I Am Supposed To See Him Today But Do Not Know What To Say To Him

Aunty Eya,Good Morning!Please help me post this without putting my name,email or been linked to my former post,thank you! 

I am confused i woke up in tears this morning because i am tired.My boyfriend and i were supposed to have a eat out later today,but he sent a long text to me explaining that he sold the ticket he bought in advance(one has to book in advance) to someone because
he needed to bail himself out of the Lastma trouble he entered during the week.The money was 6k and he had to borrow the remaining 6k from a friend to complete the Lastma money.

In the text he explained that he is broke and has been for a while,but he did not want to tell me because i would not understand.He also said in the text that i should not reply(i think he is scared about what my reply will be)

The thing is for a while i have been seriously thinking about calling it off(but he does not know) because i am feels as if i don't have a boyfriend and everything is as dry as crusted bread.

Also,part of the things he said in the message,are things that i should have known about two months before now,and i am wondering is there any use continuing when he is already hiding things from me.I have serious fears about the future(settling down and also wondering if this is not how he will be selling off things like that) and with the way things are going,i doubt i can cope.

He has potentials,but this is taking too long to manifest.We have been going out for close to three years,so things should have picked up at least since then,let me also add that he works.

I think his salary should be about 150 range.(it just increased recently)For how long more would he always be broke,i resent him most of the time now.He also said he is in debt and that most of it was not for personal use,and he is paying back the co-operative he used to get a fairly used car he got.

He explained that most of the financial burden is on him because his parents are broke and he has to do the few things he can to help.I think i agree with the part where he said i do not understand because it is unbelievable to see that sometimes he can not cut his hair because he does not have money,or eat well.

I am from an average family,but no matter how broke I am.i will still have at least 4k in my account for unforeseen miscellaneous.He is a giver and i know if he really has,he will spend it,but he really does not. I am just confused.I am supposed to see him today and i don't know what to say to him,whether to tell him i understand and comfort him(which i am tired of already),or just keep quiet.

I gave him money a few times before,but one of the times,it caused a serious fight,so he stopped collecting it and i am tired of giving too.Sorry for the length.I am just trying to explain exactly how i feel. 

And please no one should abuse me.I am not concerned about being overly rich,but at least comfortable that you would not be scared of where you will get to eat the next meal.He does not have money to cut his hair now,how am i sure eating if we finally 'settle down" would not be a problem.

I am scared,confused,angry,resentful and agitated..Please try and advice  soon, before i see him,so that at least i will know what to say.thank you.


  1. Anonymous7/21/2013

    Pls how do I also share my own story to d house?I need a link to follow pls

    1. Send your story to this email address and it wd be posted:

    2. Anonymous7/21/2013

      I realise that all the sanctimonious goody two shoes "private and wise" married nigerian. Women have finished talking and raining "advices on Chi,

      Let me say what I know about this issue, my friend called me on sat to give me a heads up that Aunty Eya contacted her to ask how she was doing following her story that was posted on this blog and she replied and said she was preggy, she just told me cos Eya had asked her whether she can post her response since many people might be wondering how she is, so that I won't read on this blog that she's preggers before she has the chance to tell me.
      Pls for the people saying that her husband might read it here, let me assure you that Ikeolisa will never read this blog unless his wife recommends the link. He's just far too busy to troll blogs(no insult to our male readers) but Olisa no be that kind man.

      Please she was not asking you people for advice on how to tell her husband, she was just telling Aunty Eya,as we speak Olisa knows already, yes he got in from the US this evening and his wife served him a meal consisting of just a pregnancy test strip and a positive result...and from the info reaching me he almost fainted out of excitement, he's not even bothered about who lied about their period and who did not.

      Why do you all care that she's telling her story on Eya's blog? Or do I sense jealousy? Funny thing is that most of you here cannot speak to Chidi face to face if you were to ever meet her, she's one of these near perfect people that you just stand and envy! So don't insult her unnecesarily.

