Diced Goat Meat And King Prawn Coconut Rice By Lizzy Obaze

Cooked ingredients for  prawn coconut rice.

Happy new month WC fam. I cooked this meal after church yesterday (Sunday) and could only manage to take a few pix because
I was tired.

Ingredients For Prawn Coconut Rice: 

Dry grated coconut
basmati rice
Olive oil 
Red green and yellow peppers
Hot chili pepper
King prawns (extra large prawns), 
Diced goat meat 
All purpose seasoning
knor cubes 
Dry thyme 
Curry powder 
I cooked my goat meat with a little salt, pepper, all purpose seasoning and chopped onion. This cooked very quickly because of the small sizes.

I boiled my rice with a little salt and grated coconut. I tried to sieve the bits of the coconut out before pouring the water into the rice but the aroma of the coconut wasn't coming through that way so I added the bits in the rice.

I chopped the red green n yellow peppers, onions and hot pepper. Poured my olive oil into a pot and fried the peppers, onion, king prawn and already cooked diced goat meat. I seasoned with all purpose seasoning, curry and thyme. I then gradually added my cooked rice and stirred till it was all mixed u evenly. I left under low heat to steam for 5mins and turned off the heat.

Cooked coconut rice
A pot of  Shrimps coconut rice mixed like fried rice
I noticed the goat meat aroma and taste blends really well with coconut aroma and taste. BTW this is my 1st time ever to cook and eat coconut rice.

Have a great week ya'll.



  1. Anonymous7/02/2013

    Nice one Lizzy, now I know I can cook coconut rice just like fried rice. I Like this.

  2. Thanks Lizzy. I've learnt something from your technique(adding bit of coconut flesh to rice).

    1. Aunt Eya or anyone...Please be nice enough to let me know what interesting meal I can't eat right now. I had a tooth extracted yesterday & I must say I'm bored stiff eating porridge & liquid! I need a meal for petes sake! Anybody?


    2. Eat pap with moin moin

  3. Thanks lizzy. Weldone

  4. Anonymous7/02/2013

    Nice one Lizzy but fφя̩̥̊ ♏έ .¶ wld L♥√ع to serve Ȋ̝̊†̥ as plain coconut rice Ąπϑ sauce(add little flour to †ђξ cooked ingredients)Thanks fφя̩̥̊ sharing.EPHY

  5. No step by step picture details?
    Kk, I understand why...

    We can't wait to come eat that special rice when dropped!

    Thanks much for this.

  6. Priscy7/02/2013

    I want!!!

  7. cute mom-2-be7/02/2013

    Definitely bookmarked!!!Nyc...d only problem I have is hubby is so on d slim side,I want him to put up some lil flesh jare!! Yet after all dis Eya's teaching and all my cooking to no avail*sadmuch* biko any idea to help??

    1. If you think you'll load him with proteins like the one above to make him bigger, I'm sorry you'll end up inflating his internal organs and causing him organ blockages due to excess protein intake.

      Feed him with more carbs. If he eats less which I strongly suspect he's a "little eater" give him multi-vitamins, this would help him add and also increase is appetite.

      Thank me later!


    2. Anonymous7/03/2013

      Carbohydrate ke??? Ace!! Ace!!! I hail o. Well done with ur herbalist advice. So eating protein now causes organ blockage? Wat happens to diabetics and hypertensive patients.
      Aunty Eya, delete ds comment if U pls, U shd also not allow misinformation on ur blog.

    3. Dear cute mom -2-be,
      Your DH has a high metabolism, which means his system burns calories very fast and there's very little to store up to reflect weight increase.

      You'll observe that some people can eat "a mountain" and still be slim while some eat just little and gboa! they add up weight.

      So let your mind be at rest; just ensure he eats healthily.

      Regarding multivitamins, it's a bit risky cos if his system gets used to it, his weight will EXPLODE and the next thing you'll be thinking of is how to help him reduce it.

      I used to know someone it happened to and the individual is still on the big side.

