I Think My Wife Lied

Hello Eya and WC, I discovered this blog last month and have learnt so much. Thank you all for the lovely meals I now enjoy as  result of your recipes. I have been married for just three years and have realized that my wife lied about her age.

Going by  the
age she told me, I am 7 years older. After just one child, we feed well, she is not overworked with the baby because I am always available. On weekends, I stay  home with my family to help assist where I can. 

Recently, I observed my wife is looking 45 when we should be in our thirties. I do not like that she now looks older than me. Is there anything I can do? I don't want to confront her on a trivial issue like age, I love my wife and will do anything to help her beauty return. 

I need advice please. Is there anything we can do to help her?


  1. Women tend 2 age faster dan men. So ha lukin older doesn't neccesarily mean she lied about ha age. Also is it dt shez developin wrinkles or saggin evrywher or wht? Cos som typs of aging can b countered while odas cnt (xcpt tru surgery). Anyways u shld enroll on a gym n Giv ha a treat @ a spa. While u both eat healthy.

  2. The fact that she looks 45 is not enough for you to think she lied. Child birth causes a lot of change in a woman's body.

    I think you are a good man and i will advice you encourage her to start working out, eating more of fruits and veggies and less of carbs. Whatever you do, please do not raise the age issue up EXCEPT you have proofs beyond reasonable doubt that she actually lied about it. All the best

  3. HappyMe!7/12/2013

    Much as i knw dat sm women lie abt their ages 2 their husbands, childbirth can mk a woman "age" fast. Dat's y ladies r advised 2 go 4 considerably older men, if possible.
    But 7yrs gap is considerable...... Oh well, if u really suspect dat she's older than u, try 2 find a way 2 live wt it (or confront her) cos u r already married.

  4. What do intend doing if you find she lied? I'm sure u never doubted her at the beginning when she told u her age.
    Do u expect her to remain the same after many nights of rough play.
    My broda ARA DARA ADA,ADAGO.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

    1. Some typos,plz bear with me.

    2. Anonymous7/12/2013

      ROTFLMSAO @ara dara ada warrefa...
      Poster, If she is fat, she will def age faster than you think. Help her to eat right and exercise regularly. Also encourage her to take lots of water.Some people are in their late thirties and still look younger than most ladies in their twenties, na different sperm experiment dey cause dat one #oshisko

  5. Msheeeeeeew! So after child birth, d fact that she looks older now means she lied to you about her age abi? U think its easy? Mr Man,better take good care of your wife and stop chatting opax..

    Oju apa o le dabi oju ara now.. Child birth has a way of affecting women's body.. The fact that she has changed now doesn't mean she lied to you.. Best thing is, enroll in a gym,eat healthy and if u like makeup on her, encourage her to do it..Makeup when properly done can make d face look younger.. Enjoy your marriage and take dat yeye taught off your mind..

  6. Mr poster plz if you have no proof that your Mrs lied about her age plz don't bring it up. She probably already knows shez not looking as good as she use to and you questioning her will double damage her self esteem.
    As much as you say you help her out which is a good thing, she still carried a baby for 9months n is a nursing mother, a wife, a cook, cleaner, a home maker and the rest. All these has a psychological and physical effect on women but we deal with these things differently.
    Encourage her to dress nice, look good, eat well, work out and na only 3yrs of this change you noticed and u are complaining what will happen when ur marriage is 30yrs? Hope u won't have 1000pages of A4 papers to complain about.
    BTW this might not apply to u YET but men do change as well from whom and what the woman married. Some men start to grow a beer belly, some start getting grey hair early, no more cute looking side burn, they start getting horribly bald and can't hide it anymore, they get less romantic, show less affection, lose sense of fashion and not as active as b4 in d bedroom department. Some of this things cannot be changed even after we try but remember 'FOR BETTER FOR WORSE' and have a rethink.

    1. Well said Lizzy, very well said!

    2. Great reply. Thanks for sharing.

    3. And in some cases it might be spiritual,jst keep praying for her becos prayer answers all.

    4. I'm sorry but this story is too funny. Also a bit irritating.
      Lizzy ur response hit the nail on the head. I'm living testimony. With 2 kids (2yrs & 3mths) with no maid and about to get back into the labour market, I know how stressful motherhood is. I honestly don't know what would happen when I add working mom to this equation. The physical changes alone... My people, me sef no like as I be right now. My husby too has changed in all the ways u mentioned (except being bald & potbellied) but we understand that its just the stress of being parents and for him, the breadwinner.
      Poster u seem like a nice man. Lizzy has said everything I would have liked to tell you. That's in a nutshell.

    5. Anonymous9/15/2013

      Have u considered that she may not be happy? Coupled with stress? Do some of the things you used to do while dating going out etc

  7. Anonymous7/12/2013

    Tell wifey 2 eat a lot of garden eggs and drink water....it wil help her a lot.
    Take d advice of a gym too esp 2 work on d tommy area....I know most men get turned of by a womans tommy after she has a child especially a tommy wit wrinkles...makes woman look way older wen naked....take good care of her and she would look better.
    Ensure Ʊ buy her good body cream too, and nice cloths....looking good/younger takes a lot of effort n not jokes.


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