Nigerian Policemen Have Invaded My Place, I Need Advice

Eya please publish this ASAP. My name is Chioma and this is my number..... Policemen invaded my place this night, from downstairs they were shouting "Open your door" They shouted for about ten minutes, we were so scared and when we didn't open, they started shooting from downstairs.

My sitting room was on fire, the
whole house filled with tear gas, everyone was suffocating including my four month old baby. Please I need advice from Wives Connection family. Is this act right? And please what could be done? cos as I'm typing this, we are at the neighbours' with the kids. I'm still asking what did we do?
The kids are just 5, 4 and a 4 month old baby. What did we do?


  1. Madam re u sure they re police because some robbers operate wearing police uniforms. Thank God u didn't open d door who knows what would have happened. Pls go and report to the nearest police station near you; go with your lawyer cos nigerian police can be funny at times.

    Pls dont sleep in your house this nite as they might want to attack you again.

    Take pictures of d damages for evidence. The Lord is your strength.

  2. MrsAjaryee7/12/2013

    I really doubt if dy were police; thank God for gift of life and dt of ur children pls be xtra careful in dt region

  3. I doubt if they were policemen,thank God u didn't open the door. U need to report the issue the nearest police station to u,atleast the situation will be clarified there. God is in control.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

    1. Anachunam7/12/2013

      Where was your hubby when all this drama was going on?
      This is a drug deal gone bad
      My advice to you is run as fast as you can
      You know am right
      Anachunam is a peace loving person,I don't fight back
      Forward ever

  4. Thank God u dint open d door ooo. @ Anachunam, how do u know its a drug deal gone bad? R u d 1 dat introduced her hubby 2 d drug baron???

    1. Anonymous7/13/2013

      It is. We used to experience such wen I was younger. Ask ur hubby, either it's drug, or 419. Talkin from experience and then it's a set up. They cld hv planted something in d house also to frame him up

  5. Priscy7/12/2013

    @ Anachunam....How do u Know its a drug deal gone bad?
    or maybe you are the drug dealer wey come knock for her door

  6. Anonymous7/12/2013

    Get a lawyer n go to the police station

  7. kimkim7/13/2013

    Deal gone bad,all am saying.why did they come 2 ur haus only,somebody snitched on ur hubby,ask him questions madam and take ur kids 2 ur family house first


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