Good News From Chidiebere: Blame My Husband For Me Getting Pregnant Now

If you do not know Chidiebere, then read her post and the second one, then the successful concluding story

awwww! Aunty Eya thank you for remembering me. Maybe I've been on your mind this week cos a lot has happened to me this week. 
I hit the new car my husband got me less than 3months ago. As in I hit it badly! 
My husband travelled, he's fine.

On Tuesday I found out I'm pregnant...I'm very happy. And very sad at the

same time really, I know I have to quit my job(I work in HR so I can't break the law I'm supposed to be enforcing) 

I had been noticing that I was always tired and sleepy for the past week or so, but I put it down to the time I spend talking to my husband on the phone cos of the time difference between us now I stay up late to talk to him. But obviously I'm pregnant. Just my luck that the first month I started having sex I took in. So much for the birth control tips I was asking for.

Another thing is that I kind of lied to my husband about being pregnant. He called On Sunday to ask if I'm having painful cramps (we installed one app that tracks my cycle on his phone) when he called I just realised It has not started but I freaked out and lied that it started and the pain was not much.

Then  On Tuesday I got the courage to take the test, now I don't even know why I lied, and I don't know how to now tell him I'm pregnant since I've claimed to be having my period. Nobody knows yet, nobody at all.

Before this, me and Olisa have been living happily, marriage is so much easier when ish is involved really.

Aunty Eya, I'm kind of angry. And blame my husband for me getting pregnant now. Please don't judge me but I am very angry with him and one mind tells me he may actually know that I'm pregnant, cos each time I send him my picture he will say my face is too smooth and that my boobs are getting bigger and he asks how come I don't have  pimple on my face since I'm having my period. 

I need to tell him I'm pregnant before he comes back cos I'm afraid that once he sees me he will know or should I just pretend I don't know? But how do I explain having my period while pregnant? 

My biggest problem now is how to tell him btw today and tomorrow.

Aunty Eya thank you so much for remembering me pls! Thanks I appreciate it, I know you must have a lot doing so I'm grateful you took time out of your busy schedule to think of me.
I actually wanted to write you on Tuesday after finding out I was pregnant but I didn't want my fellow readers to abuse me biko.

Thank you!

More Good news! AyaOba's baby girl came June 1, 2013, Congratulations To Her.


  1. Anonymous00:48

    Chidi u worry too much about trivial things. Big congrats on ur pregnancy tho. Dont tell him b4 he comes back, do it in person n say u told hom u were on ur period cos u wanted him to come back to a pleasant surprise, and u really wanted to c d reaction on his face wen he eventually finds out. Good luck.

    1. Anonymous08:43

      Chi, many jealous nigerian women r gonna judge u but don't mind them pls be urself. I am a fan

    2. Anonymous08:53

      Congratulation, my mum thinks you are a complete modern lady. God bless you and baby.

    3. Anonymous09:31

      Except Uche doesn't see this..if she does, he hubby will know,even Olisa will I think Ʊ tell too much.....the WC family knows ur name, hubby's n wat have Ʊ....marriage is btw 2people my dear.....Ʊ n ur marriage is too young 2 b public knoweledge...Congratulations dear n pls start taking pregnaCare 4 a spotless,healty baby.

      Love Ʊ

      BeBe Davies

  2. yayy!! Congratualtions Chi... May you have a healthy 9 mnths and safe delivery.

    However, I strongly advise that you keep ur story off this blog. I was cringing while readin ur story. I dunno sha... I just feel like the drama so far is ok. Now ur friend will know you are preggers and you r hiding it from ur hub and all that... I dunno sha... A lot of ppl reading ur post may nt have ur best intentions at heart...and you already have another person who knows ur identity..thru school or smtin... I know I am not clear with my point...but that's just how I feel...Hope I am not misinterpreted sha cos dat seems to be the trend lately..

    1. Anonymous02:10

      You said my mind.

    2. mimi02:57

      Well said! Chi please keep off the blogs and keep your family life between you and your husband. We are glad you two are doing ok but keep off the blogs for now

    3. I agree with you ahdaisy, pls keep off blogs. Congrats n wish u safe delivery.

    4. As in ehn! Chidiebere, please keep your personal life personal biko. It's not everything you shld share here, some people here know you now, and i hope that somehow your hubby doesn't get to hear that you are preggers from someone else before you tell him, since the info is out here. Telling him is not that big a deal. He'll be elated. And stop being angry with him oh!

