Is Nigeria Holier Than The Pope?

Good evening Eya, hope you now know that even the pope does not condemn gay men. I am shocked that while holy people see us as brothers, you guys stay in that backward, God forsaken, most corrupt country of ours and discriminate.  14 Years  Imprisonment for being gay? I weep for my country Nigeria. Imprisonment for being gay my foot. I never plan to return back there anyway. Why should I when the country is so hopeless.

Those who are busy sucking the treasuries dry, how many years have they served? The few that are used as scapegoats, your lousy presidential pardon still smiles at them with freedom speeches. That country is so hopeless and finished. Instead of making laws that will move the country forward like civilized Nations do, they dwell on Hate for the Gays. Are they holier than the pope? Answer me please, is Nigeria holier than the pope?

*Please help me answer Collins cos I need to send him a reply ASAP.


  1. Yes, Mr Collins The Gay, Nigeria is holier IMO if you must know.Dazall

    1. Anonymous7/30/2013

      As far as I know, this guy has done nothing but pointed out the hypocrisy that abound in our country..there are a lot of dishonest, fraudulent,lying,cheating, thieving fornicators that roam free in our country..these people are not different from the homosexuals,.isolating a sin doesn't make it the greatest of all sins.the wages of all sin is death..some of these commentators here are fornicators, what makes you different from a homosexual..and why judge another when you v been told not to judge..we are too quick to call names when we should really start from the person in the mirror..lets all be civil and learn to tolerate each other regardless of what we think about each other cos nobody is perfect...mee

    2. Anonymous8/01/2013

      Anon, from your presumptions, murderers should not be condemned after all it is a sin equal to other sins. I love your logic. Court shouldn't exist as well after all, we shouldn't judge. What a wonderful world we will be living in.

  2. yes O... we are definately holier than d pope. infact over holier sef. yeye faggot

  3. RME! ..And pls never ever come back...That's one less person in traffic...das all... And if you can, pls take all ur family members too...we rily need the space...

  4. Anonymous7/29/2013

    hahaa @ Naomi!!!! Mr collins, maybe if u stop insulting nigeria the way u just did, then u wud be fit to ask us the crap u asking above. The same hopeless country obviously has played a major role in shaping u @ wherever country u now reside in. The pope is obviously a man of God and he is doing as the bible says "DO NOT JUDGE"! So,pls dnt lead me into the temptation of judging cos thats the hole u just dug for us(our comments)

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  6. Anonymous7/29/2013

    Yes,Nigerians r holier dan d Pope as we rest on d BIBLE so its beter 4 u 2 change as hell fire is goin to b ur abode if u dnt as heaven is agst gays&lesbians.U‘r doin urself more harm dan gud.

  7. Anonymous7/29/2013

    Dear poster or Collins go back and read the FULL INTERVIEW on cnn or aljezeera. And you will know that a Vatican monsignor or priest appointed by Pope Francis as interim head of one office was accused of gay few days ago and Pope francis ordered HIGH POWERED INVESTIGATION which found out it was false. If Pope supports or welcomes it (gay) he won't order such investigation. Pls Don't misquote Pope The Pope only said quote "HOMOSEXUALITY IS A SIN BUT WHO AM I TO JUDGE THEM, IF THEY CHANGE THEIR WAY AND DO THE GOOD WILL OF THE FATHER (i.e REPENTANCE) THEN THERE IS NO PROBLEM". THEY ARE STILL OUR BROTHERS. By this i believe the pope is stressing on CHRIST CAME FOR THE SINNERS and not the SAVED. Infact a law was signed in 2005 by Benedict XVI prohibiting GAY. As for me, Gay or lesbianism is Satanic and Demonic and the Pope whose duty is to preach forgiveness and repentance is calling you to repent, do the will of the father and know that christ still Loves you. Please Read Romans 1 vs 27 and see that penalty follows this Devilish act (Gay). May the lord save us from destruction that befell sodom and gomora in Jesus name

    1. Anonymous7/29/2013

      Pls help me tell them o. Pple shld not say wat dey dnt know about d pope and he's statement.
      Pls pple read d full interview.

    2. Anonymous7/29/2013

      AMEN! Best comment so far @Anon 7.26pm. 100 likes!
      I believe the Pope spoke out of love and dis writer has taken his/her time to explian it frm that perspective.
      Mr Collins God loves you and sent his son for u! If u change ur ways he will welcome u and even throw a party for u in heaven wit the angels! He doesn't want u to die but to have life everlasting...May God help us all!

  8. Anonymous7/29/2013

    YOU will give account of your life before God when you meet Him. Dont worry about Nigeria being holier than the Pope. Pope will give account of his own life. Each Nigerian will give account of their own life. My own question to you is: are you prepared to account for your way of life before your maker? If you are, dont worry about Nigerians or anyone. Just stay put whereever you are.
    P.S I cant help it, i just have to say your absence from Naija wont be missed. We are too many already.

