Sharing My Best Friend

How Do You Feel Abut Sharing A Best Friend?

Three pretty tall ladies walk into a small restaurant, they all look happy together and continues to chit chat while waiting for their meal. While enjoying my own meal on a table beside theirs, we could hear their discussion. 

After a while, the dark lady among them excused herself to go use the restroom and, as soon as she turns, one
of the lady's countenance just changed. *I think I do amebo things sometimes, if not why was  so interested in these strangers?

She starts whispering but I could still hear, complaining bitterly, that she left Enugu just to come spend a few days with her friend and here she is, sharing her best friend with another woman. She is bitter and asks her friend why she invited another company to their outing.   While still trying to sort themselves out, the other lady emerges from the restroom and they change the topic. Anyway, I lost interest when the topic changed so.

Apparently, their hostess just moved into Abuja to join her husband. She has made a new friend and is so happy and wants to introduce her visiting friend to this new friend. I could see that this visiting friend (from Eugu) was kinda rude to the new friend of her best friend. 

To me, that is unacceptable. A friend who cannot share her best friend? Is it marriage? Are they sleeping together? Why can't some people share their friends. I don't like it when people become too possessive. Is it insecurity or what? When my friends make new friends, I like it cos those people automatically become my friends except when I don't like their lifestyle/s. 

I got home that Saturday thinking "Is it that there are people who can't share their best friends?  So, this visiting friend  expected her best friend to be all alone in Abuja waiting for her short visits or what? Change must come, whether we like it or not.
Well, my advice?, let us please try our best to be less possessive and more accommodating.
 It costs nothing.


  1. Interesting. I like to share but when it involves my best friend, three is a crowd. I no fit shout. I can't share my best friend cos we women gossip a lot.

  2. I think the unwillingness to 'share' might be rooted in insecurity even though I've never experienced or witness such. Your true friends, whether good, better or best will always remain true to you and they will always love you regardless of the number of other friends they meet or make.

  3. This is really a problem Eya.

    Yea had that kind of experience. I was the new friend and the other best friend didn't like it. so i left them abeg because the friend in between was sharing heart stuffs i told her to the other best friend and she was also sharing heart stuff from the other best friend with me. I think twice and then left them with their wahala.

    Well matured Chics should know how to handle themselves. As for me i don't mind sharing a female friend oh! my husband is my bestie (BFF)

  4. Women matters....

    We make new friends at the beer joint sef, no time for iranu.

  5. I can't do more than just the two of us and probably our husband/s. When there are more than two involved. They get involved in petty gossip and comparisons, whever is absent at any given time becomes the topic of discusiion. I enjoy the gossip but hate when I am the topic.

  6. Anonymous6/18/2013

    Aunty eya Sorry to deviate but my bf and I had a fight last night and he burnt my wears with fuel. My best items I have been leaving in his place.

    I change in his apartment when I visit and we have to go out. No need rushing home to change cos some wears are handy. Now he burnt them and starts feeling sorry.

    How am I supposed to react pls? really regretting and confused.

    1. Did you just call the clown a boyfriend. Abegi Tell him to replace them with immediate effect,and you too learn to make him follow you home so that you can change and also save guide your asset,be it liability in the other way round... Am outta here..........

    2. Mee Noni6/18/2013

      What????? Which mumu boyfriend is that biko? Heeeee *claps twice*. First of all, i expected you to say that he had given you money to replace them already but since he hasn't, my dear, keep that mumu love aside, give him till this evening to give you money to replace them. I don't care the kinda fight/argument that would give a mere boyfriend the guts to touch your stuffs, not to talk of burning them! After you have collected the money, tell him to his face and mean it 'GO TO HELL', flip your hair and dump his silly ass. If you don't, the next burning will be on your body! Rubisi o

    3. Anonymous6/18/2013

      Ladies... man burn ya cloths, una dey call am mumu. U should bi able to read the hand writing - u're no longer required! The guy don tire - your cloths (and pantis) dey cause obstruction for other babes...

  7. Well it can be difficult sometimes but making the other party know that you ain't in to break what is not broken,spares you from being the glass all stones should be thrown at or worried about. In my university days i ended up in a four group of best friends thou one i had to drop becos she was ready to spoil,rubbish and name it to get a guys/males friend/boy friends attention... kia it was that dirty and bad but the two am still perfect with and accept new friends i bring to them even thou am still the single one in their mist.

  8. This story sounds like Khloe, Malika and Khloe's new friend.... For those who know wat I mean. Lol

    Well, I realized a long time ago that your best friend also has a best friend so always keep some things to yourself. Some people are very passionate about Best friends, Bffs and all. Me, I dnt send. If you're married, your hub should be ur bff. If single, a sibling of urs or one of your parents shud be ur bff.

    1. Lol@ Bj... Me sef, I get different bffs o...even online ones sef. It's more interesting that way...

    2. Desire6/18/2013

      Exactly Khloe kardashian story wen she moved to Dallas.

