Nigerian Fried Rice By Sisi Yemmie

A yummy serving of fried rice with chicken

Green pepper
Sweet Corn
Green beans
Spring onions
Broth ( chicken or beef)
Blended dry pepper

  •  I parboil the rice slightly, add the stock/broth, add curry, thyme, knorr cube, salt and blended dry pepper. This pepper is optional, I just don't like rice without pepper. I also add little amount of water and mix the contents of the pot with the omorogun aka o'turneba aka wooden ladle. 
  • In a separate pot I boil the liver. I don't like the smell of liver boiling :/
  • I always use fresh vegetables because they are so crunchy when you cook with them instead of the processed ones that just become limp in the fry pan.
  • I chop  the vegetables. This is the most annoying part for me. I have a history of OCD with chopping the carrots, they must be perfectly 'cubed'! If I have someone helping me, I give them everything else to chop except the carrot. I also make sure I scrape the carrot (the Kanda) so that it's clean and the color pops!
  • If I've got chicken or beef I usually fry it so that I use the same oil to fry the vegetables.  
  • In the hot wok/fry pan start by frying onions and the spring onion, add a bit of knorr to the onions so that it tastes sweet. Add the liver, allow to fry for about a minute, add the green pepper. Keep frying and stirring.  
  • Add some salt, bit of curry, and knorr. Keep frying. Add the carrot and then the green beans. Stir.
  • Add the sweet corn, peas and keep frying till its cooked. At this stage I add king prawns if I've got any. Pour this mixture in a separate pot and start frying your vegetables and cooked rice in batches/portions! This way the rice doesn't stick together, the ingredients go round, and you fry well enough to avoid it getting sour quickly if you're going to store it!
  • I usually fry about two spoons of the vegetable mixture and maybe 3 spoons of rice. Just mix it the way you like, mix in the pan and while doing that you can taste if the seasoning is enough, if it isn't you can add more and then fry.
  • When you think a batch is done pour into a serving dish or pot and start again with the next batch. 
  • I like this method because the ingredients will always go round. Unlike all those fried rice they serve at some 9ja weddings where it's 2 carrots and 1 peas per plate.

    PS. When I say fry, I don't mean deep fry oh!!! Just mix the vegies and rice together. As always, if you try this recipe and you like it, come back and testify!

    To watch the video of how Sisi cooked this fried rice, GO TO Her Youtube Channel.
Ingredients for Sisi's fried rice
Sweet corn, liver, spring onion, carrots, garlic, peas
Fried rice collage
Inviting Drumsticks on a plate of fried rice
Enjoy your lunch!

Sisi Yemmie is the blogger @ sisiyemmie

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  1. Hmmmmm delicious,I ve tasted it here already nd pls รก♏ on my way to ur house for d

  2. Sisi totally love the presentation and the picture quality! As if the food would pop out! Pls what type of camera did you use?

  3. Sisi yemmie...infact you'v just got a subbie!i love you already(not in a wierd way though)

  4. Anonymous7/14/2013

    Trying dis one time...

    1. Dont forget to give feedback when you do :)

  5. WoW!!!
    Dis is perfect for Sunday afternoon!
    Sisi Yemmie, God bless u for dis recipe!
    Aunty Eya,welldone!

    1. A bit of work but definitely perfect! Thank aunt Eya for helping to post this oh!

  6. Correct Nigerian fried rice with liver. D liver gives it this unique aroma and flavour. This was one of our xmas day meals me, my sisters n mum spent almost d whole morning cooking as a child every xmas(fried rice was 4 only xmas or else served at a party). Good job sisi yemmie.

    1. Rice with liver is the beeeesssssssssssssst!

  7. You wrote like a waffi chick o btw correct presentation, am @ the hospital now, seriously wish I can eat this right now (O_O)

    1. lol...confirmed waffi chic! Awww, hope you feel better now?

  8. Nice one Sisi. Looks inviting. But then I think I'm the only person I know who thinks fried rice is always better without sweet corn.

    1. Anonymous7/14/2013

      Nt jst u oh.....we are in d same boat

    2. with, without...i love it!

  9. Anonymous7/14/2013

    This sisi yemi s blog is so exciting and fresh. Nice pie quality,almost like 3D. I don port oooooo

  10. Lovely presentation Sisi Yemi! will subscribe to your youtube channel. Well done!

  11. I cook my fried rice in a similar way but I'm sure gonna do some modification and hope it turns out as good as yours. Wish me luck

  12. Anonymous7/31/2013

    9c one,I ve neva don fried rice in my lyf cos of d fear of sPoilin it,bt I luv 2 eat it,cos of my luk n built frds dot realy kwn I can't mak it,so I boda 2 ask dem,dey tik I can do evrytin in d kitchen,bt wit u,nw I can.thx 4 comin my way

  13. Aunt Eya, thank you for posting! mwaaaaaah!

  14. Anonymous10/01/2013

    2 carrots and 1 peas per plate! That's funny! We make it almost the same way. Gotta love fried rice!

  15. Anonymous10/17/2013

    Nice and yummy looking.. But I cooked mine in a similar way and it got bad quickly. Pls wat could I have done wrongly.

  16. Never thought to make fried rice in batches. Thanks for the recipe!

  17. This fried rice is #Gbam..i will adapt adding spring onions to my recipe as well as frying in batches. Nice one sisi yemmie

  18. This looks delicious!!

  19. I am salivating. Nice presentation.


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