      I for one supported all her ideas for contraceptives (why wldnt I? She stands. To lose a job that pays her more than 400k a month, why shld she lose the job since she can wait a little more and be able to keep her job and still have her babies?) But she's having a baby now, and she's handling it well, so please if we don't have any constructive thing to say let's refrain from saying anything lest we come accross as bitter and jealous. If Chidi did anything bad I will be the first person to open her advice? Pls don't drink panadol for her headache.


      Mrs Uche O

      NB: pls this is a response to the other post just got into this blog this night and saw the madness that was going on In my friend's post, thought I should comment here too, thanks

    3. “Pls for the people saying that her husband might read it here, let me assure you that Ikeolisa will never read this blog unless his wife recommends the link. He's just far too busy to troll blogs(no insult to our male readers) but Olisa no be that kind man."

      Last time I checked most married men are like that...

      “Funny thing is that most of you here cannot speak to Chidi face to face if you were to ever meet her, she's one of these near perfect people that you just stand and envy!"

      Loool!!! Daflip did I just read? Hahahahahaha...

      Just cos we dint worship her like you do, we are tagged bitter and jealous? Loolz.... Do U know the readers' backgrounds? Or U think evryone who comment on blogs r nonentities?

      Pls, when you bring your story to a bunch of strangers who on a normal day tear each other apart, be ready to take anything. When ppl were supporting you, u dint remember we were bitter and jealous. If you can't take all kinds of bs, keep ur story to yasef. Anyway, wetin consign me sef... Good nait jawe..

    4. Anonymous7/22/2013

      Mrs uche, I jst realised sometin, u r not real

      I strongly suspect u r d person dat forged dis chidiebere story, directed our attention 2 wat she looks like wen u commented as anonymous on a post describing her skin as glass rita dominic like,called her breast to die for and still replied as anoda anonymous pretendin 2 be chidi and acknowledging all the description

      Whoever u r, ur life must be making very little sense at d moment dat u choose dis blog as a medium to glorify a fellow woman.

      She dint sleep wit her hubby for 6mnths after marriage and he is begging etc. Bullshit!!!!

      She got a job dat pays her over 400k a month. Bullshit!!!!!

      She is d type of woman ppl jst stand and look at and envy. Bullshit!!!!!

      Aunty eya, I swear if u bring any oda gist about dis chidi girl den I knw u r also in on d senseless story jst to bring traffic!

      And if u delete dis comment, den I will knw truly d exact person u r!

    5. The first post she made, YOU came on here and typed a major thesis on why you felt she was wrong. YOU were tagged as a jealous friend and a lot of people came out to support you that you weren't, you only wanted what's best for your friend because you wanted her to see the error of her ways . Now the same people are now "sanctimonious goody two shoes,private and wise, bitter and haters" because they gave advice again. Really?

      Do not insult people who took out their time to reply you. Do not insult people's intellingence. You put your business on a BLOG, natutally people will have different opinions. Please learn to accept criticism, sift the wheat from the chaff and keep it moving!

    6. Anonymous7/22/2013

      Did u hear me say tht Eya asked after my friend?
      Cos I would understand why you would all think tht she is showing off her life if she just up and sent her story to Eya. Eya mailed her out of the blues to ask what is going on and she responded to her woman to woman, Eya came back to ask again whether she shld share her news with other readers and she said ok! Where did she go wrong pls? I know you would all wish her story was a story lamenting on how her husband is a devil and how he cheats and starves her. Newsflash: some people have no such problems!
      As for the anon saying the story was made up, one can only imagine how sad your life is to even imagine that someone can sit down and make up these stories. Its not like she put up her picture asking to be a mini celeb or anything, for all you know her real name may not be Chidiebere, so why re you pained? I now understand that misery does love company! Whew!!
      The very ideal behind sending stories here is to get constructive advices without all the hate and insults, I don't get it really, this person u re abusing might be the nice young lady that sings in your church choir, she might be the smiling lady that buys clothes from your boutique, she might be the young girl you work with, she could be anyone really! And I'm not saying this about my friend alone again, the key is that women should help women! All the running down is not necesary.
      Mrs Ahdaisy, one can see even without looking deep that you are the person that needs to lay off the blogs, seriously, its consuming you, I'm not aiming to hate or bully or insult you, if you can tell me that your blog personality does not spill into your real life personality then I will diagnose you with a severe case of split personality disorder...and its a deadly disease. take it easy dear, there's no trophy to be won on WC.
      You've all won...later today Chidi will ask Eya to pull all her stories down, I want to believe that doing so will make your lives all better, Eya will put up sad stories that will make y'all feel good about your own lives. This is the last you all will hear from me on this issue.
      Let's keep in mind that women should help women.
      Have a great week people.