    5. Anonymous04:15

      There's nothing Eya will not post. What kind of silly question is dis? How do u tell your husband you are preggers? Lmao.

    6. Anonymous07:26

      Its Eya I blame for putting up her story cos of traffic.
      Last two posts I begged Chidiebere too protect her identity for d sake of her young family, professional life and even extended family but Eya deleted my comment, honestly I was soo hurt cos I ve NEVER put up any insultive word on this blog.
      Even if Chidiebere is naïve Eya shldnt ve posted this story cos she knows better.
      Its too much abeg.
      Eya if u like delete this, its ur blog.

    7. Anonymous08:24

      Yea, i remember i once told a friend that the info is jus too much, and here comes this too. All i can say is hhmmmm.
      Chidiebere, you need a real life friend, i bet you don't have one, that's why you took Eya's blog as one. I suggest you make your mum or any of your siblings your best friend, someone to share these little details with.

    8. Anonymous08:43

      Ahda no one has bn misinterpreting u. U r d one dat has bn misinterpreting urself. Choose ur words n admit wen wrong instead of accusing people of misinterpreting.

    9. Anonymous09:03

      Now i know there are jealous bitter women here, hian

  3. Anonymous01:09

    Happy for u, now u ve to calm down big time n b prayerful cos preg is another stage in life n marriage, u ve to now take everything easy...
    Congrats Chi n pls tell your hubby abt d news b4 he comes back..
    For d job discuss it with ur hubby....good luck..

  4. Congrats dear...

    God is happy when we bring forth life!

  5. Congratulations dear.


  6. Loolz,this one is also locked up in a 6yr old body.pls grow up.msewwww

    1. Anonymous08:15

      Kikikikikikiki,kai!u will kill me.lmao

    2. Anonymous09:24


  7. Congratulations Chidi!!!! So happy for you.
    But seriously, Ahdaisy is right. Keep your personal life off blogs. You should have friends or your mum and siblings that you can talk to. Well sha, you can do him a 'surprise surprise' thing. After all, it's a surprise.
    Have a safe 9months journey. I hope we will not be hearing from you in your 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimesters, complaining of the ish... Thank you

    1. And Chidi, I noticed that you find it is so easy to be an open book with your friends and total strangers (on blogs), BUT NOT with your husband. You are more secretive with him (thus, the lies). Please try and do a self reflection on that and work on it. It's better if it was the other way round. Just try and work on it. I'm sure if you work on it, your head will worry less and we'll hear less from you. Takia!

  8. Congrats dear.

    I'm not sure the 'surprise thing' would work since we already know, here. For all you know, he might get to hear this before you have the chance to make the announcement yourself. Seems rather queer to me and like Ahdaisy wrote, please keep your private stuffs off the internet and I also suggest you tell him before his arrival.

    1. Anonymous07:44

      We know but he doesn't. It can be a surprise for him.

  9. Anonymous08:02

    Nigerians and yeye superstition. Congrats dear do your thing ur oyibo way

    1. Anonymous09:31


  10. Anonymous08:10

    Chi dear, your upbringing is different. Be urself and forget any local champ advice pls. Congratulations.

  11. Anonymous08:17

    Aunty Chidiebere u r my role model. And I like ur openness.

    1. Anonymous09:29


  12. Anonymous08:36

    Don't worry about the car durling, hubby will fix it. Congratz and safe delivery

  13. Anonymous08:47

    Congrats babygirl.
    Tell your hubby when he comes and say its a suprise.
    Also no more emails from you till you give birth you hear.
    If you need posts on food without oil, sex position during pregnancy and how to handle labour ask aunty eya to send you links.

    Congrats again hunnie x

  14. MrsB09:04

    Congratulations! And Congratulations to Ayaoba!

    1. Thank you MrsB, God bless you

  15. Anonymous09:16

    In life everyone cannot be private. Beyonce very private but others are open. I don't like pretenders. Chi Baby congrats dearie

  16. Anonymous09:19

    Ayaoba, ur puff puff recipe helped me. Thanks and congrats

    1. I am glad it helped, thank you.

  17. Anonymous09:23

    @poster, how old did you say you were again?
    Tell him right now, because you don't know what would happen tomorrow!

    1. Anonymous09:43

      Wake up. Stop dreaming

  18. Chi,
    Congrats dearie!
    For me, please come clean with your hubby when he comes back.
    You are too apprehensive; take a chill pill will you?

    You've got a GOOD MAN in your life who's willing to do anything to please you. The lest you can do is to keep him abreast with issues that concerns you both.

