What Is My Purpose In Life?

Are You In The Right Lane?

My Purpose in life is to do that which I am fully equipped for. That which my system is created for. That which my senses are made for.
 I can't really stand for long. Standing for too long makes me dizzy. My purpose in life then, cannot be to control traffic.

I love music, I can eat good songs like food. I can go without food where there is good music. I sing very well too. Was once a chorister, and even composed a few songs back then as a student. Is my purpose singing? No, It can't be singing. Why? I can't sustain my singing voice for long, neither can I comfortably hit high notes. I am blessed with a voice, people enjoy when I open my mouth to sing, however,

this sweet voice dries up very fast. 
Just one scream can take away my entire voice. If you love music and can sing very well but do not have an enduring voice, what happens if you become a professional singer and you have to deliver after one shout at a criminal somewhere. 

Do you give excuses to fans that it is a bad day? For how long? My advice to myself... Get good DVDs, load them in your cars, houses, everywhere  around you and keep enjoying what you love (listening to music).

My purpose in life, is it to treat sick people and make them well? As a child, I always told people I wanted to become a Medical Doctor. I can't stand blood, not even my own blood. I cringe at the sight of blood. Is there any Doctor in the world that can't stand blood? That cannot be my purpose in life (That's me).

When I speak sometimes, people laugh and enjoy how I talk but not all the time. There are other times I want to sound funny but people find my jokes dry. My sense of humour is small compared to many people. My purpose in life cannot be making people laugh all my life (comedy), I wasn't sent to this world to make people laugh. If I become a comedian, how many jokes will I crack before the "fountain" runs dry? If I chose to become a comedian because there is money innit, how far can I go? Will that afford me even a small award before I retire? Will people look for me to listen to my jokes? Will people be willing to spend hard earned money to come listen to me? I don't think so! I guess my purpose is not to live life TRYING to make sad people  laugh. It's better I leave that to those whose words have the power of making even a woman in labour forget her pains (That's their purpose, they are fulfilling).

Looking after babies, taking care of babies, is what I can really do. By God's grace, I know I can look after babies. Is that my purpose in life? No, I don't think so. Why? I get nauseous and disgusted so easily. I never found it funny wiping even my babies poop. It's that bad. To be good with kids, you must be good at wiping them and cleaning after they throw up, cos, messing themselves up is what babies do best. I can really take good care of clean babies. My inability to enjoy the dirty part of that job makes it incomplete.

 I have seen people suck out mucus from the nostrils of other women's children, without feeling anything. I felt nauseous just watching while the partaker saw nothing wrong. Between the two of us, isn't it better I leave that aspect of life for the one whose make is suited for it? Isn't it better the one whose body and senses are well equipped for that takes over?

When you are in your lane, what others struggle to achieve, you enjoy yourself while achieving. If you are in the wrong lane in life, what others do with fun and excitement, your struggle. 

Yes, I know! Everyone succeeds in that business, in that career, in what you are doing. BUT, Why are you forever struggling there? It's not your old uncle, it's not your fetish stepmom, it's not your father's enemies, neither is it your wicked boss. ...YOU are in the wrong lane.

The right lane is never devoid of obstacles, you might bump into potholes, but, it won't stop in the middle of nowhere. It leads to a destination.


  1. Jazmyn6/17/2013

    Yeah. Eye opening for me.
    Thanks much.

  2. Anonymous6/17/2013

    Thanks Aunty eya. High time I started watching my kids closely, no better time than now, to know what they are best suited for. I made avoidable career mistakes that I want my kids to avoid.

  3. Spot on Aunty Eya! My sentiments exactly.

  4. Very true sis! We are all made for specific things and will thrive in them if we discover and strive. Great style and choice of words, they hit home. Have a super blessed day!

  5. Duchess6/17/2013

    Errrm, I'm an Engineer by profession but i just LOVE putting a smile on people's faces. I'm not doing bad in my profession as a female but, i listen, help, encourage and making people happy is still IT for me, i do it everyday in that my so chosen career. Do i regret taking this path? Yes, but it sure aint stopping me! This is in respect to the person that said she chose the wrong career, dearie, you can be in that chosen career and still be fulfilling you purpose. God knows why He took you there!

  6. Ngozi Bonario6/17/2013

    My husband Bona and I have decided to drive jejely in the right lane so we can get to our Abuja destination. Haters beware.
    Just wedded!!!

  7. Thanks aunty Eya..every human being, our number one purpose is to do God's will. Secondly, ur God given purpose is something that revolves arnd pple.. meeting a need in a group of pple's lives. wherever u find urself, Woteva profession or career, u are there first as God's ambassador before anytn else. In his will, is our peace.


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