      Mrs Uche O

    7. *Sigh*...
      This Whole thing is getting Out of hand. I have read from yesterday and I think a sledge hammer is being used to kill a fly. The vibe I get when I read chi's mails is that chi is someone who has led a very sheltered life,who is a bit naïve,and who is still trying to navigate the waters of marriage. And if sending out mails to a bunch of strangers is what she feels will help her,why not? Chidebere could be anybody. ANYBODY.

      Asking her to keep off blogs or whatever is not it. Because it may be what is helping her to find her feet. When she is eventually settled youl discover that you won't be hearing from her again. Chi will learn,and she Will be fine. We all need outlets to vent,and if this blog is hers so be it.

      We all learn from the stories put here. And I know that sometimes we find it easier talking to a total stranger about challenges we are having than ppl we know. Chi will adjust,and whatever advise we can give her,pls let keep giving her till she finds her feet.

      Pls let us not make a mountain out of a molehill and begin to trade words and say all sorts over dis matter. People are different and have different approach to issues. I personally feel Chi should keep coming till she sorts herself out. And then she'll help another person too. :)

      And Uche,you are a friend. When Uche needs chastising,u chastise her properly and call her out on any BS. And when she needs Defending,you defend her to the fullest. That to me,is a good friend. God bless you.

      Happy new week everyone.

    8. Anonymous7/22/2013

      Jealous of who/what? We can't talk to her face you say? Well, that you can't doesn't mean somebody else can't. You are just an envious friend, keep contradicting yourself!
      Btw, you don't know the calibre of people that drop by this blog every blessed day.

    9. Lol...Uche dear, I only comment on WC k? And I dnt think it shud bother U dat I am locked up in a room where I comment here all day....after all I did not ask ur friend for money or you for advice...And yes I have multiple personality disorder, and oh! I thought there was a trophy on mean no trophy? *cries and pulls out hair* O my life is over! mscheeeuww!!!

      Look, anyhow U want to twist the story, the fact still remains that you are mad cos we dint worship ur friend. Bcos U envy her, it does not make sense that anyone who opposes her does not envy her. I understand dear.

      The reason for my comment was stated there but lemme explain further. when I read her update, I was genuinely happy for her cos kids are a thing of joy. However, I was kinda concerned that her post might get her into trouble. After the way U came and washed all her dirty linen, and someone else recognised who she is. Apparently I dnt know the full details of her life, but it seemed that way, which is normal, after the drama of her first post and all.

      Peopl give us updates all the time but U dnt see ppl feeling the update was unnecessary. This is because, contrary to how U feel, many of us love happy endings. But ur friend's update which was supposed to be a happy ending, ended up sounding like a complaint. Like she was resenting her husband or something. I just felt that it wud be bad if her husband saw a post like that from her with his name clearly stated. I felt, he wud also start to resent her or something... Whether or not it was Aunty Eya who asked after her, she was the one who willingly divulged all the info.

      Mind you, I did not tell her to keep off blogs, I told her to keep her story off cos it seems she just pours out every detail. On her first post, I was one of the very few who supported her. On the update, I even congratulated her and wished her well, next thing I know I am branded a bitter hater. It's ok. It happens. Truly, I wish my husband and I had the kind of relationship she has with hers... I also wish I wasnt living under the bridge and selling purewater for a living...pls let her not pull down her story, it was my only other source of income!... rme!

