Child Marriage: Talk With Nigerian Senator Yerima

Child Marriage in Darfur
Child Marriage in Darfur (Photo credit: UNAMID Photo)

About Twelve Thousand Girls Have Vesicovaginal Fistula (VVF) In Nigeria

Watching Former Governor of Zamfara State, Senator Yerima on KAAKAKI this morning, hmmm, may God help our daughters in this country. He says "maturity has little to do with age" and to him : child marriage is marriage of a girl who has not reached the age of puberty." Any girl who has reached puberty is old enough for marriage. 

He argues that child marriage does not disrupt the girl child's education because he married his first wife at 16, they have six children together and now
she has her Masters Degree. That is neither my nor my daughters' portion. This country belongs to us all.  May Nigeria never go the way of "child slaverriage"

Even when the KAAKAKI host reminded him that there are about 12,000 girls with VVF in Nigeria, he still says that's his religion and that is what he must do. No one will make me believe that "Religion Is The Opium of OUR people" because I am a Christian and will always be by God's grace. When a thing is not right, it's just not right. Imagine your thirteen year old sleeping with a man? In the name of marriage? At thirteen, most girls have not even grown breast, at 13 my chest was still bare like a boy's. At 13, most girls haven't had their First menstrual period.


  1. *sigh* the state of the country weakens me.

    1. Anonymous8/05/2013

      So sad in Egypt she is circumcised imagine the pain,asd marriage as a kid to that,it can be fatal,as for those who he paid to Wed her & himself God will judge,my heart goes out to the poor girl imagone the nightly terror,modern Slavery has arrived

    2. Anonymous8/05/2013

      As for the Ondo Senator crying,d girls need your action not tears,my advice,in your next holiday spend time on a mountain with God in fasting & prayer 7days ask God to help change d law &forgive your part in it,you will surely see change,help d girls & receive your conscience Sir,lol

  2. Anonymous7/31/2013

    God help us in dis country.Lady Dee

  3. It can only get better when we all start praying and taking up our place in the society.
    Yerima will get what he wants which is judgement and not the approval of girl child marriage. If its his religion, he should keep it among his caucus and not shove it down the throat of others who do not believe in it.
    How many of his 13 year old daughters has he given to marriage?

  4. Aunty Ojay I was about watching the programoo before NEPA seized power,and brought it after the interview with Yerima. Anyway thank God NEPA won't be incharge of the light at the end of the tunnel.
    Another way we can address this issue without even the help of our lawmaker/breakers is through sensitization and enlightenment programs at the grassroot where this harmful practice is predominant.
    The difference between a teenager in my village at Ideato-north and a teenager at a village in Zamfara is just level of enlightenment and exposure.
    This early marriage initially wasn't only a northern Nigeria phenomenon. Could recall when during Xmas my grandmother will be boasting to my sisters how she married at the age of 15 and look at them now,they can't do anything at their age.
    But what changed this practice in the east was positive education,not necessarily the formal education. Since my people were able to overcome this and change their mindset without waiting for the Nigeria lawmakers,same can be achieved in the northern part of the country.
    Could recall then in my Secondary school,we attended a seminar on the girl child and the issues raised included VVF and female genital mutilation. When I handled the mic to ask question,I asked the ministers of health and women affairs who were present at the occassion,what efforts are being made on the special day we remember the girl child to sensitize the people where this practice is predominant,or is it gathering here to talk and eat garden egg while those who practice this won't be reached.
    Instead of making noise on twitter,facebook and blogs,why not bring it closer to these people through their local radio stations.
    Instead of opening a register at the Unity fountain Abuja,why not open this register at their various local government areas.
    Instead of waiting on the lawmakers, why not taking this message down to these people.

    This is a case of what we're looking for in Sokoto being in your Shokoto.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  5. I can't believe some people voted for this man and some still sees him as their hero. For God's sake where is the justification in what he said? He married his wife @ age 16 and she's a masters degree holder naw hmmmmmmmm as if we don't know how dey get dis certificates. May God help us in dis country. Even adults that are married still find it difficult coping with the challenges that comes with bin married and naw dey expect a child that probably can't wash her school uniform properly to start having sex, bear children, take care of the home, manage her in-laws, etc or will she be given a 'maid' to accompany her to her 'matrimonial home' and how old will the maid be considering the fact that the 'bride' is a child!!! This is soooooooooo annoying

  6. Anonymous7/31/2013

    Imagine an old man with grey hair, raping a baby in the name of marriage! Because for me oh! He would have to forcefully have sex with her not 'make love' with her. Its really frustrating!

  7. Anonymous7/31/2013

    I think d guy has really gone mad!when we still ve many women in Nigeria who don't ve husbands d idiot is talking abt kidnapping 13yr olds all in d name of child dt am even married n still doing a part time programme I know what I face not to talk of a 13 year old who does not know d rudiment of family life.Most of them who voted are just ignorant,one of dm was crying publicly thereafter saying he voted in error*can u imagine*

  8. Anonymous7/31/2013

    Sowi to digress..its had been brought to d notice of students to go look for jobs to do as the government is still not yielding to the demands of asuu......anyone wit job vacanies should please inform me through this outlet and i will get back to them......,my location is lagos and i can also b available in abj bt preferably lagos....#am fed up of stayin idle all day long#.....anticipating your warm responses,thank you!!....*THELMA*

  9. Anonymous7/31/2013

    Plz 4 God's sake letz stoP these animals calling themselves lawmakers. By the way, where's is d mother of the state, where is our professor 1st lady? I wud lyk 2 knw her stand on this issue, where are those women representatives in dat house of commotion, n wat r dia contributions on ds issues, y did we evn av dem there? 2 me dey r bundle of fools n toothless bull dogs.dey're defeated fools in tym lyk dis. Y cudn't our lawmakers tackle d issue of bokoharam n hw 2 curb it, y cudn't dey tackles corruption n unemploment issue in Nigeria, rather dan child marriage? 2 me dey r d agents of Satan looking 4 female children 2 devour. Dey wnt succeed. Weird!

  10. Anonymous7/31/2013

    Tufiakwa! God forbid! I can't imagine my baby with a man @ 13! Oh God release ur wrath upon this pple! Let them face judgement now!

    For christ sake... Give the child a pen, not a pennis


  11. Anonymous7/31/2013

    unfortunately the two moderators on ait did not do a good job regards the interview with Sen. Yerima they didnt ask technical savvy questions, they just ended up giving the senator a platform to beat them with his native intelligence and justify his actions, i wish it was channels that did the interview. just sick to my stomach to realise that some men can have erection at the sight of a child of 13, beats my imagination.


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