It's An Emergency, Should I Tell My Sister?

Good day every one,AUNTY eya and all,please I need help,it's an emergency bcos am totally confused.

I slept with my sister husband's younger brother,we were in love only to be told that we can't get married cos we intended getting married,but one thing I didn't tell any one apart from the priest was

that we had sex,I don't know what to do,should I tell my sister?
Is it a taboo to have sex with an in-law in Esan land?.


  1. Anonymous7/31/2013

    Na wa for questions o!
    Abeg in other news I hve a problem,
    Madam Eya pls can u post as a topic pls?
    I'm a veeeery. Fair girl, and I ve this problem, my inner thighs are very dark and my vagina inclusive, and I also have these shaving bumps and that really makes that area look very unpleasant.
    Please is there anything I can use? I've started wearing tights, this was not much of a problem before but its been weighing on my mind lately, please help me with recommendations for solutions on the blackness and the bumps pls.
    Let me add that the bumps are not infections cos I ve HVS every 6months and I've nt detected anything. I used to shave with Formular 103 but heard it darkens the skin so I now use shaving bic.
    Aunty Eya post pls

    1. Are u fat and ur thighs rub together when walking? If yes, den that's why ur inner thighs are dark.
      Honey, milk and lemon are natural whitening products. I suggest u create a mixture of spoons of milk, squeezed out lemon juice, den u can jump d honey and instead add spoons of brown sugar. Put dis mixture in a plastic container wit a cover that tightly seals it and be keepin it in ur fridge, not near the freezing part tho. Wheneva u wanna bath, use this mixture as and inner thighs scrub. Scrub wit it, wash off, den finish ur bath wit ur normal soap. Do this consistently and I assure u will see a change. Thanks

    2. Anonymous2/19/2014

      Nelly nice tip. Though I don't have the problem n I'm naturally dark, pls I want to ask, liquid milk or powdered?i'm always on the look out for skin remedies like this. Thanks

  2. Anonymous7/31/2013

    i really dont know about Esan culture, but i know its a taboo to have sex with anyone before marriage. pls if you have not done so already, pray to God to forgive you and deliver you frm the implication of your action, if there is any Esan culture against it let him break the yoke over you in Jesus name.

  3. Lol! I wouldn't know...I'm not from isan land!!! Just google it!


  4. Why would you need to tell your sister? Its your own personal business who you fell in love with regardless if its an inlaw or not. if you don't want to tell her, you don't have to tell her.I don't think its even the priest's business.

  5. Y can't u peo get marid?

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I guess you dint consider it a taboo when you intended marrying him. As far as I know it's not a taboo in esan land, BTW, you dint tell us ur own land so we can know if it can be a taboo there!

    Haven't you heard of 2 set of male and female twins marrying each other? I have seen 2 brothers marry 2 sisters on even same day. Linda Ikeja even carried one on her blog last year last year.

    Or will all this pple not have sex afterall? Anyway. In Africa, there's no raised eye brow on such I don't know about Asia, The Arctic and Antarctic.

    And for the sex.... Well, it's one of those things! #Circle of Life!

    Lastly, what's the emergency about this post now... You can choose to tell her in 2020, after we achieve the MDG's.


  8. It is not a taboo pls I am an esan woman. U commits an abomination in asan land wen u cheat on ur hubby of which the consequences is the death of ur male children and hubby if a cleaning if not performed. Even twins of same parents marries another set of twins in esan one even happened in ekpoma were I am from.

    1. Anonymous8/01/2013

      Wait o, so if d wife sleeps around and d husband no know d husband and her male child will die??
      What will now happen to d wife, she is d one dat should be punished not her husband.

  9. Anonymous8/01/2013

    I am Ishan too,if they have said it is a taboo,pls tell them,they will only kill a goat on your behalf. This ishan ppl can be funny,so u don't go and suffer for some things in d future.Tradition is tradition. I have a lot to say but time is not on my side.Wish u d best. Ebehi

  10. Anonymous8/01/2013

    @ anon 8:32am, dat was d old tradition but now its d other way round i.e when d woman herself commits adultary she herself bears d consequences instead of her husband and until she confesses before she can be delivered and if she doesn't confess she dies wit it................Lady Dee

  11. Anonymous8/01/2013

    Then since she has decieded to confess she has to go thru cleansing.i.e some things has to be performed on her. (1) Some tubers of yam will be cut into pieces nd soaked into water for some minutes. (2) The woman will be naked from her head to toe. (3) A basket will be placed on her head. (4) Then d soaked yam will be poured into d basket on her head. (5) She walk down to d market square with a lot of people with very long canes nd these people will also be singing so anytime d woman decieded to scratch her body d cane is used to flog her........Lady Dee

    1. Queen Bee8/02/2013

      All these just for sleeping with someone you love?is she a thief?
      Absolute BS,to hell with some traditions!
      @poster better save urself the trauma of exposing urself to these barbaric dramas.
      btw even as strong as they claim,they won't know if u don't tell them#blind and deaf gods#
      Ask Jesus for forgiveness,cover urself with his blood and move on with ur lips sealed.

  12. Anonymous8/01/2013

    Jst imagine d shame nd d disgrace..............@ poster, if u know telling ur sister will not bring u nd ur inlaw together,then why tell her? Concerning d curse or conscequences der is nothin of such.jst remove ur mind from it becos its not real.............Lady Dee

  13. lady dee wat if the man cheats?

    1. Hehehehehehe.... Good question.

    2. Anonymous8/02/2013

      Very good question! I know Ace the Mr. '95% of men cheat' is from there. So I'd like to know what he has to say.
      Ace, over to you, what if the man cheats?

    3. Anonymous8/02/2013

      lol...if the man cheats nothing happens to him oh.. In Esan world its a man's world and Ishan people value their male children more than their female children.Am Ishan and am a lady too

  14. Anonymous8/03/2013

    @ Addy,wen d man cheats nothin happens to d man or woman becos dat is d tradition. Lady Dee


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