      This is all the reply I can spare. I wish you both well. Now you can go back to ur life of worshiping and envying her...

    10. Anonymous7/22/2013

      Ahdaisy don't even waste your energy on that Uche woman o jare.

    11. Hi Eya,

      Its so good to know u check up on your posters,I know u weren't expecting all these kinda drama, God bless ur heart.


      Keep being the good friend that u are, God bless you and your home.

      People, we all are not the same, that a friend once betrayed you doesn't mean all friends do so. Not everybody is jealous about your life or want to snatch your husband,relax.. I for one has learnt a lot from most of the real life stories on this blog and I know I will keep learning.. So my people,make una relax abeg.. There are some good people in this world,not everybody is jealous, heartless and Mean

    12. @ Soulspasms, dear, I understand you jawe. But remember we have ppl like Odun who come here to tell her whole story but no one feels it unnecessary. We all sympathize with her, and no matter the number of updates she posts, we will always be there to help. We even ask of her when we haven't heard about her in a while. I personally prayed for her and I know lots of others here did. Remember when someone posted something like impersonation? Did you see the way many people got angry and some even rained curses on the person. Does that sound like ppl who are bitter nd jealous? I can tell U dat most ppl here advise from a place of love, sometimes it doesn't come out that way, but it's true.

      The reason y ppl told Chi that it's ok is cos we felt her identity had been compromised. We dint know she dint care if it was. How local of us. If that's how ppl envy others we all wudav died of cancer or something considering what we watch on TV and stories we hear of ppl living dah life. We wud av envied till we all dropped dead.

    13. Anonymous7/22/2013

      @Mrs Uche, why blame the commentators here?

      Did you not read the headings of the post?

      The blame should be on the blogger and not the readers!

      She passed a wrong message.

      Your friend told her she was preggy only, from your comment, but this blogger twisted the story to her own advantage.

      Do you know me?

      So why should people be jealous of somebody they don't know or ever met in their lives?

      Yes! Tell this blogger to pull down all her posts, since she has you as a confidant, why bother to come here in the first place?

      I once told this family that this blogger likes the drama and attention, only for some to cuss me out.

      Safe delivery Chi and Olisa.

    14. Chieeeee! What did i just read up there? Uche are you ok at all? Jealous of who abi what? That we asked Chi to keep her personal life personal doesn't mean that we are jealous of her my dear. Ok so in that post where we all praised you, we were not jealous and bitter abi?

      For your info, nobody asked Chidi to keep away from blogs, go back to that post and read the comments slowly. As far as i saw, she was only adviced not to be so open since some people here already know her.

      There was no need for you to sound all resentful and condescending in your post. You say that some of us can not talk to chidiebere if we se her face to face. Because of why?! Is she God? Does she dwell in light? Is she not a human being? The fact that you worship and adore her so much does not mean that we do. Besides, you don't know the calibre of people that come here either so think before spewing rubbish and typing nonsense with your fingers.

      If you like, ask Eya to pull down all chidiebere's posts. We care (˘̯˘) (˘̯˘). If she pulls dem down, there will be no WC, and we'll all die *rme*.


    15. Anonymous7/22/2013

      I for one so nothing wrong with chidi's update. And I saw nothing wrong in uche defending her friend,but where I'm seeing so many wrong is uche saying if we know her friend,we won't stand and talk to her! Reaally? Is that what u think? U think all the people that leave comments here are jobless and housewives? Or is it that u can't stand talking to her so u think others can't?

