Early To Bed, Revision Time

We Can't cheat nature abeg. It was a very hectic day. We got home this night and my feet are not helping matters. Really really aching. Today, I beg to disappoint late night bloggers. Sorry I can't stay awake one minute longer. I need to go dream.

While I
sleep, in my dreams I'll join you all revising old posts. 
Good night family, may your dreams be sweet, the type that makes you want to dream forever. May no craft fly around your roof, may no vampire smell your presence, may the angels of the lord surround our beds.
May we wake up stronger than we went to bed.

For those whose questions on Kitchen Affairs are yet to get answers, may we find answers this night. 
For our expectant mothers, may their babies kick sweetly and softly, for our singles, may they find love in the house.

For our married, grant us all the grace for hundred percent transparency no matter what. 
For the lonely, lead us to great company. For those who can't sleep, connect them to my sleep level cos I can sleep even while seated. 
For the bitter, pour some honey on our lovely souls. For the lovers, help them to love even more.

For the pot critics, help us to focus on the pot content *wink*. For those starving in the midst of plenty, teach us that too much weight loss is not healthy. For bodies refusing to lose, teach their owners to accept and love their bodies that way.

For those porting like SAKA, help us to find love *wink* and friendship *more wink wink*. For those imported here, help us to endure heat and enjoy love. 
For our new father's, teach them to take turns waking up so  new mom's can catch some sleep. Help the world to grant our fathers "paternity leave" when moms give birth.#RunningToBed
Bless us Oh Lord as we sleep and keep us safe as we trust in you alone.
Sweet dreams!!!


  1. Anonymous7/11/2013

    I'm porting but I don't seek for love and friendship from blogs. I just want pure entertainment and no DRAMA. I get love and friendship from real people and not virtual brings on blogs

    1. Anonymous7/11/2013

      See ya later. I mean when you return.

    2. Leaving a comment while porting???

    3. Anonymous7/12/2013

      @naomi porting is a gradual process and continual process. Slowly we shall get there

  2. Hhahahaha, this one na prayer versus prayer.
    Sweetv dreams.

  3. thanks for the prayers ooooo, for those that don't understand the meaning of the word hater, and once you criticize or question something you are labelled a hater and out to embarrass Anty Eya, may they understand the meaning of the word and desist from using it. sweet dreams WC family.

    1. Anonymous7/11/2013

      Sweet dreams darling. Forget that already, it's just a blog.

    2. Anonymous7/12/2013

      @deborah they lack vocabulary and hater is the only word they can think off. That word has been abused on this blog

  4. Love this!
    Goodnight people.

  5. May my prayers b ansad too

  6. Saka Sister7/12/2013

    I just ported here last week and I LOVEEEEE it.

  7. Anonymous7/12/2013

    Una good morning oh


  8. Bislondy7/12/2013

    Auty Eya, powerful prayers there
    Una good evening


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