    Please keep your affairs private going forward. I wish you a smooth gestation period and safe trip to delivery room(not labour room).

    Congrats AyaOba! May she live to fulfil destiny IJMN amen!

    1. Amen and thank you Ruby, God bless you.

  19. laide09:56

    i know right! was just annoyed as I was reading this email. Is this person a child, dats why we should sign the childnotbride petition. If not we would have to be answering questions like ..should i feed my baby when it cries.
    Anyways..congratz and please look for a real good friend or evn talk to ur mom.

    p.s aunty eya post my comment..freedom of expression should be allowed.

    1. Anonymous10:20

      LOLZZZ 'should i feed my child...' Una no go kill me!

  20. Anonymous10:27

    I'm in lagos, if you need a friend that will be helping you drive that car, tell aunty eya to give you my email :D
    Seriously, what's up with your tell-all friend, Uche?

    1. Anonymous10:47

      Abeg park well....goan buy ur own car....ole
      Meanwhile its Chidi dats d tell-all frend not uche...
      Chidi pls next time ur sending a mail to Eya ,include ur pics n dt of ur hubby so we can put a face to all ds ur unnecessary mails....rubish

  21. Anonymous12:02

    Chidi ignore the haters and abusers they are just jel cuz u av a good hubby and a bright future ahead. Keep calm and pls tell your husband about the baby asap biko o

    1. Anonymous14:24


  22. Anonymous12:17

    So this baby opened her mouth to say it is her husbands fault that she is pregnant?men have sufferd!dosnt she want the baby or what?anh anh.should u tell him?seriously?no pls don't ever ever tell him lai lai!tufikwa,when ur tommy starts getting big tell him that its the new trend u had a this man your friend?like did u two date?cos when I got preggy,my paradise was the first person I called,I don't get what is going on here isn't anybody seeing this?she dosnt want to tell her hubby she's preggy!huh???why did u have to lie?#confused#pills!!u were on pills!!oh lordy lord.**nhem inukwa!!

    1. Anonymous12:24

      Anon 12:17,LOL,ur so funny.there is only one person in the world that calls her husband my paradise,chiletam,pls tell me you are the one.take it easy,on her naa.if u read her older posts you would understand the logic behind the gist,btw,its true,the man is not her friend,tho I think they dated.but the connection is not there.

  23. Our baby congrats , don't worry abt ur car hubby ll buy a new one N wen he comes give him d surprise N d job not to worry u ll do just fine, we love you N immediately u drop d bundle of joy contact us.

    1. Temmy14:23

      This is a Nigerian woman with an open mind, not a jealous one like some.

  24. Congrats baby girl but I don't get it here* eyes rolling*! Why are u so angry dat u are preggy for ur hubby. U should even count ur self so lucky to have taken in immediately cuz a lot of people who hav bin married for years are seriously praying for dat bundle of joy and there u are angry dat u are preggy! Abeg park well o! Onye chukwu nyere ike amaghi ano ani. Take gud care of urself and just like most people hav said get closer to ur mum and hubby and stay off blog wit ur family matter.
    Congrats to Ayoba on ur baby girl! May she remain a blessing to ur home.

    1. Amen, I appreciate.

  25. Mrs Dayo14:39

    AyaOba, thanks for the buns recipe. Simple and straight forward.

    Congrats to you and our blog baby Chidiebere.

    1. Thank you and I am glad the recipe was helpful

  26. Anonymous15:29

    Awwww Chidiebere...*hugs* I just love u girl! Soo happy for u and congrats!!!!

  27. Congrats Aya Oba!
    May God bleSs U plenty plenty!
    Enjoy Gods blessings!

    Chidi congrats!

    1. Thank you Chica, God bless

  28. Anonymous17:12

    She is open minded,if you lived in western world that is how open minded they are,a pregnant can even tell when she is going to give birth,we Nigerians we too difficult,and congratulation chichi

  29. Anonymous17:26

    I saw a comment in my box, came here, it was gone! Deleting again?
    Anybody that disagree is jealous and a hater?
    We are all jealous and haters of GEJ and his family!

  30. My Dear, can you please stay calm enough to ponder on your sense of reasoning. Why do you find it easy to tell the world via social media that you are pregnant but you are holding back from telling the one person (your husband) that should be the first person to know. He's the one and only first person who needs to know more than your blog family. Make your husband your best friend, communication is important in marriage.


  31. Anonymous18:27

    Aww you remind me of me.

