Meal Suggestions For A Person On A Strict Diet Please

A diet rich in soy and whey protein, found in ...
A diet rich in soy and whey protein, found in products such as soy milk and low-fat yogurt, has been shown to reduce breast cancer incidence in rats. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Hello Eya,
What a wonderful and productive job you've been doing. Not to break the laid down order, I'm........, phone number: , email: ................( Safe to assume these would be blurred out, right?).
Well, I need your suggestions as well as those of the larger WC family.

Met this awesome man a few weeks back, and we have been on three lovely dates, in one of them, he cooked! It wasn't bad, save for the mushroom (yuck!). Now, the deal is

, it's my turn to cook! And no, I'm not fretting about that, it's just that he's a peculiar man. He's dieting. Meaning, no Carbs, no oils, mainly proteins and vegetables.

When I visited, his freezer and cabinets were stocked with all kinds of frozen proteins. Duck, Turkey, Beef, Chicken, Prawns, you name it.
Another thing is, my taste buds are not very adventurous. Truth be told, that day at his place was my first time allowing myself to eat Prawns. 

Don't get it twisted o, I do love crayfish (the dried kind) but to eat it fresh or it's elder brother a la Prawn, that was a first. Yes, that's to say, I do like this man very much and I'm willing to try new things(Mushrooms are out of this list though). 

These details might help too, he's Biracial (throw in some Ghana/ Mediterranean) and in his late 30's. I'm Nigerian to the core in my mid-20's.
I'm not looking to 'impress' per se, just would like some suggestions on meals I can prepare for both of us. Aside from my Daddy, and Bestie, no man has taken the pains to cook for me.

Next date is this weekend!
I asked him, he said anything with protein and lots of vegetables.
Please help a sister out!


  1. now this is my AREAA :) .. if he loves fish you can prepare bake/grill salmon or any kind of sea food or chicken with vegetables (broccoli, baby carrots, bell peppers, mushrooms,green beans etc) sauteed in at least a teaspoon of olive oil.. I dont know where you are but if he likes quinoa which is rich in protein and also looks like rice too.. you can make him a quinoa salad or quinoa pilaf which is like fried rice but not actual can also prepare some lobsters and salad by the side and also fruit salad for dessert.. I mean that is a full meal!! enjoy your date. you can also google healthy recipes too

  2. okay you do not have to add olive oil if he's that strict, the vegetables will produce its water while cooking with low heat :)

  3. Anonymous7/26/2013

    Hi, do you live abroad or in Nigeria. Just asking so I know the kind of meal to suggest.
    Anyway you can make grilled salmon(the type served in restaurants with the skin taken off) with a side of Greek Sala. You can google to find amazing salmon recipes. For the Greek salad all you need are carrots, tomatoes, olives, salad leaves(depending on which you like) and definitely some feta cheese. Also you can add chunks of grilled chicken to the salad. Or cut pieces of boiled eggs. I normally eat my greet salad with no dressing but if you want it to be more interesting you can sprinkle black pepper on it. Or you can go to any Greek restaurant and buy a portion of their dressing.
    I think the grilled salmon and Greek salad would be a fantastic meal for a date and also for someone who is watching their diet.
    All the best

  4. Anonymous7/26/2013

    You can also try saitéed vegetables and a nice grilled chocked as the main meal.

  5. Anonymous7/26/2013

    Or as the first comment or said, get a variety of seafood: prawns, shrimps etc and and toss on some veggies( carrots, green pepper, onions, etc and you have a nice healthy meal
    Lastly you can google roasted Brussels sprouts and grilled salmon and see the way they do it. Try this and you won't regret

  6. Adeyinka7/26/2013

    Since he wants lots of veggies, you can make him coleslaw minus the dressing and grilled chicken (without d skin), and top it off with natural fruit juice or if you don't have an extractor, just make chunks of pineapple and watermelon as a side plate... The watermelon shld be more than d pineapple. You don't need to add oil to d chicken.
    Good luck.... Let us know the outcome

  7. Poster!7/26/2013

    Wow! What have I got myself into! Lol. I do not know half of what you guys have suggested! The other halfs I'm not familiar with 'em. We both live here in Nigeria.

    Thanks guys! I'd look out for more of your suggestions.

    O ga dikwa risky! Haha!

    1. Anonymous7/26/2013

      Ok since you live in Nigeria let me break it down for you. The key to cooking without oil is Grilling. Grill a nice piece of chicken and prepare salad by the side.
      You just make sure the chicken is very spicy and for the salad just google various types of salads even some has been featured here

    2. Poster I was also lost reading all the recipes, wooow I sincerely don't know half of the ingredients o di very serious ooo! Pls follow ahdaisy suggestion, you both can cook the meal together, and don't forget to share pics so that we can also learn.

  8. Nne ask him to join you and teach you how to prepare one of his fave you can eat with. You'll do the cooking, he does the direction. Advantages: You get help in the kitchen, you bond over the whole process and he sees you as a woman who is willing to learn.

    Make U no go cook wetin he no go like cos you want to surprise him...hehehe...

    1. Make she no come suprise herself while trying to please him! i beg my sis cook oil free edikanikong with sheabutter aluciano!I no fit laugh oooooooooooh

  9. Anonymous7/26/2013

    Go on youtube and watch the vid that a girl called scola dondo put up on the 24th july vid us called spinach, salmon and olive omelette recipe. I personally hate olive they are disgusting to the max. Just replace urs with mushrooms if they are his fav since he put it in your meal. Its very simple, also use olive oil to fry the egg but the babe use coconut oil which i dunno if they have it naija.
    Put lots of diff fruit on the side of the plate for presentation or just make a separate fruit bowl.

    Watch the vid and good luck x


    1. Anonymous7/26/2013

      Also dont worri bout using milk you can leave that out if u cant find it in naija and also if there is no salmo use the raw prawns but boil it first before you fry it with the egg just to make sure they are cooked.

      I wish my boo could be this picky with food. All we do is eat rice rice rice, eba, amala, poundo & all those typical af food. But he cooks em all n my waste line is expanding from uk 8 to 10.... Sigh


  10. Anonymous7/26/2013

    You can cook some brown beans plain ,with some wicked peppered sauce to go with it plus grilled fish by the side and vegetables

    1. Anonymous7/26/2013

      Ewa agoyin abi?You wicked sha ......Jehovah of Wives connection help us................ROFLMAO!

  11. Anonymous7/26/2013

    I love Ahdais wit her real way of commenting! Keep it up gal !slient reader


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