T-i-m-e Time By Ace Bentley

Time, For all who have it will sure loose it. Tell the moment he has only a second to prove it... Just as the rose know's when to express, the "queen of the night" arose at her perfect time to impress!

The people are famished... Tell the farmer, Tell the transformer his agenda must waste no time. Tell the market woman, Tell the stock market man, Tell them the sun has risen, HAY! they must make.

Time is never born but with time we were born... We were born into this time, a time we no longer bond, a time we are banned by boundaries, one which only time can dis-ban.

Oh brother! Sombre not of the way's the wicked and greedy have toiled you, did time not tell you about his brother "Vanity"? The echelon of regret was born on the night vanity came back after a long journey!

Upon the precipitate of knowledge, time is the distance within all things, time will never stop even if you stop. Will time tell when it's time to tell? No, time never gives you the chance, Only God!

Have a splendid friday!


  1. Barbie6/21/2013

    Hmmm! Deep, sweet and sensible
    Thumbz ace,

  2. Anonymous6/21/2013


  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. @Barbie, Doyinsola and anon, Thanks ya'll for liking my words!

  5. My favorite (The people are famished... Tell the farmer, Tell the transformer his agenda must waste no time.) #Jonathans transformation agenda. Nice, @ace, you also do poetry?

  6. ashawo6/22/2013

    Ace,u ve stirred up deep emotions I thought were dead.

  7. j'aime cette po├ęsie


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