What Rapists Look For, Tips On How To Stop Them

A group of rapists and date rapists in prison were interviewed on what they look for in a potential victim and here are some interesting facts:

The first thing men look for in a potential victim is hairstyle. They are most likely to go after a woman with a ponytail, bun, braid or other hairstyle that can easily be grabbed. They are also likely to go after a woman with long hair. Women with short hair are not common targets.

The second thing men look for is
clothing. They will look for women whose clothing is easy to remove quickly. Many of them carry scissors around to cut clothing.

They also look for women on their cell phone, searching through their purse or doing other activities while walking because they are off guard and can be easily overpowered.

The time of day men are most likely to attack and rape a woman is in the early morning, between 5 and 8:30 a.m.

The number one place women are abducted from/attacked at is grocery store parking lots. Number two is office parking lots/garages. Number three is public restrooms.

The thing about these men is that they are looking to grab a woman and quickly move her to a second location where they don't have to worry about getting caught.

Only 2% said they carried weapons because rape carries a 3-5 year sentence, but rape with a weapon is 15-20 years.

If you put up any kind of a fight at all, they get discouraged because it only takes a minute or two for them to realize that going after you isn't worth it because it will be time-consuming.

These men said they would not pick on women who have umbrellas, or other similar objects that can be used from a distance, in their hands. Keys are not a deterrent because you have to get really close to the attacker to use them as a weapon. So, the idea is to convince these guys you're not worth it.

Several defense mechanisms he taught us are: If someone is following behind you on a street or in a garage or with you in an elevator or stairwell, look them in the face and ask them a question, like what time is it, or make general small talk, "I can't believe it is so cold out here," "we're in for a bad winter." Now you've seen their face and could identify them in a line-up, you lose appeal as a target.

If someone is coming toward you, hold out your hands in front of you and yell "Stop or Stay back!" Most of the rapists this man talked to said they'd leave a woman alone if she yelled or showed that she would not be afraid to fight back. Again, they are looking for an EASY target.

If you carry pepper spray (this instructor was a huge advocate of it and carries it with him wherever he goes,) yelling I HAVE PEPPER SPRAY and holding it out will be a deterrent.

If someone grabs you, you can't beat them with strength but you can by outsmarting them. If you are grabbed around the waist from behind, pinch the attacker either under the arm between the elbow and armpit or in the upper inner thigh - HARD. One woman in a class this guy taught told him she used the underarm pinch on a guy who was trying to date rape her and was so upset she broke through the skin and tore out muscle strands - the guy needed stitches. Try pinching yourself in those places as hard as you can stand it; it hurts.

After the initial hit, always go for the groin. I know from a particularly unfortunate experience that if you slap a guy's parts it is extremely painful. You might think that you'll anger the guy and make him want to hurt you more, but the thing these rapists told our instructor is that they want a woman who will not cause a lot of trouble. Start causing trouble, and he's out of there.

When the guy puts his hands up to you, grab his first two fingers and bend them back as far as possible with as much pressure pushing down on them as possible. The instructor did it to me without using much pressure, and I ended up on my knees and both knuckles cracked audibly.

Of course the things we always hear still apply. Always be aware of your surroundings, take someone with you if you can and if you see any odd behavior, don't dismiss it, go with your instincts. You may feel a little silly at the time, but you'd feel much worse if the guy really was trouble.



  1. Whew! For all readers outside Nigeria/Africa... The above is meant for you.

    In Nigeria and Africa I doubt if the above applies, sincerely.

    Rapist roam free here, they don't even get to be charged, cos the police would have done conflict resolution and collected bail.

    I only agree with the defense mechanisms not the former in the context of Africa.

    1. Sadly true and I agree with you. It's the defence mechanism that would work well over here. Sadly, the people that rape aren't strangers but the so called 'friends, neighbours, partners etc' and they will do it in the comfort of your home or their home.

    2. That is even for child rape victims where neighbors and society begin to beg...

      In a university certain where it is most rampant how on earth can you bring the culprit to book? Or is it not the same cultist who kills and no1 can ever find him?

      What about robbers?

      What about the naïve girl who visited a pervert and got raped, don't we end up blaming her for foolishly going into his nest?

      Reasons why I think our case in Nigeria is different is that we don't really have public rape cases, like india, South africa and the US.

    3. CJ kaja6/11/2013

      @ace u don help me ask ur friend d name of d porn series abeg na life and death

    4. Yea, @CJ Kaja, follow the link below, you'll find all that you need...


    5. @Ace, u are so right, this applies to people not resident in naija, ehen as of dis Cj guy, u made me believe that why u visit this blog is bc of this ur porn series, haba!! E too much!

  2. Anonymous6/11/2013

    @bonario I disagree with u that rapist don't get charged,some of d victims later come 2 withdraw the case 4rm d police because maybe the rapist families ve begged them not 2 charge the matter 2 court or because they don't want 2 go tru d stress of a court case or been in the public eye

    1. Anonymous6/11/2013

      Yeye bonario ko bonaria ni
      Like say u know no say na ace write.trouble maker

  3. Anonymous6/11/2013

    for wia u see Bonario nah? hian na wa oh. all these blog crush.. :p

  4. Anonymous6/11/2013

    Before U do any of these, the rapist would 've already beaten U to stupor n done with, after having inflicted severe injuries on U and licking his chops afterwards. The best bet is for the Ladies to always be on their guard n watch their dressing n places they go. Security Conciousness should be the watch word.


    1. Johnson6/12/2013

      @Valentine, there are several failed rape attempts because victims followed some tips as listed in the post.
      WC family, this situation applies is equally real in Niaja in a different dimension. Most rape cases would come from kidnapped victims. I can confidently tell you, ladies, that in the unlikely event that you are kidnapped (blood of Jesus!) and there's an attempt from your abductors - don't make it easy for them. Put up a fight – kidnappers want money & you’ll give them extra if you make it easy for them. The moment you allow, there's no limit to what shit you would get. Refusal will, however, earn you a couple of slaps and beating but that is better than being dehumanized.
      @Poster - Nice piece!

  5. I think the pepper spray bit coul help my 9ja sisters....1st thing 2moro am getting mine.


  6. Anonymous6/12/2013

    Here in the states... it is not just the women being raped... but it is also boys and young children. I recently heard a story on the news the other night about a man raping a 10 month old girl. I always advise my family to be very careful who is watching your children... and also that there is strength in numbers. Do not allow your child to walk anywhere alone. I advise my friends... to never venture out alone if at all possible. There is strength in numbers!

  7. Anonymous6/12/2013

    10 monthsssss????!!!!...arghhh!!! the kind of things we hear/see in this country
    now,dat guy needs to be put in a separate jail and closely monitored by doctors/psychologist. *terrible*

  8. Anonymous6/12/2013

    I agree... that guy was a sick person. The baby girl died from the injuries. He was sentenced to life... without the chance of parole. So, he will never get out of jail.

  9. Anonymous6/12/2013

    But in nig I hear of men who ar mostly 40yrs n above rape gal b/w d ages of 5 to 15,so don't think dis apply to nigeria.but good infor though

  10. Anonymous6/13/2013

    Its 10yrs o,not 10 months.Haba. She was their maid and the madam's son raped her. May God help us all.


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