Chicken Tomato Stew And Pasta By Nancy

A  plate of pasta with chicken tomato and a side of orange
Hi Eya,
My date didn't happen as planned, however I decided to make me a Sunday special. I usually use fish and fresh tomatoe, but couldn't get that.
**I'm cooking for one(just me!)
Ingredients; Chicken(half kilo),Garlic,2 medium sized Onion bulbs,2 small tin tomatoes, Curry,Thyme,Seasoning cubes,Salt,G-nut Oil,Crayfish,Fresh pepper, Golden Penny spaghetti

To-Do:  Wash chicken properly and yank off those unsightly soft feathers. Using mortar and
pestle-no thanks to PHCN- (otherwise you can blend) blend Crayfish and Fresh pepper, it gives a really sharp spicy yet homely taste and aroma. Slice onions(mine were pre-chilled some hours. This reduces that tendency to cry while slicing. Peel off,wash and dice Garlic. Wash tin, and empty tomato paste.

Put chicken in dry pot, add part of the sliced onions, the Garlic,Salt,Curry,thyme,seasoning cubes,part of the blended crayfish and fresh pepper. Allow to cook for 3-5mins.(Don't add water just yet).
Then add some water and allow to cook another 10-15mins.
Now your stock is ready. You should be appreciating the Crayfish/F.Pepper blend!
Well, empty stock and chicken into container. No need to wash the pot. Place back on fire, add some Oil(Gnut,Olive,sunflower, your choice), add your tomatoe paste, allow to fry on low heat to avoid it blackening, then add your other half of onions, and Crayfish/F.pepper blend, stir, then add stock, stir for 2mins, add chicken, maybe some extra oil, and viola!
Then get a fresh clean pot(mine doesn't look so fresh though...hahaha!), add some water depending on amount of pasta you want to boil, allow to simmer a little, add some oil,salt, and I sprinkled some garlic in mine too!, add your pasta, allow to cook some minutes. You can drain if the pasta is cooked but water isn't all absorbed. I did that.

Serve with preferred fruit, Red wine, or yoghurt.

Bon appetite.
This was fun.

Washed Chicken(half kilo)

Onion,Pasta,Tin tomatoe,spice

Gnut Oil and Salt

Crayfish and Fresh Pepper

Blended Crayfish and pepper

Chicken, and above ingredient

Chicken and ingredients simmering

Couldnt resist

Well cooked chicken in stock

Tomatoe paste

frying tomatoe paste

Well fried tomatoe paste

Fried tomatoe paste mixed with onions and crayfish~Freshpepper

Chicken and stock added

Boiling water for pasta

Pasta added, with salt and some Oil

Drained Pasta.

Bon appetite


  1. Anonymous7/29/2013

    I'm sorry your date didn't happen,
    Your food is simple and quite basic, no insult intended, what caught my attention though is your beautiful sense of humour and warm personality, it shines through even through this post,
    I can assure whoever that your date is that he missed!
    I'm a girl too #nohomo# just an honest observation.
    Stay sweet darling. HUGs

    1. ZOELANDA!!!7/29/2013

      Dear anonymous 4.04, I love how you made a comment in full,no silly abbreviation. Glad to know there are still people out there that could still spell fully.. Oh and I'm also a girl *wink*.
      I also cook when I'm feeling down over something(guy),it kinda releases the stress/anger, I'm guessing you did the same thing too. Do have a great life dear.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Na wa O...after all this Lady's effort. Nice one dear. Pls if it is how to boil water using a kettle, post it. It is not easy to send in such an elaborate post.

  4. Nice piece..couldn't stop laughing considering the fact that I ve to see pictures of boiling water.
    I need the recipe 4 ur village soup

  5. Poster7/29/2013

    I'm sorry guys! I wasn't rooting for something complex and continental o. Just was excited at the thought of sharing. It's a basic sunday meal I make for myself and on request by family or friends.

    I haven't had the fun opportunity to do this before.
    Next time, I'd definetly up my game! Hahaha.

    Thanks for your honest thoughts though! Make una no vex biko nu.

    1. Thanks for sharing :D
      Love your sense of humour

  6. I see some idiots are on a mission to chase readers away and run this blog down. Aunty Eya, pls. It's time to start gating comments.

    Welldone poster, I learnt something from ur simple and basic meal as described by that anon above, pls don't be discouraged.

  7. Thanks poster, I would try adding crayfish when next I boil my meat to see how the stock comes out.

  8. Weldone dear! I haven't cooked meat with cryfish before @least I lerant dat one and will try it.

  9. Nice one Poster, I can see you like garlic, I also love cooking with garlic. Love the easy steps, sure it will cook within 30mins will def try this after work tmr.

  10. Thanks for sharing. Crayfish tip learned now. Would test it to see how it goes. Admirable sense of humour :-)

  11. Poster7/29/2013

    Aww thank you guys for your encouraging words. For those who want to try the Crayfish, blending with Fresh pepper would be make for a better ingredient.
    See me feeling like a chef!

  12. Anonymous7/29/2013

    Jesus christ. I just counted 18 peppers. 18 peppers for a one person meal? I hope u didn't choke on it. You could hav just used 3 or 4. Heyyyyyyyyy

  13. Poster7/29/2013

    Hahaha! I'm a pepper lover! Black pepper, yellow pepper, red pepper, you name it , I love 'em all. Had this pepper jollof rice back in Uni days! It was legend.

  14. I just got back home and this will make my dinner! I love the pepper. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Heeeeey..! I love this post!

    And I learnt a lot from this. Please ehn people,even if its a new/old method of boiling water or turning eba,please post o! Someone somewhere is learning! Thanks! :D

    Poster,Well done! (˘ﻬ˘)

  16. You are a gem! Very simple and very on point esp d blending of pepper n crayfish wud definitel try it wen next I'm making pasta. Thx chef

  17. Poster7/30/2013

    *taking a bow*
    Send us pix when you eventually try it!


  18. Yummy! Just how I like my pasta. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Una go mek hungry kill person ohhhhhhhhhhhhh


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