Ovulation Reading Equipment For Baby Gender Selection?

Hello Eya, my name is ........ Please I need help from you and your blog readers. I am a TTC mother of two boys who desperately needs a baby girl that will take care of me later in life. I have seen boys grow up, get married and forget their parents's welfare. Girls always have their extended families at heart and I don't
want to miss out. 

I just learnt this morning that there is an equipment that reads ovulation accurately and that once it's used, one can choose when to meet their husband for baby pre selection. I searched online but couldn't get the name. Please post and help me. I need the name of that equipment,I want to try for a girl this time. Thanks.


  1. Anonymous22:23

    I believe in prayers bcos prayers works wonders! Just hearing about such equipment for the first time.WC family,over to you!


  2. Anonymous22:44

    Buy the billings method book or google it u might find it on d internet.

  3. BEKEES22:50

    My sister the best equipment for gender selection is GOD ALMIGHTY take it from me or you leave !God did mine for me.

  4. Jayne23:18

    NAIJA and their holier than thou responses. Can't we be realistic for once at least???????? Isn't it God that gave people the knowledge to manufacture such equipment?

  5. Mrs Dayo23:19

    I heard of that equipment too and even met a lady who supplies but I lost her number.

    1. Anonymous18:41

      Wow ur so helpful

  6. doby23:33

    Its the ovulation strip dt tells u when ur ovulating. ...its just like the pregnancy strip...its not an equipment. Lol. How it works is dt for a male child u make luv to your hubby the exact day ur ovulating and how u confirm dt ur rily ovulating is by using d strip to test. The theory behind it is dt the Y chromosome (for male) in a man's sperm moves faster than the Xchromosome (for female) and it also dies almost immediately unlike the X chromosome dt stays longer. So in ur case dt u want a female child, u should make love to ur hubby like 3-5days before ur ovulation and a day after (cos dts ur fertile period) but not on ur ovulation day (cos dt will give u a male child).hope u understand. NB:this mostly works for people with regular period cos they can estimate their fertile period.

    1. Anonymous09:08

      Doby, I love Ʊ 4 dis.

      So on point.

      @poster wat doby said is it.

      Makin love on d day Ʊ start ur ovulation gives Ʊ a male child.

      Make love 2 ur husband 3-2days 2 ur ovulation and nothing more.
      The Y chromosone has life span of 3days.

      This works cos my sister used it severally.

      If Ʊ have a bb, download the ovulation app, it tells Ʊ d sex of ur baby which wil b born on d day Ʊ have sex.
      All Ʊ need 2 do is fill in ur menstral date and it wil plot d chart 4 Ʊ till enternity.

      Check out Ovulation Days.
      You can find it at http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/28039

      And its free...

      Back 2 d single ladies, Ʊ can also use dis 2 know ur safe period n what not.


    2. Anonymous09:13

      Mbok its d X-chromosone dats has a life span of 3days...the Y-chromosone dies like instantly....once dey rush 2 d overies n no egg 2 fertilize, they just self distruct.
      Reason why most men r heady esp my bf.



    3. Wow! Knowledge is truly power!
      Thanks ladies for this. I know about ovulation in relation to conception thing but it confuses me at times.

      Thanks for taking time to clarify.

  7. Anonymous23:52

    There is absolutely nothing of that sort, except you want to go the ivf route where there are gender selection options which costs an arm and a leg..and even at that still not guaranteed..btw why do you want to depend on your kids in your old age? You need save and work towards being financially independent in your old age..There is a creator of boys and girls and there is a fast and easy way to get to this creator..mee

    1. Anonymous01:30

      If you don't know say you don't and stop giving wrong information.
      Madam it's called the ovulation predictor kit. I'm sure you can find it in a good pharmacy.

    2. Anonymous01:40

      And what is it you know exactly? Did you not read that she wants a kit to help her have a baby girl and not a kit to predict ovulation? Please don't embarrass yourself..mee

    3. Anonymous06:31

      Inaddition to mee's info gender selection cost a lot n d process used is microsorting an equipment is used to select the chromosome Of a female child n transfered into d uterus that's after extraction of ur eggs n collection of ur hubby's sperm, the female chromosome is removed from ur hubby's sperm and only d female chromosome is injected into ur eggs for fertilization...its not 100% but it works...most of my client who goes for this treatment look for male kids cos females kids r easier to conceive..
      As I said, its possible but expensive...