  9. Quite unfortunate on LIB so many where quick to judge the pope,out of ignorance they failed to understand his stand as it pertains issue,clouded by prejudice they even failed acknowledge his recent pronouncement as it pertains this issue.
    Oh! Funny enough and as fate may have it the Seun Kuti's post coincided with that of the Pope and the points he raised about Christianity were laid bare to the buttressing of his arguement.
    We're always quick to shout don't judge when an issue pertaining a Pastor is raised,but won't holdback when attacking the supreme Pontiff.
    "WHO AM I TO JUDGE?" that was his only offence, he was of the opinion that being gay is not our major problem, even with love we can make a gay reconsider. And they went for his jugular,Just like our LordJesus Christ said don't be surprise when u see sinners and taxcollectors making heaven.
    If God who created man in his infinite mercy will allow a sinner to repent without taking his life,who are we mere mortals.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

    1. God bless you and Anon 7:26 for pointing this out.

      I think one of our major problems in this country is that we just listen/read the media's version which is obviously twisted to make us over react.

      The man said Who AM I to judge, please what's so wrong with that? The Bible we all love to quote tells us not to judge so I didn't get why everyone started cussing the pope out.

      God help us

  10. Ask google. Please just stay where you are cos we don't need you here.

  11. Anonymous7/29/2013

    Ignoramus, pls read d full interview.
    Foreign press wld always choose d juicy bit. The pope never has and never will gays.
    Stop consoling ur damned self.

  12. Anonymous7/29/2013

    Pls let us not judge pple for dere sexuality ..I totally second Bonario's comment We will all give individual account of ourselves on judgement day, let us tread softly n not get carried away by d things of d world or things around us...
    My own is I don't care if ur guy or a lesbian ours is to preach to dem n convert them for God, my ish here is if Nigeria will allow for underage marriage dey shd sign for same sex relationship. Its either dere all in for immoral acts or total against dem not be Hypocritical abt certain issues..

  13. Anonymous7/29/2013

    Orisirisi, abeg stay where you can destroy other men's anus. Pervert, instead of going for rehabilitation from your disorder you are here rantin. like ada said stay away permanently and while you are at it come and pack all your fellow perverts no space for them here oshi.

  14. Anonymous7/29/2013

    Oga Collins, u need to take an epileptic seat. What makes u think u'r needed here? If U can, I suggest u send 4 ur friends, relatives and well wishers. We need the space!!

  15. Anonymous7/30/2013

    My collins abi collianus,pls stay whereva u are,unpatrotic Nigerian, its bcz u r gay dat u r saying dis,if u were not u wud hv bin less bodered,pls n pls we dont nid gay marriage to be approved here nida do we need u bck to promote it,yes Nigerians are smiling n suffering under bad leadershp but that is wat makes us stronger and we adapt to any environment:p, and u r a mumu bcz u were born here if i m not mistaken its by chance u travelled out and mayb u r just in togo or somalia:/

  16. I stand against the ungodly act and not the individual and I pray they turn away from it and accept Jesus. The Pope is not in support of what they stand for and his biblical standpoint is not to judge anyone and I agree with him. I won't speak about a man of God so I take a walk.
    Poster if you partake in the sin against nature please stop oooo, remember sodom. And yes nigerians are sinful but we haven't lost our ethics, morals and values.
    God is the just judge.

  17. Nobody is judging...we are tellin u to walk rightly bcos its beyond hre. Eternity is d most important and no gay person is gona b in heaven...truth be told. Berra stop ur agidi and arrange urself orelse, wa jona ni.

  18. Anonymous7/30/2013

    I blame the pope for all this ! he should have put it thus: that he isnt going to judge because as Christians we do not judge but that doesnt affect the stand of the church of Christ on such issue, the bible is still our standard. that way, he words will have been clear cos quite frankly he sounded like he was pro Gay. what will you say if your 17 year old daughter asks you what you think about abortion will you simply say its not my power to judge? the pope is an authority that most people look up to, and that question will have been his cue to take a stand that the world so needs. anyways, pope's answer or not, the foundation of God stands sure...let he that nameth the name of the lord DEPART from iniquity!

    1. So you blame him for not quoting you word for word,whats the difference between what you said and what he said?
      The Holy father was quoted out of context what he said was that if a gay person should turn to God for forgiveness,who is he to judge him.
      Try googling his original statement.

      ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  19. Anonymous7/30/2013

    Thank u Bonario. Every one is quick to judge. We judge our fellow men not to talk of the Pope. How else would he hav said it without sounding less judgemental? We are all sinners, even Christ himself told the men who wanted to cast d stones at Mary Magdalene to do so if dey were without sin. It is written, judge not lest you'd be judged. Yes, we know gay practices are sinful but even God hates the sin and not the sinner. Let's not misunderstand the words of the Pope!


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