Types Of Nigerian Husband By Duchess

Still lives like a bachelor even though he won't accept it. Does things on his own without consulting wife. Hangs out a lot with
Friends more than wife. Not serious about marriage life. Thinks that marriage is like eating peanuts with drinking garri.

Just like corrosive acid, Is always

boiling and always angrily violent, moody, dominating
and very dangerous. Stand far when he is in that mood.

Sees his wife like one of his old purchases,Wants to be treated like Kings and treat Wife like a Slave. Likes wife to
perform old traditions like respect, washing his wears and kneeling to greet.  and hates being called by their first name. They can comfortably call wives by first names or by their children's names like Mama Idowu.

Wants to be appreciated outside, likes to be good outside his home but opposite with wife. Husband for every woman. loves and cares for girlfriends more than
his wife. Likes giving money to girlfriends and have more female
friends. Buys expensive gifts for female friends while wife struggles on her own.

Only cares about himself and never cares how wifey is feeling, Very moody and stingy and don't consider wife's emotions and don't
make the relationship enjoyable. Makes no effort to make it work but blames his moodiness on wife. Has no sense of humour.

Uses wife as a problem solver, only loves wife when needing something
from her. Is clever and knows wife's weaknesses and capitalise on that to
get relief from wife. Treats her well when he uses her to his advange and nasty when he cannot exploit her.

Lazy and only loves wife for the sake of her money. Uses wife's money on
girlfriends. Carries girlfriends with her car, No initiative and does not help wife with house
responsibilities. He only donates spermatozoa while collecting every other thing from her. Taking with no respect for her.

Irresponsible and childish and can't make decisions on his own without
asking his Mother or relatives; compares Wife to relatives and friens's wife and runs to
them always if something goes wrong. Feels other people's wives are better.

Not always at home, comes in as a visitor. Provides family all material things
but has no time for them. Only interested in giving money but very unavailable. Kids upbringing and discipline is solely wife's.

This is the one I pray for. Caring and loving. Provides material and emotional needs and makes time for family. Guides home spiritually. Very responsible and treats wife as partner and helper. Loves and is proud of his family.
From Duchess


  1. Hehehe, so true jare. My husband is number 9. I tire to correct kids alone and pray with them alone, eish

  2. Anonymous6/25/2013

    Some husbands fall into more than one category e.g. I know someone with the characters of no. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and sometimes shows himself to be no. 9. loool God forbid I ever meet such a man not to talk of him being my husband. God please hear my prayer oooo! :D

    1. Anonymous6/25/2013

      Holy Ghost.... FIRE!

    2. Lolzzzz no be small Holy Ghost fa! How can one husband have all those traits?!?

  3. Anonymous6/25/2013

    My own na combination of 1,3,4,6,&9! God na ya hand I dey o...

  4. lool...so true...

    My hub is number 10....yaay!!!!

    My lovers can like to dig some feet into the ground and plank there.... hehehe...

  5. Anonymous6/25/2013

    God pls let my desire be granted.pls i ask for number 10

  6. Chiomz6/25/2013

    All my life v been praying for hubby no10....and i no dats exactly wat am gonna get....*dancing

  7. Anonymous6/25/2013

    see yeye woman! after you go begin send eya mail complain about your yeye husband tell her to hide your id. you dey fool your self and you know your self. ode. !

  8. Anonymous6/25/2013

    see yeye woman! after you go begin send eya mail complain about your yeye husband tell her to hide your id. you dey fool your self and you know your self. ode. !

  9. Anonymous6/25/2013

    see yeye woman! after you go begin send eya mail complain about your yeye husband tell her to hide your id. you dey fool your self and you know your self. ode. !

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. My hubby is proudly No 10 and I'm so proud of him...all tnx 2 God.

  12. This list is so not complete. @adaisy e dey pain but I no go dig ground I ll take Ice cream lol.

  13. Anonymous6/25/2013

    My hubby is number 9 ooo, I don tire sef

  14. Cyndrella6/25/2013

    Thank G od i ve no 10 husband and i pray that u all searching will find peace like i did in my marriage.AMEN.

    1. Bislondy6/25/2013

      I say a big AMEN!!!!!
      ....and it feels so good to b back

    2. a very big AMEN!!

  15. Anonymous6/25/2013

    All those who are saying that they have number ten, if you search your heart and tell the truth he is probably a combination of number 1-9.

    1. Cyndrella6/25/2013

      without any blink or doubt my dear i have No 10, which i also prayed that God will grant those in search.And i can be described as the pro.31 woman someone mentioned without any regret because its just a way for me to serve life by showing love.I also pray that other women do same.

    2. Bitter Truth6/25/2013

      Make I hear! How old s ur marriage again? @cyndrella
      I tire for all dis ppl claiming perfection in dir marriages, bia wo una dey deceive. Learners

    3. Cyndrella6/25/2013

      @bitter u are entitle to ur opinion dear.

  16. Anonymous6/25/2013

    You want #10 husband? Be Prov 31 wife.. are you one?

  17. Even the bible connots that a good woman is hard to find (Prov 31:10). So all dem not so good women are looking for #10 hubby... you shall reap what you sow.

  18. Anonymous6/25/2013

    Dis post shud b for wives dat r married for mor dan 10yrs to comment on. If ur marriage s below den ur hubby s stil ur bf @ d moment. #People change

    1. Anonymous6/25/2013

      Thank you darling

  19. Bitter Truth6/25/2013

    Marriage s not a bed of roses- for does wishin for no 10. Nobody s perfect cus everybdy get dir own comma.
    Pls stop living in mills and booms world n be realistic

  20. The issue of marriage has also been a sensitive topic. To each his own.
    Pls visit my blog: http://www.bevshineevents.wordpress.com

  21. My hubby us no 10. God bless and keep him for me.

  22. Anonymous6/25/2013

    Bitter truth, for the fact dat ppl said their hubby is no 10,dosen't mean they don't have challenges from time to time. Abeg it is very normal to have a little challenge once in a while,don't we quarrel wit our siblings? Am not yet married but i pray for no 10. There are people who are truly happy in their marriages.Gaskia!!!

