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Good morning Aunty Eya,I just got in to a relationship with this guy and I discovered some thing which I think its just too early. He is actually a very busy person, most times he doesn't even get time to eat and all,but to my knowledge I believe that guys are always sweet and all over the lady in the begginnin and with time some will change that attitude and some won't(that's not what I want though). 

My problem now is that he doesn't even have time at all,he is alwais busy when he calls during
the day at times he calls to beg me not to be angry that he has been super busy. Its alwais today uk, tomorrow dubai.

 He tells me things I believe he can't tell his friends but that isn't enough nau. He tries as much as possible to be all over me but I feel its just too early for him not to have time for me. Bona and Ace your advice is really needed on this o.Thank you aunty Eya
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  1. Johnson6/14/2013

    Bona, Ace – over to you guyz!
    I am too busy to make comments…


  2. LOOL @Johnson. Even me sef. Bona, Ace over to you guys too oh.
    I am too busy to crack the brain for an epistle :-)

  3. lol@jay and johnson,i also think i'll be too busy to read your epistle today oo@jay #shinesteeth#

  4. chubby ELLA6/14/2013

    Lol....serzly u guys shud giv her d advice she came all d way here 2 seek naaa,I'm sure if she knew wat 2 do,she wudnt cry out. Me I dnt knw wat 2 tell her sef.

  5. Anonymous6/14/2013


  6. While reading your post I just kept smiling. My dear I was in your shoes too and it was so frustrating( My mum would say shebi the problem is that he is hardworking and not that he drinks, smokes or chases women) I would just be boiling!. In my case " the busyness" started bout 4 months into the relationship imagine after 3 months of lovey dovey!!!!!! Just be consistent in expressing how you feel, you will find yourselves quarrelling over "petty things" but my dear if it bothers you bring it up. if he truly cares about you over time he will adjust and create that invincible time( he thinks he doesn't have) for you. today I can tell you we are back to our lovey dovey oooooo but it came after some serious quarrels( I even ended the relationship twice! rolling my eyes...all na drama) he always came begging! now we are more settled and have a better understanding for each other. I have programmed my mind to know that yes its truly work and nothing more so I support instead of worrying and allowing the devil plant silly ideas in me. He on the other hand has learnt the act of constant communication to bridge the gap when he is super busy. I am glad I was patient because he is super worth it. and most importantly PRAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

    Apologies for my long story.

  7. Anonymous6/14/2013

    Someone shud please advice her na!
    Personally,i feel dr r 2 ways to deal with dis matter:
    1.If u like dis guy enuf, bear with him & continue d relationship. Trust me,since he's dis busy not to av much time 4 u & d relationship,dts how it'll be 4 a very long time (if not forever)
    2.If u can't cope with his 'busyness',its beta to cut it off sooner-than-later,b4 both parties get neck-deep in it & so dt,dr wont b too much hurting and a lot of nagging &/complaining later on
    Look on d brighter side,he likes & respects u enough to find time to call u & even apologise,moreover,he's working to bring home d big cash 4 u both! *winks* *winks*

  8. Queen Bee6/14/2013

    Also watch it cos some guys use their busy schedule to keep many girls and be lying to each that it's cos I'm busy u didn't see me.
    If u are sure he's not having other relationships,then just be patient with him with time he'll come around and such men make great spouses cos their life is usually their work and family.
    Else na one chance u Don enter o!

  9. Loolz hehehehee u guys are cwazie.
    My dear there's no point overheating the polity here,no point soundong as if its a big deal. Trust me if he's always there babysitting you,monitoring your everymove and always calling,soon u'll feel bored and needing some space.
    Asides his busy schedule which is normal,u didn't complain of anyother thing weighty enough to prompt such fear. U should only be concerned with his desire to be with you,which is evident in his calling you to apologise for not being there.
    My dear I see no reason for you to be afraid.
    NB: Tosin I saw the suya offer,I'll find time one of these weekends to make it happen.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

    1. Anonymous6/14/2013

      Bonario. Setting p innit? Lol. I guess Tosin na the cougar wey dey find ur attention since. Well make una invite mi too oo. I love suya nama. :d

    2. TOSIN Bonario6/14/2013


    3. Lemme add to Bona's...

      I won't hold brief for this guy, but what I'll advice you do is "Find out if truly he's busy as he claims" like you said today London, tomorrow he's in Dubai that's enuff reason to proove he's busy.

      If you press him too hard on this, unknowingly your mistakes will include!

      1) Lack of understanding
      2) Nagging
      3) Incompatibility
      4) Assumption &
      5) Lack of patience

      This 5 listed above are core reasons why REAL relationships rock and break eventually.

      Even if he loves you so so much, it takes just one clandestine acquaintance to show him the other side of those listed flaws and you are done with.

      If there's anything we men love and need so much is "our space"

      Make him create time for you, try understand his schedules and the best you can be to support him, then he'll brag to friends of how understanding you are, how you've been the solid rock in midst of his short comings...


    4. Anonymous6/14/2013

      Tosin and Bona, hehehe, *rings a bell*, couger alert o... *runs away*

    5. hmmmmmmmmm....i can so relate

  10. Anonymous6/14/2013

    This blog won't kill me with laughter I promise una.

  11. Licious6/14/2013

    Lolz@ Bona...!!! Im really busy ooo!!! LOOooOOooLL!!!
    @Oma Babs: I totally agree with you!! Same difference!!

    Basically we just think when he's "busy" there's more to it. But as a man who's sincere, when he says he's busy....he really is. Esp. When he apologises ....
    Lets cut 'em some some slack after all, its so that all things would be 'comfy' for us ooooo. That's why he's making hay while the sun shines!!

  12. Anonymous6/14/2013

    Maybe u shud get busy urself and don't sit around waiting for his calls that way u won't really feel his being too busy. Secondly the fact dt he calls to say sorry shows some sincerity on his part. Just be sure he is busy wit office money making work and not sth else and then relax. Talk to him about it sha. Abt being lovey dovey from d start, not all men r like dat Ooº°˚

  13. Anonymous6/14/2013

    Mi going thru sam problem o. I met dis guy january ending although we've known ourselves years back but he is too busy 4 my liking dat he hardly calls. He told me 4rm the begining that d only problem dat his ex's use to complain about is his nonchalant attitude.
    He can't stay on fone with me for even 3mins sef, yet he'll say its d heart dat matters. Although when we are 2geda its is usually awesome but when I leave, dats the end of lovey lovey.
    When I coplain about it he'll say he will change but d change is never happening.
    Mi I am so feedup and I'm considering quiting bcos actions dey say speak louder dan words, he can't he love's me and not act love.

    My advice sis, if u can't swallow it pls talk 2 him about it, if he is not willing 2 change pack ur bags.

    1. Tolani6/14/2013

      Did I type ds? Ds is exactly wah I'm going thru, we started ending of Jan as well nd ds one is not in 9ja.Tho I know he's studying whr he is buh dt doesn't mean he shd b too busy for someone he calls his gf bah?He keeps making up excuses all d tym buh I'm fed up, movin on already cos I really like ds guy nd it hurts. Thr ws a tym we had an argument nd we didn't talk for ova a mth, I'm sure ds isn't d kinda guy I'm telling God to give me.I've stopped showing dt I care abt him or d relationship Sef.

  14. Anonymous6/14/2013

    When in doubt, get out FAST!


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