      Well,lemme shock u,ur friend won't be able to talk to most of the commenters here and how do I know that? I'm 23,married 2yrs ago after service and am working and I earn very well above what ur friend earns.. All the people I invited here,earn very well more than that,some of which are even as young as I'm or a bit older than me.. So get of ur high horse,u think 400k is what would make people bow down? Lord,u must be kidding me

      Most women whom I have met here who are involved with one biz or the other earn so much more than that and lord have mercy, most of our husbands,u can't even compare with ur so called friends husbnad.. Or u think people dont get gifts are such as ur friend. I got the latest car 2yrs ago when I married hubby as wedding present from him aand I already have the latest already this year for just been a good wife.. So pls,before u comment next time,don't think people leave comments cos they are jobless,they leave comments cos they want to help and for them to leave whateva they are doing just to comment here,doesn't give u the right to throw insult at them.. I didn't even comment on any of her post cos it was all childish,been she's like 25+ and talking as if she's 17. I know one of the person that even commented there ystrday and her hubby just got her the latest sport car last week and she's just 24. So pls chill

      Cos people had diff things to say doesn't give u the right to say trash. U should have kept quiet from the beginning and not come and rant... Just incase u drop by,don't bother replying me cos I wouldn't even be visiting till I'm back *offshoremood activated*.

    16. Asking her to keep off blogs??? How many blogs. They just tried to avoid saying keep off wives connection. Where else did she publish her stories??? All they wanted to do was say keep off wives connection. They are all Aunty Eya's frenemies, Period

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  3. If you trust he is telling you the truth, then be a little more patient with him please.

    1. Anonymous7/22/2013

      Yawns and farts.

    2. Anonymous7/22/2013

      Blogger Eya, in all my years of reading blogs, i have never had a strong urge like this to cuss a blogger out!

      You are one selfish, self-centred blogger i have ever come across all in the name of traffic!

      Your readers get insulted here everyday,because you will pass the wrong message, just as you did in Odunayo issue and be too proud to admit your mistake!

      You were the one that called Chi, because you wanted a story to sell, she plainly agreed you should share her good news, after you asked for her permission, but was that what you posted?

      Hope she and others will learn from this and learn to wash their dirty linens in private!

    3. Anonymous7/22/2013

      seconded. Eya can be so shallow. I guess idleness can be consuming. She noticed the traffic from the ladys posts and decided to do follow up. Na wa. @ Adhaisy- seriously???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do you have to sting at people. at times, silence can be bliss. i like your comments but at times, i think u think the world is black and white. There is grey as well and so many shades. Adhaisy dear, please take it easy and hope the baby is kicking just right. make e no be pregnancy hormones they make u comment like this.

  4. Na wa o..ok wait,suggest to me what he should have done when lastma arrested him? Should he have just borrowed the 12k and then take u out with the ticket today and make everything look beautiful and ok..

    The truth is,u actually don't have true love for this guy,u can't stand him now cuz there is no money and all,if he had more money and all u wouldn't actually be complaining will u?..

    Don't worry, break up with him,he deserves someone dat really loves him, while u on the other hand need to find what you are also looking for. I pray u also find what u love too..

    1. Anonymous7/21/2013

      Mama ijebu, i disagree with you! Someone that earns a little above 100k cannot save just a little for rainy days? That simply means that if he was earning less than 100k, he would be collecting IOU every month. The guy is plainly extravagant! He doesn't have money, yet he went and bought a car on loan.
      Poster, ask him if he needs a break, if he stammers, use your head!
      Your stingy boyfriend is another girl's ATM, ladies, wise up!

    2. My dear, he helps his family. The poster clearly stated that his parents are broke and he helps them.. Think about it, he earns 150k,he pays money back monthly for his car,he drops money for upkeep monthly, he fuels the car to work, eat too at work.. How much do u think he can save for now?

      This is just a temporary issue,it shall pass.. To me, he is not a stingy man.. He just has some issues for now, if sha can endure, fine! If she can't,let her move on..

      Being broke is not a disease.. He will get out of it soon.

      My advise is based on what the poster wrote.. From what I read,she believes him and doesn't suspect there is by chance any other girl in the corner.

  5. Anonymous7/21/2013

    IMO, if the guy doesn't trust you to tell you everything even after 3years, babe, he is not that into you. Since he believes you can never understand, what are you still doing with him? Both of you need some space abeg.
    Ps: Plz if ur sugar daddy is as old as ur father don't bother to join d #childnotbride campaign, we r already fighting 4 U

    1. Anonymous7/21/2013

      Pls ooooooo does your tell you EVERYTHING? There are somethings even as a lady you just feel like keeping to your self, and you might tell later under certain circumstances.

