RE: I Want To Lose Weight In Two Weeks

God bless you guys who helped out and to those who decided to insult me, please next time if you can't give advice, just keep your mouth shut and move to d next post.

     For those who

asked for reasons, the reason I want to slim down is because I know my mum will complain that am adding weight when I get home and I want to avoid d talk.


  1. Wher u rily serious bout d 2wks ish? Bcos I've had many 2wks witout reducin. 2wks is too short.

  2. Like seriously?, this is the most stupid excuse ever! I didn't comment on the other post not to talk of insulting..but this, rme! Get real madame!

  3. kimkim7/14/2013

    Ur mum will complain? So all these while u hv bin eatin u dint knw ur mum will complain? Go home and face d music lazy woman u hd 2 wait 4 2wks 2 reach 2 look 4 solution u can't live witout all d shawarma and chips and chiken and burger u hv bin stuffin urself wit
    Eya see d stupid ppl dat come here!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. SazzyJuly 14, 2013 at 11:08 AM
    Sweetie if you can be disciplined enough, then go with the Edmark weightloss kit it is actually a 3 weeks program, but in 2 weeks you will already have good results. If you are interested send me a mail on pls if you are not disciplined don't waste your money.

  6. Anonymous7/14/2013

    Mcheeew, stupidity in high places!

  7. Utterly ridiculous.....but funny too I must say! Lol

  8. Anonymous7/15/2013

    Try the cabbage soup diet, it worked for me, lost a bit of weight in just one week. however, loosing the weight is not the problem, its maintaining the weight....all d best.

  9. Anonymous7/20/2013

    My dear I understand you, I have to face my dad in 6weeks and I dread that look with him adding "Ada m ibukazikwa" ( my daughter you are too big in Igbo). Try Cambridge diet its crazy but u get result in One week! Once u don't cheat. Goodluck.


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