    1. Anonymous21:10

      I realise that all the sanctimonious goody two shoes "private and wise" married nigerian. Women have finished talking and raining "advices on Chi,

      Let me say what I know about this issue, my friend called me on sat to give me a heads up that Aunty Eya contacted her to ask how she was doing following her story that was posted on this blog and she replied and said she was preggy, she just told me cos Eya had asked her whether she can post her response since many people might be wondering how she is, so that I won't read on this blog that she's preggers before she has the chance to tell me.
      Pls for the people saying that her husband might read it here, let me assure you that Ikeolisa will never read this blog unless his wife recommends the link. He's just far too busy to troll blogs(no insult to our male readers) but Olisa no be that kind man.

      Please she was not asking you people for advice on how to tell her husband, she was just telling Aunty Eya,as we speak Olisa knows already, yes he got in from the US this evening and his wife served him a meal consisting of just a pregnancy test strip and a positive result...and from the info reaching me he almost fainted out of excitement, he's not even bothered about who lied about their period and who did not.

      Why do you all care that she's telling her story on Eya's blog? Or do I sense jealousy? Funny thing is that most of you here cannot speak to Chidi face to face if you were to ever meet her, she's one of these near perfect people that you just stand and envy! So don't insult her unnecesarily.

      I for one supported all her ideas for contraceptives (why wldnt I? She stands. To lose a job that pays her more than 400k a month, why shld she lose the job since she can wait a little more and be able to keep her job and still have her babies?) But she's having a baby now, and she's handling it well, so please if we don't have any constructive thing to say let's refrain from saying anything lest we come accross as bitter and jealous. If Chidi did anything bad I will be the first person to open her advice? Pls don't drink panadol for her headache.


      Mrs Uche O

    2. Anonymous21:55

      Mrs Uche O

      God bless you are your, you are a good friend.
      I take God beg you tell her not to send anything to Eya anymore to post because like i said about the abusers and haters are jel because she has a good husband and a bright future ahead of her.

      Many women on this blog giving free advise only look forward to sad, depressing and suicidal post, why? Because misery loves company.
      It makes then feel like whatever am facing atleast someone on Eyas blog post is facing worse.

      I hope you get what am saying Uche

      I will say it again you are a good friend and i wish your friend a safe delivery and a very happy marriage from my heart

      God bless you both xoxoxox

    3. Anonymous10:04

      @Mrs Uche, why blame the commentators here?

      Did you not read the headings of the post?

      The blame should be on the blogger and not the readers!

      She passed a wrong message.

      Your friend told her she was preggy only, from your comment, but this blogger twisted the story to her own advantage.

      Do you know me?

      So why should people be jealous of somebody they don't know or ever met in their lives?

      Yes! Tell this blogger to pull down all her posts, since she has you as a confidant, why bother to come here in the first place?

      I once told this family that this blogger likes the drama and attention, only for some to cuss me out.

      Safe delivery Chi and Olisa.

    4. Anonymous10:05

      Blogger Eya, in all my years of reading blogs, i have never had a strong urge like this to cuss a blogger out!

      You are one selfish, self-centred blogger i have ever come across all in the name of traffic!

      Your readers get insulted here everyday,because you will pass the wrong message, just as you did in Odunayo issue and be too proud to admit your mistake!

      You were the one that called Chi, because you wanted a story to sell, she plainly agreed you should share her good news, after you asked for her permission, but was that what you posted?

      Hope she and others will learn from this and learn to wash their dirty linens in private!

    5. Uche,thank you Jare,you are a good friend,thank God your friend knows that though she still has some growing up to do but with time,all this over Sabin advisers started from somewhere too. See them forming as if they were born with sense,mschew. Anyways,pls tell ur friend to be careful what she tells Eya,she is just using her to generate traffic as far as I'm concerned. It's all about the traffic o,days just the truth

    6. Anonymous10:21


  32. Anonymous22:06

    I really don't understand, do people really understand that a blog is just a group of faceless peeps? I think Aunty Eya actually needs to redefine the purpose of this blog or better still help her readers rephase their letters so that they don't come up looking unserious. Peeps who adviced this young woman to keep her life private aren't haters just truthful.

  33. Anonymous22:13

    Na wa o. This life! When everyone blasted Chidiebere and defended you in the previous post, you didn't tagg them as jealous o. But now that they are harmlessly advising her again AS USUAL, you, Mrs Uche now calls them jealous? This is serious.

    1. Anonymous03:31

      Hello Ada,wetin do ur blog Id?

