Newly Married And Pregnant, Please Help With Advice

Hello  Eya and the house
and house mates. please I need your general  
Advice on what best multivitamins are good for pregnant women. I am newly married and just discovered am pregnant, mum says
it's too early to start antenatal  till it's about 3 months, I think I should be about 6 weeks gone now.
 Thanks all!


  1. Anonymous7/05/2013

    Please see ur doctor for this advice,it is best for you!

  2. 1. Pregnacare.....

    2. Folic acid.....

    3. Eat fresh vegis and fruits

    4. Don't take anything dat wil purge Ʊ...

    Stay blessed.
    Am not married buh wanna be pregs soon...can't wait 2 feel the joy that comes wit knowing a life is budding inside.

    My bobo must marry me by fire by force since he can do without.

  3. Anonymous7/05/2013

    Antenatal starts @ 8weeks. See ur doc and eat healthy.

  4. teerex7/05/2013

    Pregnacare with omega3 oil

  5. Anonymous7/05/2013

    Just take folic acids until u see a doctor!

  6. folic acid tablets..i was recommended that by my midwife

  7. Anonymous7/05/2013

    Pls see ur doctor for advise.

  8. Pregna care,wt omega 3,,take more of fruits n veggies,fish cod oil...Then rest.but try n see a doc after now

  9. Pregna care,wt omega 3,,take more of fruits n veggies,fish cod oil...Then rest.but try n see a doc after now

  10. Congrats dear...U actually should have been on folic acid since you were not on birth control...but no worries. See ur doctor first. U can take folic acid alone now till U see ur doc. Dnt take any other medication like pain killers till u consult ur doc. Take loads of water and rest... Wish U a healthy nine months...

  11. Congrats dear.. God bless and see you through preggers

  12. Anonymous7/05/2013

    Congrats, I just had my baby,u can start from today with
    • folic acid(any brand of ur choice) once daily, pls wld advice not to take pregnancy care with it y cos it aborts some ppl's fetus.
    • Bld tonics like ferrous, arstimin etc morning and night
    Pls note don't take any form of antibiotics without a go head by a gyn doc
    pls when choosing a hosp choose d one owned by Gyn doc cos d rate of complications in preg r getting higher ( u ll not b in dat satistics) amen.. but prevention is better than cure..

  13. Anonymous7/05/2013

    Can't wait 4 my own to enta o. Pls wat drugs should I take to facilitate d process. Its bin tWo mnths now n nothing.this mnt sef I de force myslf mk period no com but it still com.

  14. Anonymous7/06/2013

    @anon 9:39,u can take Evoil or pregnacare for I took Evoil wen d preggies wasn't coming and thank God for the result. Pls u can ask your doctor anywais

  15. Anonymous7/06/2013

    @ anon 9:39, I waited for hot 2yrs 7mths b4 I got preg not bcos I had issues nor my hubby but bcos I was stressing my mind n brains out..(urs will not b long)...amin
    Some pple its imbalance hormones while most pple is mental stress n guess what d brain helps to stimulate hormone secretion for egg production...
    My drugs of choice were
    • don't stress abt anything, even abt not getting preg....its hard but ur mind
    • folic acid b4 next cycle.
    Pregnacare did not work for me,I was just eating n eating... But when I did my drug choice it worked like magic, now I have a baby boy who is healthy and my pride n joy.
    Hope it works for u too.....

  16. I heard pregnacare makes one fat. Pls how true is that?

  17. I heard pregnacare makes one fat. Pls how true is that?

  18. Mrs Ay7/06/2013

    Congrats dear,u can start folic acid(once daily),ferrous tab(one tab three times daily)vitamin B complex(one tab 3times daily).also,don't stress urself,take lots of water,fruits n vegetables.I wish u a safe delivery.

  19. pregnantCare goes for like 1300 naira

  20. PregnancyCare is like 1,300 naira


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