    1. bitter truth6/26/2013

      Truly dre are no 10 buh u can't knw until ur in it. Sum men hav dis features b4 marriage and after marriage buh wit tym dey mite deviate esp durin difficult tyms. While sum men won't av dis features b4/after marriage buh with tym dey mite change to #10. Dats why ladies shud pray to God to giv dem dir own husband (as in dir own missin rib)n not 2 send just no 10.

    2. "Dats why ladies shud pray to God
      to giv dem dir own husband (as in
      dir own missin rib)"

      I agree with the above quote.

  23. Wale Adenuga production presents. This is Super Storyyyyy!
    Can't find my type of man here *The ever dynamic and unbiased Husband* who is ready to change with you and willing to treat you as u deserve.
    Call it Mosaic Law kinda husband. *wink*

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

    1. Anonymous6/25/2013

      lolxzzzzzzzzzzzz, u r a clown!

      women can lie!
      with all the stories i read here, they r claiming #10! smh

  24. Anonymous6/25/2013

    my father is number 2, 3, 4, 5.what a role model. mchew.

  25. Anonymous6/25/2013

    This is my 1st comment on this blog. Shout out to d convener of d blog n all d beautiful ladies n guys here.
    I can categorically say my hubby is a perfect 10. He's there emotionally n materially. Am not d type that praises husband considering some of my friends are going thru hell in marriage right as I type. While I read this post, it just struck me to appreciate him n to thank God for d man I was given. Am 12 yrs in marriage without a child yet. All medical problem r with me....blocked tubes, poor egg qualities..... 4 failed IVFs. Just this week, I broke down again begging him to take a 2nd wife n he said NEVER......going for surrogacy soon. He said " God wont audibly tell me u r my wife n prevent u from having babies for me".
    I just want to thank God n pray that as many of u desire #10, it shall be so in Jesus Mighty Name. God bless u all. Am loving this blog.

    1. You will surely smile. I am so happy about the surrogacy and I know God will urely help you and hubby because every good and perfect gift comes from him.

    2. bitter truth6/26/2013

      @ anon 11.51 thank u 4 appreciating ur hubby n I pray God grants u ur heart desires n may God continue to shower blessin on u and may ur hubby never cease to b no 10. AMEN.

      True #10 not does wo avnt faced trials/ does wos marriages r stil babies with no teeth will cum here and b boasting of no10.

    3. Anonymous6/26/2013

      Wooow. May God almighty bless you and your husband. You will surely have your own children by his grace. I pray to marry a real number 10 not the fake 10 that will develop cold feet and bail out when faced with real challenges.

    4. Anon, 11:51PM, your husband is a rare species. May GOD turn your pain, tears, trials and sorrow into unspeakable joy and happiness.

      I know you'll still have your own baby; you'll feel the baby move in you and use your back to carry your offspring. I'm believing it for you.

      Please keep the faith!

    5. Priscy6/26/2013

      May God grant you ur heart desires...

    6. Anonymous6/26/2013

      Thanks Great People n I say a big amen to all ur prayers n show of love. God bless your homes, n the new homes that will be birthed. Thank u all.

    7. Anonymous6/27/2013

      Pls nobody shld insult me.
      Madam have u thot of adoption.
      My relative adopted after many yrs and God opened her womb for her.
      Infact it was after her last painful miscarriage that she went to d orphanage and picked d most sickly baby and nursed her back to health.
      She didn't even know when she took in cos she was totally engrossed with taking care of the baby.
      God blessed her with two beautiful boys after many yrs and all d negative reports from doctors.
      My baby brother is also adopted, we were 5 kids, my mum had both girls nd boys and something touched her to adopt.
      Its been 15yrs and he's such a blessing. Always top of he's class.
      Infact he's a genius, began walking at 9mths as in walking well, didn't potty train, does all d she chores even though we have helpers, can cook like a pro. Always winning academic awards frm schl, state and fed govt. Infact he's too much and we love him soo much, imagine if he was left at d orphanage. My mum adopted him @ 6wks.
      Pls think bout it and God bless u.

  26. God bless you too dear, don't worry, you will smile soon IJN!

  27. Anonymous6/26/2013

    Waow what a wonderful gift of a man from God,God bless ur marriage more and may He surround ur table wiv beautiful kids IJN. As for dose pple dt feels husband no 10 is not possible I laff out loud at u pple =))º°˚˚˚°ºнaĦaнaº°˚˚˚°º‎​=)) get that fact right some pple are blessed with wonderful men,no one is perfect fine,pple change buh if u checked ur man's fruit b4 u married him and u were soo sure n convinced his hrt beats for God,I tell u,d wind can only blow,it cnt n wud neva destroy ur marriage!!! There are very good men kk,am blessed wiv such and wud forever remain grateful to God,even if the wind blows we wud definitely overcome and our love wud always wax stronger.

  28. Anonymous6/26/2013

    My husband is 9 comes home every month end spend two to three days and his back to is working place. He dosnt want to hear me saying any negative tins abt his family despite d fact dey ar nt giving me space in my marriage,no privacy at all bt to b sincere my husband is caring just wish he can take me along to his working place bt his work wont permit him. Hallyshally

  29. Anonymous7/18/2013

    I'm definitely number 10 on this list if I do say so myself. *cough cough*. But honestly, most human beings are a combination of all 10.


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