  34. Anonymous05:19

    Did u hear me say tht Eya asked after my friend?
    Cos I would understand why you would all think tht she is showing off her life if she just up and sent her story to Eya. Eya mailed her out of the blues to ask what is going on and she responded to her woman to woman, Eya came back to ask again whether she shld share her news with other readers and she said ok! Where did she go wrong pls? I know you would all wish her story was a story lamenting on how her husband is a devil and how he cheats and starves her. Newsflash: some people have no such problems!
    As for the anon saying the story was made up, one can only imagine how sad your life is to even imagine that someone can sit down and make up these stories. Its not like she put up her picture asking to be a mini celeb or anything, for all you know her real name may not be Chidiebere, so why re you pained? I now understand that misery does love company! Whew!!
    The very ideal behind sending stories here is to get constructive advices without all the hate and insults, I don't get it really, this person u re abusing might be the nice young lady that sings in your church choir, she might be the smiling lady that buys clothes from your boutique, she might be the young girl you work with, she could be anyone really! And I'm not saying this about my friend alone again, the key is that women should help women! All the running down is not necesary.
    Mrs Ahdaisy, one can see even without looking deep that you are the person that needs to lay off the blogs, seriously, its consuming you, I'm not aiming to hate or bully or insult you, if you can tell me that your blog personality does not spill into your real life personality then I will diagnose you with a severe case of split personality disorder...and its a deadly disease. take it easy dear, there's no trophy to be won on WC.
    You've all won...later today Chidi will ask Eya to pull all her stories down, I want to believe that doing so will make your lives all better, Eya will put up sad stories that will make y'all feel good about your own lives. This is the last you all will hear from me on this issue.
    Let's keep in mind that women should help women.
    Have a great week people.
    Mrs Uche O

    1. Anonymous06:34

      UCHE ONUORAH June 28, 2013 at 12:16 PM
      The poster is my very good friend and let me just say she's
      being mean and wicked to her husband. they got married
      sometime in January and till now she has been posting for this
      young man, she gives the most outlandish reasons and is the
      world's most gifted temptress,
      she once told me that her husband mandated her not to wear all
      her sexy nightdresses to bed anymore and got her oversized
      pyjamas, the young man has really tried.
      we her friends are even tired, this husband we re talking about
      is a woman's only son, is she not sparing a thought for the boy's
      mom at all? Or must it always be about you Chi?
      she said her husband apologized after 'raping" her, very
      funny~~ understatement of the year. Also has been camped
      outside the visitors' room she has locked herself inside since
      Wednesday night. Tell me is it not wickedness?
      she knows she cant step her feet into her parents house or
      they will kill her. She has really put her husband through so much,
      let her leave for the hotel and stay there for ten years na>
      please everyone has begged... and CHidi is not a queen neither is
      she an egg and her husband has tired.
      Chi go and apologize to your husband or leave him alone..
      and please its me Uche Onuorah incase you are wondering which
      of your friends that sold you out...........had to come here cos u
      have refused picking my calls...CANT BELIEVE YOU HAVE STILL

      Mrs Uche, since you believe everyone who contradicts the poster is a hater, then you are too. That was your comment on the first post she made. Almost everyone has congratulated her and some advised her to keep her private life off blogs. This is clearly because most people post here under anon but she posted her name and her husband's and not because people think she's showing off. Nobody even said anything about showing off until you mentioned it. I'm very sure most of these people didn't advice her out of hate/bitterness as you choose to believe.
      Have a great week too

    2. Anonymous10:14

      Mrs uche you are the envious one here!

      Do you expect us to lick the ground your friend walks on because you do?

      When people cussed you out as a bad friend, many supported you! Now, they are the haters and miserable wives at home? Just like you that don't mind your own business but be fighting for another woman in a blog? Don't you have your own husband?

      I fear your type Mrs Uche! You are a green snake under the green grass!

      I hope Chi and Olisa come to know the true you and keep their distance!

    3. Anonymous16:50

      na wa for this kind uche oh???? God abeg oh!!!!.
      first of all only u say "CHidi is not a queen neither is
      she an egg and her husband has tired." only u agn say "most of you here cannot speak to Chidi face to face if you were to ever meet her, she's one of these near perfect people that you just stand and envy!" shewwwwwwwwwwwwwww................
      which one u nor dey ehn?? only u get two mouth. well if u ask me, i think u are the envious one here and u are just trying to do everything humanly possible for her to like u. Chi dearie, please beware of unfriendly friends.

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. Madam Uche, good morning o. I am not sure you read the post made by Eya very well before you called whatever you saw on that post 'madness'.

