Beyonce's Father Remarries, How Does It Feel?

Reading about Beyonce's Father (Knowles) remarriage and knowing that both she and Solange were already adults when their parents divorced in 2011, I feel she will give her support and would say "there is no hard feeling," It's not easy at all. "Oh well, she is an adult, happily married with her own child so how her Mum and Dad chose to live may not really be her headache." Ok, so Beyonce has a step motherThen, I start to look at it in a different way;

When relationships break up, it is never easy when one person moves
on. It takes years for some, especially ladies if they were truly in Love with their exes. It is worse for people who start talking or planning a wedding before the breakup. IMO, I think men move on easily, faster than women. Sometimes, people who rush into another relationship do not last because they weren't properly healed before getting involved.

Moving on is something that is mostly easier said than done. If it is that difficult for a broken relationship, It should be more difficult for divorcees. After reading about Mr Knowles remarriage. I got me thinking about the other person and even the children involved in a broken marriage, especially if they are not yet adults. If they are still dependent on both parents.

Although Beyonce says there are no hard feelings. I still feel like it won't be very easy for her who grew up with Mum and Dad living under one roof and now sees Dad with another family. 

Please dear parents, no one can blame those who chose to move on with their lives, after all, it is your life. Most times, we hear that the best option is a separation and divorce, that it may be the best for the kids. Me, I don't know sha o.

I just want to encourage those of us who may just be thinking of throwing in the towel to please think about the kids. They get so affected. We brought them into this world and are responsible for their happiness. Whatever decision you chose to take in that marriage, think about its effect on other people involved.

Let us always try our best not to be too selfish. If we need to sacrifice something to give the children a happy foundation, then let's try. Everything is possible if we put our minds to it. Even that relationship/marriage you think is dead can be revived if you truly want. 

Commitment, selflessness and Faith can make the impossible become possible. If you have already made up your mind to end that marriage. Please don't. There is no threat to your life. Every other thing that is making you despair can be remedied. If you decide to make it work, give it your best cos of the kids, you will not regret. I know that sometimes, there is nothing anyone can do, at other times, if you look deep into your marriage, if you begin to think about others like the kids, you find a reason to hold on, not only holding on but reviving it.

Let us please learn and keep trying our possible best to put others first and watch how God won't disappoint us.
Still thinking about kids who experience this, and then watch one parent become a member of another family, how does it feel?

Btw, I made ekpang/ikokore with ordinary yam. The yam we all use for pounded yam, NOT water yam. This dish turned out perfecto. There was no difference. How I did it? I will spill when I post, hopefully today.


  1. I really really want my kids to grow up with both parents. I don't want any step mom in their lives and will do all I can to keep this family together.
    So help me God.

  2. Anonymous7/07/2013

    Children are always at the wit end when it comes to broken marriage. My parent separated when I was just age 2, my dad just left the house without coming back with the excuse that my mum is just giving birth to girls. Growing up was so challenging because I always feel different and insecure. But thank God for his mercies today. Parent should always think of the adverse effect the separation will fortold on the children before crossing the line, no sacrifice is too much for your children.

  3. Anonymous7/07/2013

    I grew up without my dad around. As a mata of fact, I dint know him till I wuz out of second sch. Dat father figure wuz missin. Am in my 30's now, Dad n I communicate a lot. But d most impt part (wen I wuz growin up) he wuznt der. By the way can sum1 pls tell me wat IMO is. Tnx.

  4. There's no going back 4 me, whether d devil likes it or not. My kids must grow up wit both mum & dad under d same roof wit peace & love in d air. Happy sunday y'all.

  5. Anonymous7/07/2013

    It's also bad to let children grow up in an unhappy home just because we want both parents together. A lot of people are messed up because their parents stayed together even though there is no love in the marriage. They grow up getting the wrong impression of what marriage is. The boys grow up to become bad husbands, serial cheaters, wive beaters because they saw their dad do the same.
    The girls also grow up not knowing their worth and with low self esteem.
    It's time we change our mentality it's better not to divorce for the children but these same children might grow up and hate you for not leaving due to the hostile environment they grew up in

  6. peace_udo7/07/2013

    In marriage it takes two to work it out. If husband n wify can b selfless in the journey, then success is sure. Let us treat our spouses the way we expect to b treated. The Bible says LOVE and SUBMISSION, this should b our watchword. Tolerate each others weakness, forgive in advance ie even before the offence comes because some offences will come. Most especially, let God be the head of ur home, let Him direct ur affairs n see how joyful n peaceful ur home will b. BUT, if there is threat to ur life I will advice a cooling off, women remember ur kids, bcos nobody can take care of them like urself. IMO.

  7. Anonymous7/07/2013

    wetin consain fowl and tooth brush?


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