How To Cook Yam Porridge With Scent Leaves

A plate of yam porridge
This yam was cut into smaller cubes than I normally did and I realized it cooked and thickened faster. There are other yam porridge recipes on the blog so I don't really need to explain much. 

Besides, every Nigerian can cook yam porridge. Is it just Nigerians sef? No. I think Africans can cook yam porridge. The added scent leaves (mint leaves) made it more nutritious. Hot leaf, green or fluted pumpkin can be used in place of this scent leaves.

1 small sized Yam

1 Large smoked catfish
1 tablespoon pepper sauce
1 small onion
2 seasoning cubes
Palm oil
Scent leaves
Locust beans (optional)

Adding pepper sauce, fish and seasoning to the pot of yam
Just added salt and palm oil with onion to boiling pot of yam. The pot is covered and allowed to boil and cook with occasional checks and stirs 
Scent leaves (mint leaves)
Adding scent leaves to cooked yam porridge
Very saucy yam porridge
Hot yam porridge in a plate
Yam porridge served with fish
yam porridge with hot sauce
Yam porridge cools and thickens the more
 I'm so happy with my food presentation, now 5 stars, rating over 80% ( Scores By Me) I don't think there's ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT except if you guys want me to garnish this with white boiled yam.
Enjoy your lunch!


  1. Anonymous7/08/2013

    This is making me hungry. Nice but not 80% jor

  2. Anonymous7/08/2013

    pls its pottage. porridge should be used for oats. No insults o, just making a correction

  3. Looks yum aunty Eya however I would have let d yam mash up some more if I cooked this.
    Anon 10.49 idea is needed @ porridge or pottage- same nooni.

  4. ijeoma7/08/2013

    Still waiting for your post on how you made ikokore with normal yam.

  5. Bislondy7/08/2013

    Welldone Anty

  6. Emmmmm...Ʊ didn't stir this well, if Ʊ did, woulda looked thicker.

    My secret to well mashed yam porridge/pottage is to ensure d water is much n stir very very well when the yam is really soft...I mean stire till the squared yam start looking round.hehehe.

    Nice 1

  7. D only way I enjoy yam is to marsh it till its very mushy. Dis luks gud. Would marsh till I get mosty paste. Yum

  8. Anonymous7/08/2013

    this looks very good aunty Eya...


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