      Seat this guy down and talk to him. Help me to make a budget. The loan repayments has a fixed amount abi? Parents should get a fixed amount and also a fixed amount set aside for personal grooming and grooves.

      Truth is money is never enough but you can always make do with what you have while beleiving God for more.

  6. Am short of words really cuz I tink I knw how u feel somehow. Plz wen u get to d venue just try ur best to avoid an out burst. U should knw ds guy more dan any one of us. Am not of d opinion of managing a relationshp wen u knw deep down in u dat u are tired. Wen u are tired or feel resentful u can't gv in ur best. IMO, I wil advice u call it quit based on u feeling resentful and weak not on him being BROKE o! Cuz I knw how bad it wil sound leaving someone cuz of he's financially handicapped.. U guys must not end up as couple maybe ur destined to be just friends and not lovers. Give him sometime to get over ds mess den after sometime u can call it quit but let it be on mutual understanding.. But if how u feel is somtin u can reconsider and iron out wit him aftr havn a talk wit him den reconsider him maybe he need to change some attitude for this to work out.

    1. I don't believe any guy in his right senses will get back together with a babe who broke up or took a break based on him being broke.
      When he hits it big or he is a lot comfy than he is now he'll certainly now want to reconsider her or the relationship as she refused to endure with him.
      For some peolpe 3yrs is nothing while others 3yrs is way too much. What if he is ur husband that God has hand picked for you? I pray u don't miss this opportunity by having several relationships that might not go any further than ur expectation and then it becomes a vicious circle.

  7. Being broke is not a sin. Xcpt u knw he is frivolous, or uses his money 4 tins dt r unwarranted, den u shldnt hv a problem. As 4 d nt tellin u tins matter, its obvious he knws u vry well n dt u wld overreact. U hv 2 calm dwn if nt u wld continue being d last one 2 knw diz tins. Xplain 2 him dt u dnt lyk being left in d dark. N u too wrk @ being d kind of person he can confide in, witout fear of judgement.

  8. Anonymous7/21/2013

    Abeg i tire fr all ds una story, ds blog don turn solutin center? Shuoo! Eya u nor dey cook fr hse again? Ds blog is gradually losing its identity o. Me go soon port o. Mrs. O

    1. Anonymous7/21/2013


    2. Anonymous7/21/2013


    3. Gbam! U'rit anon 3:11! This is the reason i stopped visiting here frequently cos Ȋ̝̊†̥'s ℓi̶̲̥̅ke Eyah is gradually shifting her identity which is majorly COOKING to STORIES weda true ones or fabricated i dnt knw!

      Fine I knw Diary is part of the job here which is stated amongst odas as its written on the blog face up there! But Diaries are overshadowing the Cooking which is the central-key thing dat this honourable blog is known for!

      Madam Eya pls more of Cooking dan Stories! I knw §♠Ƴ na u get ur blog but i think ur readers τ̅☺ơ̴̴̴̴̴͡ also have a §♠Ƴ! Pls look into this!

      Thanks and God bless!

    4. Anonymous7/21/2013

      as in ehnn.usually i check eya blog daily now its 2wice in a week.peopl shud pls stop boring us with silly boyfrirnd,my husband etc.loool

    5. Anonymous7/22/2013


  9. iphieeee7/21/2013

    Oooohhh i have missed this site a lot.Anay yea lots happening..when i try to use my .bb it open but when i click to read more it comes out blank page i can only visit here when when am using my galaxy i wonder why...PLSSS HELP A SOUL THAT WANT STAY WITHOUT VISITING HERE

    1. Download the "Opera mini" web browser. It's what i use now. My fon browser used to show me a blank page too, then i downloaded opera mini. Do it.

