I Need Some Tips For Women Who Get Pregnant At A Later Age

Hello Eya and wives connection readers, my name is ............. I just discovered am pregnant at 42.It is shocking haven't missed my contraceptives at all.My last child is preparing for secondary school already and I wasn't ready for this in any way. 

The gap is
LONG, I don't know how to manage this.Also I think I forgot everything about pregnancy and baby care.Planing to go get registered for antenatal if nothing happens, meanwhile, I need tips from the house.Although  am not particularly excited, there's nothing I can do about it. 

One thing that worries me now is my age and the long gap.At forty two I always felt one was too old to get pregnant, it's quite embarrassing.Initially, I saw some drops of period, which didn't last for even a day.I met a pharmacy who gave medications to make my period flow but it's over a month now and the periods haven't surfaced.the morning sickness and saliva is something else.I need you guys' pryer pls cos I always heard that very healthy kids can only be made by very young blood, before age 35. 

I still wish my periods come though but in the event they don't, are there things I need to know considering my age? 

I need some tips for women who get pregnant at a later age, also prayers to make my menstrual flow resume if possible. Thanks.


  1. Anonymous7/23/2013

    I wish we could just do an exchange cos l need to b a mum soonest.

  2. Anonymous7/23/2013

    Why are u wishing for ur period to come? is it that u didn't do a pregnancy test or u are hoping to miscarry (I pray not).
    Pls be clear thanks.

  3. This is how Nigerian women give birth to deformed babies... In such a condition it's plain wrong to take just any drug, the right thing to do was to ask ur pharmacist for a urine test stripe... 200 naira only. Most deformities are created by this bad habbit of taking heavy drugs when pregnant.

    Lastly, don't you think ur contraceptive have been abused and now your body may have developed a resistance to it... Just in case you don't wanna repeat the pregnancy to childbirth process at 44 see a gyaenie...


  4. Anonymous7/24/2013

    Go and see a doc or get a pregnancy test. Taking meds to make your menses flow while pregnant is only going to increase your chances of having an unhealthy child. It's also possible that you are not menstrauting b/c you've been on birth control for a long time plus there are tons of other reasons some of them being dangerous that women stop menstrauting besides pregnancy ( including early menopause). In short, go and see your GP or GYn.

  5. No dear, healthy babies can be made at any age. What the books says is that the risk of congenital malformations is increased with increasing maternal age. That's a percentage and not absolute. So go register for antenatal and relax u will have a healthy baby with grown up siblings that will help u take care of It. Good luck

  6. Poster have you confirmed frm a doctor if you are pregnant? Do a urine and blood test pls. Its very bad to make assumption. Pls women in the house, let us build the habit of visiting the doctor regularly, and any slight change in your body system go to the doctor first, not a pharmacist(some of them are fake) a very good friend of mine just discovered that she has one disease and it had been in her womb for more than six years she never knew till she had difficulty in taking in after marriage

  7. Hmnnn. Atuanya.

    Poster, i don't know what advice to give you regarding managing your pregnancy, but first, I'll repeat what others have said, "Go and run a test to confirm pregnancy first". Then if you are truly pregnant, I'll say "Don't worry about how to take care of the baby since it's been so long you had your last one. As long as you have your maternal instincts intact, it will all come back to you".

  8. Anonymous7/24/2013

    What others are looking for with money, some others are wishing it away. What a life! @Poster, do you realise that there are ladies at your age praying for a husband not to talk of a child? pls ge grateful. How did you manage your first child? so also, you will cope perfectly with this if only, you will not go terminating the preggy.

  9. Anonymous7/25/2013

    madam u better thank God for ur own i am fourty three my son is eighteen yrs old and in the university ive been praying to God to give me more children and ure there praying for ur menses to come pls women in the house pls pray for me o i want to breastfeed babies again o

  10. Wow! Some mature advice here from the house. If you are pregnant, there is no way your period will flowagain unless you loose the baby. Therefore, praying for you period to flow again is praying amiss.

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    Know your Rights, stay healthy and beautiful, live your dreams!!

  11. Anonymous7/26/2013

    @poster, be grateful for this pregnancy n learn to love urself and ur unborn child. There is no doubting that u r pregnant so go c ur doc n start eating right. U wud b grateful for this pregnancy dat God gave u at ds age in d long run.
    FYI, remove any thots of seein ur period or losing ds pregnancy becos ds child has come to stay. Remain blessed

  12. Unfortunately, pregnancy isn't something that can be planned exactly. So many factors come into play, including the fertility of you and your partner, your menstrual cycle and ovulation, your overall health, and your current life style.

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