  8. Anonymous00:12

    Apparently the Billings Ovulation Method works. Not tried it though, here's their website link: http://www.thebillingsovulationmethod.org/# Good luck :) Nice to see somebody pray for a girl, usually I hear of people wanting boys to carry on the family name.

  9. How to pinpoint ovulation :
    1. Ovulation Prediction Kit. OPK. Comes in a pack of 5 or 7 or 10 or 50 with extra pregnancy test strips. It detects an LH surge.

    2. Temperature charting. You use a basal body thermometer and take ur temperature every morning first thing after you wake before moving about. You record it. There is will a temperature dip (reduced temp from the average) just before U ovulate.

    3. Cervical mucuous. It becomes thin and stretchy of an eggwhite consistency or something like that around the time ovulatiob occurs.

    4. Position of the cervix. (This one na long tin)

    5. Follicular Tracking. Tracking the follicles from when they develop till they mature and after they have been released. It is an Ultra sound scan done either thru TVS- Trans-vaginal scan (vaginal ultrasound), or abdominal scan.

    6. Middle Pain. Pain in ur lower abdomen during ovulation. It mostly occurs on one side.

    7. Guessing method. (not accurate at all) however ovulation occurs for most women on the 14 day of a 28 day cycle.

    It's God that gives children so pray but also equip urself with information.

  10. Tanks Ahdaisy me I want multiple birth like I pray every day for it. @poster am sorry me I don't understand dis ur belive oooo, ma brothers love our parents so much n take gud care of dem even dou dey need little or norrin from us, pls appreciate God for d one he gave you n pray for them to grow N teach dem d ways of God, give dem d best u can N give dem love, how re u sure d girl ll do exactly wat u want Biko plan ur future so u won't need to depend on anione much later. Good luck.

    1. Anonymous06:01

      Like @ Doyinsola's comment

    2. @ Kel, nice one. U welcome. Pls continue praying for it, declare it daily and be specific about the number you want. Then sow seeds concerning it. God will surely grant you ur heart desires.

      I addition, dear poster, it is the way you train ur children that they will grow. Many boys neglect their parents bcos they were trained as 'boys'. Their folks did not make them responsible for anyone or anything so they grow up feeling they dnt owe anyone anything.

    3. Anonymous11:16

      I'm not against sowing seeds. But, the only criteria God gave for receiving is ASKING and BELIEVING not seed sowing. If you have a passage to back this up, please let me have it, would appreciate. Please be guided by God's word and not what one pastor told you. Thank u.

    4. Thanks Doyinsola for your insightful comment. My grandma had four daughters & three sons, all through her old age, it was her sons that took care of her up to the time of her passing. her daughter were too involved in their own domestic affairs to offer her much help even when she was hospitalised they refused to sacrifice the time to stay with her in the hospital. I find the poster's assumption that daughters take better care of their aging parents to be quite absurd.

      In my opinion, there are no male or female children, it is training that determines what each child would grow up to be.

    5. Anonymous23:11

      exactly my opinion too.my sisters in law cant b bothered with their mom.they evn prefer to stay wt their aunts than mom.they r all selfish n cant sacrifice for themselves as siblings,nt to talk of their mom.when i noticed d selfish trait in al,i knew it had to do wt upbringing....its just how u bring them up,coupled with prayers dt matters..

  11. The Ovulation Prediction Kit is about $20. Check your pharmacy and ask them for it. For other guidance on usage, check the following links:




    Most importantly, pray to God to give you a girl and believe. Peace!

  12. MrsB09:07

    Hello Poster,
    Please, nothing stops you from praying as well as using a method for gender selection.
    I know the Billings method works.. I'll post the link shortly.
    I actually had an Ovulation App on my phone which was based on the Billings method. It wouldn't only state when you're ovulating but state the likely days to conceive either sex or even twins. I lost it when my phone had issues but will look for it and post the download link here.
    Here's the Billings link:

  13. Veev09:30

    Google period calculator and download it in your phone... Thank me later

  14. Anonymous12:06

    Some people are crying day and night for the fruit of the womb, you are busy with gender selection. Wishiing you the best.

    1. Anonymous16:34

      Anon 12.06,abeg which wan concern you? Ask and it shall be given to u!

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  16. I understand your concerns but I haven't known an equipment for that. However, I have heard before that it is best that you take a warm bath before you'll have contact with your husband. They said that this allows a female gender egg to be formed and mature. -www.vacationbabyrental.com


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