How To Design A Two-Tier Fondant Cake By Jay

Mum's Birthday Cake
 My sister is the cake expert. The cake was made on saturday for the mum's birthday. So, all credits go to her. She really wanted to teach the WC family on how she arrived at the design. My own work
was to just do assistant designer; you know, logistics and all the underground and 'engineering' work :-)

Please feel free to ask any questions.

Step 1:
Cover the two cakes with fondant.

Step 2:
Rub a little butter cream icing in the middle of the bottom layer to enable the top layer stick to it.

Step 3:
Place top layer on the bottom layer (try to place it in the middle).

Step 4:
Insert a dowel rod in d middle of the cakes (let this dowel rod pass through both cakes). The rod is used to stabilize the cake.
N.B: The dowel rod should be at least an inch shorter than the height of the cake.
Step 5: Cover your cake board with fondant and put any design of your choice.
Step 6: Design the cake however you want, mold flowers, bows, various shapes anyhow you like it. Here, I used bows.

Enjoy experimenting!

Signed: Jay's sister :-)

Two cakes covered with fondant
Inserting a dowel rod in the middle of the cakes

Designing the cake

Well designed two-tier birthday cake

Jay is the blogger @ eyerenezz, meet her there for more pics.


  1. Anywhere der is a cake, ivy ansas present!!!

    1. Anonymous7/09/2013

      Ivy pls who baked dt ur birthday cake and how much?

    2. @Ivy, I trust u :)

  2. Very Lovely,give that cake to soulspasms in my name with your money.loolz

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

    1. Lol Bona. Thanks. Your command is my obey!

    2. Soulspasms7/09/2013

      Lmao. So bona u can't use ur own money? I'm heartbroken :(

      Jay still waiting for my cake o! Loool

  3. Jay Jay Jay.... Finally we have a food post from you even if it was "Co-staring" you and your sister.

    I love the cake just that I can't have my share of it. Nice one! Hope to see more..

    1. Thanks a bunch. More will come indeed. I usually forget to take pictures. It's really 'finally'. Lol

  4. Bislondy7/09/2013

    Lovely cake!

  5. beautiful.

  6. Anonymous7/09/2013

    Jay and Ahdaisy are the same

  7. ol

    pls i love ur cake bt my fondant always tear wat can i do

    1. Hello. According to the 'expert', u probably always roll it to be too thin. Next time, let it be a bit thicker. Also, knead the fondant well with your hand to make it more 'pliable' and sprinkle corn starch on your work table when rolling the fondant. That should help. Please check my blog to see how much I rolled the fondant (the thickness) for this cake and compare with yours.

  8. Yayyy!!! I love cake! Nice one Jay, my sister...abi whush one I be? ur evil twin? hahahah...dnt mind me jare...

    @ Funmmy, u probably dis not get the mixture right. Try adding CMC or gum tragacnth.

    1. LooooL. All join o. Thanks my lovely sister/twin/clone (since they said we are the same person).

      Yes o@Funmmyray, as Ahdaisy said, also check your CMC too. Make sure the quantity is right.

  9. Lovely cake

  10. Beautifully designed! I wish I new how to do some of these things :-(

    1. Thanks. Don't worry, as all of us keep posting more of these things, you'll learn gradually and even become a serious expert. It's very easy. It's not hard at all at all :-)

  11. Lovely cake..Nice one Jay!..

  12. lovely one, but you didnt show how you made the bow on the cake.

  13. JaY oh JaY, lovely cake. Please say me well to your sis for a job well done.

  14. @Deborah: Thanks Deborah. Sorry about that. Was just so busy that day. Forgot to take pictures. You can use any design in place of bows.

    @Ladydee: Thanks a bunch!

    @Chinazor: Thanks dear!

    @Shallie: Tanchu!

    @Ruby of life: Thanks dear. Will do just that.


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