  10. Anonymous7/21/2013

    I think the problem lies with the both of you...Firstly, he earns about 150k; I think he should be able to make do with that and save well for rainy days. Why did he have to borrow to buy a car? Does it worth it? And u couldn't advice him to invest in something better? IMO, 150k isn't too small to even start a family if he can cut off all irrelevances. I don't think he should be bothering you with funds when he earns such an amount as a bachelor. He should even assist you if there's a need...

    Secondly, the only reason you're tired is the financial instability. Do you realize that not only birds have wings? Money does have faster wings too. What if get married to some other person who's more comfortable and the money disappears or he loses his job? What happens afterwards? You'll quit?

    I suggest you give your decision a second thought? What do you want in your future husband? Would you be proud to have such a man father your children? Is he the kind that will leave responsibilities for you bcos u probably earn more? Can he also be a friend in need and indeed? If you answer these questions and your man isn't in the picture u want, u know what to do..sorry for my long epistle..Omalicha.

  11. Poster7/21/2013

    Thank you for the replies so far.I am beginning to see it from different perspectives now.I wanted to be sure whether i was being too irrational and your comments are shedding light on that area.And please @ mama ijebu,it's not about the money,if it was,i would not have gone out with him in the first place.I hardly ever ask him for anything also.I am just concerned about the future,that is what all my fears are about.

    1. Anonymous7/21/2013

      @Poster, i understand the angle you are coming from, because whatever traits is manifested during courtship, it would be worst during marriage.

      If he lacks so much as a bachelor,that means, when you get married, so much would fall on your shoulder.

      The decision is solely yours to make.Best of luck.

  12. Hmmm this life sha. The lack not the love of money is the root of all evil.
    My dear from your story,it seems he can't afford your love again. Since from Chidimma's comment and your post love is measured using material terms now.
    There is something I learnt from my last relationship: If your girl asks for a break,she meant a holiday from the relationship. To me I won't hesitate to show her the way out. Life is way too short for me to be in a relationship where I'm tolerated.
    Its obvious the thought of leaving him has crept into your mind,and its not a kibd of feeling that advice here can change immediately. So I suggest you leave him to find a cheaper love.
    But when his story changes don't come and tell us you suffered with him and when he made it he left you.

    Btw:~HAPPY BDAY to my lovely Sister.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  13. Bona, happy birthday to your sis

  14. Anonymous7/21/2013

    @BONARIO, I honestly never knew U were related to NNAGBORO CYNTHIA! Hmmmm..., what a small world! A very Happy Birthday to her!


    1. Seriously! Did u hav 2 write out her full name? Just Cynthia wld hav sent d message across.

  15. Anonymous7/21/2013

    They say when in doubt don't. If your spirit is unsure about the possibility of this relationship being successful in the long haul then don't go forward in it. You yourself have been pondering a breakup for some time. Your conscience is probably itching because you feel if you should breakup with him now it would seem as you leaving him in his darkest moment, when in truth you had been pondering it for some time.

    It seems as if he has a lot on his plate. The best you can ask of him is for full and complete disclosure, so you know exactly what you are dealing with. Perhaps he needs to move to a cheaper place, sell the car, or make some other life change that can help him to uplift himself. Working and not seeing your money is one of the worst things in the world. Then work becomes tedious because you are working for others and not for yourself.

    You will have to search yourself to see if it is worth sticking it through until his financial situation improves. Everybody's time is not the same, some people can lift off in a mere months, for others it takes decades. To say his situation should have been so improved in 3 years is saying a lot. At least he hasn't taken the dark road and is still fighting through, so encourage him to have faith and make whatever life changes he needs to make to see his money and be able to save for his future. Many of us have had to downsize and tighten our belts to keep our heads above water, there is no shame in downsizing. Better to act wisely and make changes than hold on to things and stay sinking.

  16. You definitely know him better and should be able to determine when the excuses become too much. However, work towards being a person of your own identity and not totally depending on a young man who seem to have so much burden on his shoulders.