    1. Eya made the post as though your friend was seeking readers' advice on how she can tell her husband she got pregnant.

    2. Eya didn't tell readers that she mailed her 1st and had a woman to woman chat with her and got some news. She mentioned it like "Chidi got a new mail to post but she is damn scared of bashes".

    3. I've been cracking my brain to find out why people would envy Chidiebere. *damn, I'm not so good at this*. Anyway,

    Results: No results for your search yet.

    Oops, found some!

    1. She didn't have sex with her husband for 7 months.
    •Damn it, we are so jealous!

    2. She said her husband raped her and must have damaged her body.
    •Get out of here, maximum jealousy loaded!

    3. She was going to leave the house and refused to talk to her hubby even when he had apologised.
    •Yo! WC fam, if you aren't still jealous of her, you must be insane!!!

    4. She lied and doesn't know how to say she's pregnant.
    •My gosh!!! Are you guys still not jealous already?!

    5. Uche says we can't talk to her face to face even though we can talk to God!
    •Wow! She must be Zeus or Poiseidon then. We're so jealous!!

    Bottom line: Yes Uche, you were right. The association of envious, goody two shoes women, who bashed your friend earlier, supported you and her husband and advised her again afterwards, are so jealous of her life and God will help all of them and deliver them, including you, IJN. Amen!

    1. Anonymous10:18


      LIKE #5 MOST!

  37. *Sigh*...
    This Whole thing is getting Out of hand. I have read from yesterday and I think a sledge hammer is being used to kill a fly. The vibe I get when I read chi's mails is that chi is someone who has led a very sheltered life,who is a bit naïve,and who is still trying to navigate the waters of marriage. And if sending out mails to a bunch of strangers is what she feels will help her,why not? Chidebere could be anybody. ANYBODY.

    Asking her to keep off blogs or whatever is not it. Because it may be what is helping her to find her feet. When she is eventually settled youl discover that you won't be hearing from her again. Chi will learn,and she Will be fine. We all need outlets to vent,and if this blog is hers so be it.

    We all learn from the stories put here. And I know that sometimes we find it easier talking to a total stranger about challenges we are having than ppl we know. Chi will adjust,and whatever advise we can give her,pls let keep giving her till she finds her feet.

    Pls let us not make a mountain out of a molehill and begin to trade words and say all sorts over dis matter. People are different and have different approach to issues. I personally feel Chi should keep coming till she sorts herself out. And then she'll help another person too. :)

    And Uche,you are a friend. When Uche needs chastising,u chastise her properly and call her out on any BS. And when she needs Defending,you defend her to the fullest. That to me,is a good friend. God bless you.

    Happy new week everyone.

    1. NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! chidiebere act as though this is the only comment u saw on this post.

    2. Mrs T13:54


    3. Mrs T13:56


    4. Anonymous17:06

      Soul spasms, God bless you for that comment. I couldn't have said that any better.

  38. Angel12:51

    Asking her to keep off blogs??? How many blogs. They just tried to avoid saying keep off wives connection. Where else did she publish her stories??? All they wanted to do was say keep off wives connection. Period

  39. Temmy13:06

    Aunty Eya, I feel for you. Please do not be discouraged. All these peopl mentioning traffic are bloggers like you, if not how would they know what brings traffic and what doesn't.

    Forget them and be focused, they are trying to derail you cos they can't generate traffic. Keep moving. For all I know, it could just be your old friends who disappeared into anonymous.

    They are trying to discourage readers from sending stories cos they think you are getting updates they can't get. Some of them have not updated in ages o (NOTHING TO POST). And pls do not see anyone as your friend cos am shocked at the comments on Chidiebere's post. They advising her to keep her story off your blog and instead calling it *BLOGS*

    Once you are successful, enemies will increase.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. savvy mom13:52

      That topic is not misleading to me in any way o. Maybe I nor sabi English Language. Aunty Eya oshe. Your blog is fun.

  40. Anonymous16:50

    na wa for this kind uche oh???? God abeg oh!!!!.
    first of all only u say "CHidi is not a queen neither is
    she an egg and her husband has tired." only u agn say "most of you here cannot speak to Chidi face to face if you were to ever meet her, she's one of these near perfect people that you just stand and envy!" shewwwwwwwwwwwwwww................
    which one u nor dey ehn?? only u get two mouth. well if u ask me, i think u are the envious one here and u are just trying to do everything humanly possible for her to like u. Chi dearie, please beware of unfriendly friends.


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