I Don't Know How My Cousin Will React

Good evening Aunty Eya, my name is.............., and phone number is ....................., Please I need advice from the house to make a decision. My cousin's husband has a brother who is interested and wants to marry me. 

I love him too but
don't know how my cousin will react. I don't even know how to inform her even though we are close.

My cousin husband's brother is serious but still waiting for my response. I'm confused please Aunty Eya what should I do? Is it OK if I accept his proposal and what should I do about my cousin? Please advise me.


  1. Anonymous7/24/2013

    Wen u were playing hide and seek love with ur cousins brother in law u didt ask us ooooo, now ur asking us as if ur about to commit a crime. Na ur cousin husband u wan marry? If ur close to ur cousin she wil b happy sef dat she's got. Sister in law that she's known all her life. Dey dia and b askin for advice on matters of marriage. Pray to ur God first Nd confirm if he is d one! Btw first to comment! *wink

  2. There is no crime in this as far as I see. Free your mind and tell your cousin. I'm sure she'll be happy for you.

  3. Anonymous7/24/2013

    Why is this a problem? I'm honestly confused. If I were your cousin I'd be happy for you, unless I felt he had a major character flaw or issues

  4. Ada Nnewi7/24/2013

    Is ur cousins husband brother abi what again is he very rich its very important incase u fall out of love at least d marriage will still be sweet small

  5. Anonymous7/24/2013

    @ ada????? What r u saying????
    Poster talk to ur cousin abt d whole thing n see her reaction, let her know u love her hubby's brother, she may b happy or disappointed in u but mke sure ur mind is set for any reaction/reply she gives u..

  6. I was once in ur shoe poster, he was so fond of me then, wanted to hav a relationshp wit me, his brother was so happi cuz I was staying wit them then, I doubt if my sister was happi abt d whole tin cuz she alw mocked me even in her brother inlaw's presence. That alone put me off and I politely told d guy off. Traditionally from my side its no issue and its allowed. Talk with ur sister on this and take it up from her rxn.

  7. Anonymous7/24/2013

    Abeg nthg do u jare! If that is where ur happiness lies go ahead, but seek God. All the very best

  8. Anonymous7/24/2013


  9. Lol ! but really what's wrong with it? y'all are not related :)

  10. I agree with ano 7:18am

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