      Not to worry, as age beckons, his metabolism will slow down hence weight increase.

  8. Nice one tho, but I'll suggest u use coconut milk next time. Dry grated coconut is usually for making desserts like cakes etc

    1. Thanks Bjay I'll bear that in mind next time. Although I liked the crunchiness of the grated coconut.

  9. Lizzy thumbs up! All the men on this blog, when will you prepare a meal and send it to Anty Eya to publish ehhh? Most of the best chefs in the world are men, even on chopped, iron chef you see more of male chefs so why is our own blog different! Pls Bona, Ace, Uncle Johnson, ken, Valentine, Dave n all the men on the blog take up this challenge and do something! NB: don't take pictures of your sisters, mothers, girlfrnds, wives food ooo because Anty Eya will know.

    1. Yes oh!am wiv you on this one.Guys bring it on!!!Btw Lizzy a job well done,am definately gonna try dis!!!

    2. chubby ELLA7/03/2013

      Thirded oooo,pls guys show us some working. Meanwyl can u guys pls tell me d diff types of food I can prepare 4 a diabetic patient,I'm tired of cookin unripe plantain porrige or beans. I need oda recipes plsssss n I need it ASAP. Tnx fam.

    3. @chubby ella they eat wheat, so u can use wheat to make swallow. Also Acha don't know d name in english but its also so good, if u can't find it were u r let me know. I can buy and send it to u.

    4. chubby ELLA7/03/2013

      Tnx Debby. The problem is he dsnt swallow,he only leaks soup. As 4 acha,I tink I knw it,its lyk rice bt very tiny ryt? If dats it,iv NEVA seen it in ph here.

  10. wow...this is so lovely...I can taste it already. I love using different peppers in my this is a must try for me... Thanks Liz...

  11. Destiny7/02/2013

    This is a lovely meal... I made it last week and we all had a treat.

    @Eya, I love this blog and have been following silently since last year when you used to comment frequently and sign off on LIB. Pls don't allow anyone knock your hustle o cos the blog has become somewhat petty. I'm sure there are hundreds and thousands like me out there who enjoy it here. Please keep it up and the sky is your limit. Hugs.

  12. Anonymous7/02/2013

    Wow Eya u can't believe you just deleted my mail. I painstakingly wrote out all that because I noticed something and wanted to voice out my opinion. I never used any harsh words or insults. Just because I critiqued how you handled the 'fake' Odun issue and you know what I wrote was the truth you deleted my comment. Wow Aunt Eya that wasn't fair one bit.
    Hmmmm at least you read what I wrote and in your heart you know you should what I wrote was right. That's all that matters. At least you and your conscience know you didn't do the right thing

    1. Your last sentence was an insult and name calling to a blog reader. If you are the fake Odun, feel free to apologize to us all for trying to deceive (whether consciously or unconsciously) and then do another post and I will put it up.

    2. Anonymous7/02/2013

      I am not the fake Odun. I followed the story and realized that it was your mistake this lady got bashed and curses were reigned on her. An apology on your part acknowledging the hand your mistake played would have been better. Instead you were trying to shift blame by saying she didn't correct you when you called her Ofun and that it's not your fault. Meanwhile she gave you her name as Mary. Maybe she was too distraught to correct considering the tone of her mail.
      I don't mean to insult and if I did I'm sorry. I just didn't understand why you deleted my previous comment cos the was clearly no harsh words or insults.
      I made all my points constructively. If you think the way you handled the Odun lady's case was the best them I'm sorry to have even brought that up again. I only mentioned it now cos I was thinking of how this woman felt after she brought her case to you in confidence, only to end up receiving curses because of an assumption you made.
      So I'm sorry if I hurt you with any of my words, I'm just trying to put myself in her shoes

    3. You brought a similar story, I called you Odun, you didn;t say that you are not Odun, you continued and waited until I published and even mailed you that I had published.
      You waited until I became suspicious and asked that if Odun is not the owner of the post she shd contact me. That was when you realized that Odun is not your name.

