!! Arrant Nonsense!!!

  7. ml makeovers7/18/2013

    Politics is a dirty n deadly game. So who wants to play it must be wise and careful.

  8. You are right my sister politic is a do or die affair


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