  17. Anonymous7/21/2013

    Ds blog is sooo dry nw adays and its nt yet harmatan sef. Eya u need to sit up, aLl dese stories witout head or tail dey r nt entertainin @allll. And i can't even learn anythn morally frm dem. Very soon na to cm dey beg fr alms fr here.

  18. Anonymous7/21/2013

    Ha! Pple can advice on this blog sha... Oga oooo!

  19. Anonymous7/21/2013

    @IVY BROWN, thanks so much 4 calling me to order. I regret the mistake. I was actually expecting Bro Bona 2 tell me she wasn't whom I thought she was, I'm so sorry. @BONA, pls pardon me 4 my uncourtous manners n sorry 4 any embarrassment. I hope U understand? Thanks alot. E-hugs.


  20. Anonymous7/22/2013

    I once dated a guy who rarely gives me money. Truout my stay in uni he sends me 2000 naira every month, he earns 150k. I dint see it as anytin, nvr complained. This went on for 4yrs until d day I caught him cheating on me wit a prostitute. He pleaded, I forgave but I was already halfway out of d r/ship. I started snooping a lot, checking email, text, fcbook, to cut d story short, he had girls he was sendin money to. One particular ex who is already married was also on his payroll.
    My point is, find out who else ur bf is maga-ing for. He doesn't hv savings? Bullshit!!!!!!!!

    1. Anonymous7/22/2013

      Your stingy boyfriend is another girl's ATM, ladies be wise!!!

  21. Asking her to keep off blogs??? How many blogs. They just tried to avoid saying keep off wives connection. Where else did she publish her stories??? All they wanted to do was say keep off wives connection. They are all Aunty Eya's frenemies, Period

  22. Aunty Eya, I feel for you. Please do not be discouraged. All these peopl mentioning traffic are bloggers like you, if not how would they know what brings traffic and what doesn't.

    Forget them and be focused, they are trying to derail you cos they can't generate traffic. Keep moving. For all I know, it could just be your old friends who disappeared into anonymous.

    They are trying to discourage readers from sending stories cos they think you are getting updates they can't get. Some of them have not updated in ages o (NOTHING TO POST). And pls do not see anyone as your friend cos am shocked at the comments on Chidiebere's post. They advising her to keep her story off your blog and instead calling it *BLOGS*

    Once you are successful, enemies will increase.

  23. Anonymous7/22/2013

    Hehehehe. Na wa eh. This blog funny no be small thing. The way people interpret things. Hehehehe. Now the "off blogs" is big grammar to comprehend. Since when did people's diverse opinion turn to bad belle? Tot it was normal to see diverse opinions before here. The one that said Chi should leave her husband before is even calling people envious now. Hehehehe.

    Too bad this blog isn't the family that one met when she joined. That thing that made me open a google account just cos of this blog is gone. I guess stuffs like this are bound to happen. Sorry, Aunt Eya, porting in progress. Nobody likes being put off by nobodies just cos they are nobodies in real life and expect other commenters to be nobodies like them.

    I have a google account, but nahh, it's signed out for this blog. Can't deal. The same people that Aunt Eya has built her blog popularity on cos of the advice they give are those that are called jealous. Ask yourselves, is it cos of the advice this people give or the one Aunt Eya rarely gives that brings u people to share your problems here? U people that can advice, if you have the time, go and open your own blogs and be honourably called jealous there. Women and their low mentality. Don't worry, Chidi is a HR staff. Keep famzing her @Uche et al, she'll get you guys jobs.

    1. Anonymous7/22/2013

      No need to announce the fake exit cos you will continue using our recipes. Farewell, have a safe trip as more readers join us here.

    2. Anonymous7/22/2013

      Aunty Eya aka Anon 1:50: Welcome as usual.

  24. Anonymous7/22/2013

    lol...this blog funny sha, can't help laughing.

  25. Anonymous7/22/2013

    Am beginning to just think that this Chidi's story is fake!

  26. Anonymous7/22/2013

    Seriously dis akuko di egwu. biko nu am tired of dis gist.


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