      If not Virtuosity that intervened, I made up my mind not to open your mails cos of the deception. What were you thinking? We all know Odun's story and immediately someone asked after her, you sent a similar story, I called you Odun and asked after your son, you replied that he is with you in PH.

      If you still need advice from the house, do a proper post and I will publish immediately. Stop visiting different posts to ask for apology cos you only opened up when the cusses became too heavy.

    4. Anonymous7/02/2013

      Eya I am not the Odun lady. If you have all this to say to her, send her a mail. I'm pointing out my observations from what I saw happened and realized that I would have felt ba

    5. She did not give her name as Mary if you are not the one. Vit, only tried to figure that since her email address has the alphabets m, a, r, y added to it, the owner's name shd be mary.

      It's Vit that brought out that Mary from a bunch of letters inher address, she never gave her name as Mary and did not sign off with any name.

      If you are the one, follow the guidelines and send a mail the proper way pls sister.

    6. Anonymous7/02/2013

      But of she was trying to impersonate Odun why didn't she lie that she was in Lag but said she was in PH with her son when we all know Odun lives in Lagos

    7. I have been deleting this your comment right from yesterday but you keep insisting that I apologize for being deceived?
      Now, I won't delete again. The last comment was deleted because after writing about me, you diverted and started calling a blog reader names and insulting her in the name of advice.

      If you didn't add insults to that person, I wouldn't have deleted.
      When you type, avoid insults on other readers and I won't touch your comment.

    8. Doesn't she know Odun's story? I am even becoming more suspicious of... I won't mention any name now. I will Let it go.

      God won't let any evil wish against Odun come to pass.He will continue to help her.

    9. Anonymous7/02/2013

      Eya please do not accuse me of calling you names. I never did. I wish you had left the comment for every one to see. It wasn't all about Oduns case but I also commented on how you should contemplate on what direction you want your blog to go and stick to it. I said that because you were always listening to ppl and making decisions or changes to your blog. I know that it's good to listen to your readers sometimes but I said that some sessions are meant for you since you are the blog moderator. If there was a way I could restyle everything word to word I would have, so that everyone can see If I insulted you or not. I was very careful not to add any bad words CID I wanted to be as constructive as I could be.
      And I don't know the someone who was typing this yesterday. I just decided to share my thoughts but sadly you didn't like what you read and deleted. I wrote a lot but please don't accuse me of calling you names and insulting you

    10. Anonymous7/02/2013

      Wow I'm just reading your comment over again. Please did I talk about any blog reader? To the best of my knowledge I only mention that you listen to people a lot about how to run this blog. Never did I mention any blog readers name. Aunt Eya if my comment went to the recycycle bin pls paste it back because I don't like this false accusation.
      I was very careful to be civil because I know criticism is hard to take and I didn't want to be classified a hater so I made sure insults stayed out of my comment. If I say you listen to people about how to run the blog how does that translate to insulting a blog reader. In fact I didn't have any one person on mind when I said that because a lot of people make suggestions to you. Please Eya if there is a way of getting my comment back pls do because I don't understand why you are falsely accusing me

    11. Ezewanyi7/02/2013

      Hmmmmm,this is interesting.

    12. Eya,we all know u hav favorites,Biko take a chill pill. They hav said they like controversy so why r u taking panadol for their headache? Just my opinion

  13. Anonymous7/02/2013


  14. Anonymous7/02/2013


  15. Thanks every1. That is part of what I've learnt from you all in the kitchen department. I enjoyed the food better on Monday though.

  16. Looks good. Would give it a try Anytime I visit the nairobian market.


  17. Looks good. Would give it a try Anytime I visit the nairobian market.


  18. Nice. But I prefer my coconut rice plain without spices like curry, thyme. The spices, I feel, take away the rice coconut taste from the rice. I add little or no crayfish even. Knorr cubes go well with coconut rice, and goat meat, bush meat and or shrimps.
    My opinion and my style though.

  19. Nice one Lizzy!
    Will see if I can get those big shrimp in our local market!
    Luks good thou!


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