Help: My Husband Needs To Gain Weight

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I have been a bit concerned lately about hubby's stature. He is a very slim (skinny)person, I think if it was a female it would have been understandable. 

Most times
the food he takes to work he brings home due to the nature of his work meaning that on such days he only eats once; and when he does he eats very lil.

I wouldn't know if anyone knows a very good food/nutritional supplement he can take I don't mind if this can make him add weight cuz it's as if ever since we got married, there has not been any weight gain and when pple see him you could tell 4rm their reaction.

 NB: he is very ok medically noffing is wrong with him just the weight thingy.
Please I need help as soon as possible as it is really getting out of hand.



  1. Anonymous7/04/2013

    Some people do not gain weight no matter what.
    It all depends on their genetic make up.
    As long as he's healthy and happy just leave him the way he is otherwise you will just end up stressing yourself.
    I have been married for many years and in all that time my husband has gained only 2 kg despite all my force feeding and over feeding. In fact he used to become ill sometimes from being too full because I would load his plate with food and if he didn't finish it there will be wahala.
    I have now long given up on trying to fatten him up. What I now do is watch my own weight as I do not want to look like his mother.

    By the way can someone please tell me how to comment with my blog name that it will link to my blog?
    I am new to these things.

  2. Dear poster, it might be a difficult task for you because he doesn't eat much and only eats once a day.
    I'll suggest u get a high dose of multivitamins from a good pharmacy and this should help increase his apetite for food.
    As much as u want him to gain weight it will be unhealthy for you to fill up his plate with fatty foods. I'll suggest you top up his carbs a little. If he likes swallow make it a habit to give him a good and manly portion of his favourite swallow every other day with his favourite soup and assorted meat or fish. If he doesn't like swallow just top up on his favourite meal.
    Introduce drinks high in good calories such as: any malt drink and food replacement drinks/shakes (good supermarkets or pharmacies should have them). Rather than using the shakes as a meal you can pour in a glass with ice cubes as a drink when he is thirsty. I hope this helps. Goodluck.

  3. I am very keen on responses as I'm in same situation. Over 10yrs of marriage and not 1kg added. It's easier for me to lose weight (with fasting & prayer) - medically & physical fit though. I am 6ft tall and weigh 65kg with waist line of <30in.
    Would I want to add a little flesh? Yes (maybi like 5kg).

  4. Place your hubby on mutivitamin eg. Astimin.... This would help him eat well, it will increase his appetite and will provide direct form of vitamins and mineral he misses due to less eating.

    Instead of giving excess protein, feed him with more carbs and maybe fatty food also.

    Let him have enuff rest and more sleeping time, if he doesn't rest well and alway's on the move he'll keep burning whatever he eats.

    Nuff I can share for now!

  5. You can try Vitabiotic's Wellman or simply go to a good pharmacist and am sure they're in a better position to tell you which supplement will work better for him. Please seek professional advice coz everyone's system is not same.
    I think your hubby needs something that'll make him eat well and also try incorporating Beans( in forms like moi-moi) into your meals.

    But on a second note if all doesn't work then I'll go with the first comment

  6. Try moringa seeds. I didn't believe until I did. The hunger that comes is that type that cannot be ignored. I tried it on my kifs for three days, they ate so much that hubby thought there might be side effect and had to stop me.

    How I take these seeds, I don't allow myself taste them. I don't even know how moringa seeds taste cos once I break the shell, I put two seeds at the corner of my mouth, grind for just two or three times and swallow with water immediately. I don't chew much before swallow so, that taste I hear about has never found it'ss way into my taste buds.

    Let him also try moringa seeds. I did a post on the one I took. That post was done before I decided to try it since I didn't enjoy the tea. here is the link:

  7. Anonymous7/04/2013

    vitamin b complex or vitamin increases appetite.i don't know if becombion or however it is spelt is still in the nigerian is used to increase appetite.once his appetite is increased pump him with fattening foods.

  8. Give him Complan twice daily. He wud drink it once so he wnt feel stressed like when he is eating. Get him Supradyn and/or Wellman. He'll take Wellman once a day. If he likes Indomie, give him Indomie as a snack. Before his main meal, after it or as a midnight snack.

    Give him food even when he says he is not hungry. Try eating with him from the same plate so that he will wncouraged ro eat and he wnt know when he has eaten much. Let him have lots of sleep and reduce stress for him anyway you can.

  9. Feed him avocado pear which has healthy fats with every meal he will gain weight.

  10. Anonymous7/04/2013

    Is hubby a slow eater? Am female and hav weighd 55kg 4 close 2 8yrs nt a gram mor or less. Skipping of meals,thinking mor or less,eating mor eida doesnt affect. I was kalld a konstant by friends. Eating mor,midnyt snacking dnt change nada jux shit very very big shit, i dnt hav d discipline 2 continue stuffing myself wit food. Am waiting patiently til i start hav babies. Am jux a fussy eater and nuffing changes it no mata hw appetizing a meal is i stil read,browse and eat. I kant jux b eating alone na 2 boring. Takes my tym 2 finish my meal lyk am doing nw typing a komment,reading a newspaper & eating @ same tym. Poster mayb ur hubby is lyk. Miss peony.

    1. Miss Peony,

      High five to you! Like you, I also can't eat my food without doing something; either I'm with my phone, reading newspaper, watching TV or looking out the window.

      I must be doing something while eating else I won't enjoy the food.

  11. meeeeee7/04/2013

    *sob sob sob*...sum pple need to get fat while i need to get slim...such irony...pls wat can i do aside exercise 2 reduce 4rm a bootylicious size 12 to a size 8.

  12. dear poster i wud advise that u leave him d way he is. There was dis friend of mine dat went to see d doc. bcos of dis weight problem, and he was told not bother dat he will add weight wen he gets to 40 dat there's nothing they can give him .Guess wat ?dat was exactly wat happend. sometime u don't need much/any of dis things he will add wen d time comes

    1. Thank you Henny.
      Poster, like I said in previous post, leave him the way he is. With time, his weight will increase.

      If you decide to give him multivitamins, please I beg you to pay close attention to his weight and discontinue giving him when you're satisfied with his weight else it's the opposite that will be bothering you.
      Take care

  13. Anonymous7/04/2013

    Tnx y'all 4ur comment. @anon 12.35 yes, he eats vry slowly wc contributes 2 y he can't av breakfast b4 settg 4wrk he cld spend 2hrs coupled wt d fact dt he doesn't lyk eatg in d morng.
    @all; I will try wt I can n if dy fail wetin I go do na dn 2leave him; aftrall he no dey complain. POSTER

  14. Anonymous7/04/2013

    I need to enlarge my hip, wht will i do?

    1. Anonymous7/04/2013

      I need to enlarge my boobs, wat do I do? Lol.

    2. Ask modupe ozolua or gain weight

  15. Claire7/04/2013

    Hehehehehehe! Kia Anon 6:08!hehehehehehe

  16. Ask Beyonce and nikki m, or eat more carbs or wear padded underpants to enlarge your hips


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