Chicken And Shrimp Gravy With Vegetables By MrsB

Chicken and shrimp Gravy with boiled rice
 I made Chicken and Shrimp Gravy and thought to share... It's not so different from your Chicken Gravy Recipe though, just a few tweaks.
I apologize cause I didn't take complete pictures...  


1. I grated the carrots, sliced onions, green and bell peppers (tatashe) I sliced them instead of chopping them. Just a personal preference. Plus it was faster anyway.
2. I wasn't able to get shredded chicken so I got chicken fillets and shredded them myself.
3. I boiled the sliced pepper and onions for about 10 minutes. Added some curry and Knorr cubes.
4. The flour I got gets lumpy if not mixed properly so to avoid this I mixed it in very little water to ensure it was smooth.
5. I fried some carrots in Olive Oil for about 3 minutes and on low heat because I wanted it crunchy, also

added a pinch of salt.
6. I added the carrots to the boiled vegetables, with a little soy sauce and let it simmer for about 5 minutes or so.

Vegetables for gravy
How i slice pepper so it doesnt 'pepper' my hands
Boiling pepper and onions with curry and Knorr cubes
Frying carrots with olive oil. A pinch of salt was added
Mixing flour with water so i dont get lumps in the gravyChicken Fillets and Shrimps
Shredding chicken fillets
Shredded Chicken Fillets

Flour and carrots added to boiling vegetables
Enjoy your lunch with chicken an shrimp gravy


  1. Uhmmh!!! always salivating when I visit Joy's blog and read stuffs like this one. Nice one!

    Do visit my website:


  2. Shayor!7/11/2013

    Dis is nice! a lil diff frm my method...but nice n faster.

  3. Ezewanyi7/11/2013

    Thumbs up!

  4. Mrs B kudos for a job weldone!

    1. lmao at the way u cut ur pepper, i will try that!

    2. Thanks Deborah, you guys inspired me :D
      Please try the cutting method o, it really works.

  5. Nice one,but I find it difficult to differentiate curry sauce from gravy,plz whats d difference?and don't laugh at me.
    Love the way the vegetables cameout tiny,not tge ones we prepare here that comesout like big meats,sometimes makes eating a chore.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

    1. Thanks Bonario.
      Truth be told, I don't think there's any difference... I think sauce/gravy are used interchangeably and curry sauce is just a type of gravy.
      Yeah, I don't like chopping my vegetables for sauce either, I slice them instead. :D

    2. Mrs B, did you use oil at all and the grated carrot, didn't it turn out too soft? Thank you.

    3. Hi Mabel,
      Yes I used olive oil but not too much, like half a serving spoon...
      I fried the carrots on low heat for about 3 minutes before adding it to the boiling chicken and shrimps so they were still crunchy.

  6. Anonymous7/11/2013

    What did u do to the chicken n shrimps? Did u boil/cook them and when did you add them?

    1. Hi,
      I started by boiling them with the peppers, onions and added a little curry and Knorr

    2. Anonymous7/11/2013


  7. Anonymous7/11/2013

    The flour used, is it same as the flour for baking?


    1. Yes Patsy, it's the same

  8. The gravy would taste better if you added about quarter of a spoon of garlic powder. Very little so it is not obvious but that pinch of garlic powder takes it up a notch. Try it dat way next time.

    1. Sounds good, will do that next time. Thanks!
      Also, many thanks to Emmanuel, Shayor and Ezewanyi

  9. Anonymous7/11/2013

    K.. Thanks mrsB


  10. Anonymous7/11/2013

    Taste yummy yummy. I am gonna try this out this weekend. Thanks Mrs B.

  11. Mrs B you've woken hunger up o. Looks lovely, this is my kind of food. Adding garlic like someone suggested will be nice but rather than garlic powder I'll slice or grate fresh garlic and ginger to it.

  12. Mrs B, my mama, am cuming 4 †ђξ advanced lectures Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ n a taste of †ђξ meal, Ʊ 4got 2 send mi share of dt meal ‎​S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ am gettin double portion

    1. Lmao!
      No problem hun, will be expecting you :D

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