      Aunty Eya, when did u start eating out?

  9. sister6/18/2013

    Aunty Eya,sorry about my absense ooo I know u must be missing me
    We so busy with iya oloja's burial/mother of all parties
    I ve not rested ooo infact business has been booming and am also travelling to swizerland and dubai bcos eko oni gba
    I won't be gone 4 long oooo and u sister haters my plane will not crash IJN ooo and also Ahdaisy I saw ur fondant post u are an amazing woman seriously u are also a bundle of talent ur mum did a very good I too dey talk sha pls no fighting on Eya's blog but if una wan fight wait till I come bcos d thing dey sweet me shoutout to lnc,bona,ace,shallie my babe,rubby,debora d peacemaker,soulspam,jay,my anon friends and haters too and bro johnson byebye till sunday
    I know say I type jargon,those that understood d ish should explain to others I dey go bureau de change

    1. Anonymous6/18/2013

      Sister,bring something for me,am ur num 1 fan.jorney mercy

    2. Sister hm! Since I dey fear this ur change but e be like say na for real. Thank you o. Safe Journey!

    3. Anonymous6/18/2013

      Safe journey to sister of life.

    4. Anonymous6/18/2013

      Na wa for u sister. Switzerland and Dubai, come back on Sunday? Ok bye

    5. MrsAjaryee6/18/2013

      Is this sister 4real?

    6. Buhahahahahaa this sister is so funny. I'm just laughing anyhow in my room. LooooL

    7. Ahhh sister get nice thing for me ooo and anty Eya! To the story at hand, I don't bliv in doing any Bestie of life ooo. You may not always be your bestie's bestie. Meaning you can't be close to just one person. I personally hv frnds n its kept that way.

  10. The more the friends the merrier,why would I want him for me alone,am I gay. When we're much we've more female gists to treat.*wink*

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  11. We are the PACESETTERS. Since 2013, other nigerian food blogs started to show step by step cooking pics like us. Kudos to WC.

  12. Licious6/18/2013

    You just took the Khloe and Malika gist right out of my mouth....

    When it comes to BFs, hhhmmm our wahala plenty as women sha.
    I dont see anythng wrong, the more the merrier.....
    I do not have siblings, so i pretty much grew up holding my own...with lots and lots of friends!!!
    And a trailer load of cousins!!!
    Have friends that our relationship spans 20yrs and even more and im in my early 30s...
    Im not possesive of anybody jare!!! Every(wo)man for herself Baba God for us all!!!
    Are they my Husband?

  13. Licious6/18/2013

    @Sister... Please buy something for me too ooo!!
    E lo re ee bo re ooo!! Ee gunle ayo oo!!!

  14. Anonymous6/18/2013

    Sister is so unique,i so muc lov her nd her style....back 2 d topic at hand....ave bin in dat shoe or sud i say am stil xperiencin suc...but life ave taught me not 2 kip any besties but to b generally close nd friendly 2 evrybdy....nd its workin 4 me,no mor betrayers,emotional trauma,backstabin etc......if i tel una wtin frnds don use ma eyes see eh!!..una go tel me 2 dey walk i nor mind 2 b all of una fnd.#Thelma#

  15. Bislondy6/18/2013

    I think the visiting friend is insecure and scared that her friend will start to spill some of her secrets to the resident friend. This world is a small one jare, we meet people every day

  16. Sister of Life!
    Bon voyage
    PS: I hear say market don close cos of Iya Loja's death. Make you use your trip rest small, sugbo? Ara ki n se igi!

  17. Anonymous6/18/2013

    Sister abeg no forget to buy gold and swiss lace for your anon friend and aunty eya only . Safe trip as your enemies get temporary relief*sorry ur bornagain now* abi? Oya go well jare

  18. sister go well and come back well

  19. I've always wanted to have close buddies(just 3/4 of us) but I never got to have such friends. I guess I wasn't cut out for such.

    Whenever I see BFFs back then, I used to wish I had mine. Now, I'm happy I didn't have; I only have 1 very close friend and she too has her close friends but I aint bothered. For the married, one's DH should be one's BFF.

    We all need a shoulder to lean on but we shouldn't take it too far; your best friend is another's best friend-life's interwoven structure.

  20. Haba! Women sef, I don't mind my BF being friends wiith another friend na, if she is truly ur BF,she will know what not to tell the other friend about u.

    @sister safe jjourney! I truly thank God for ur life!

  21. Meemee6/19/2013

    I'm possessive with my bestie o! Cos I love her so much. But now she's getting married soon so I have to share her with her oga and her other married friends. I better start learning how to share.

  22. Anonymous6/19/2013

    I remember a friend(married) I had sometime ago, who had her BFF(single). Apparently, a friend of mine told me to be careful that nothing comes between them except when this new friend got married. I never took this warning serious until this BFF of my new friend quarelled over me and sent me a msg to back off from her friend. Of course I had to, wasn't ready for a crazy reaction so I had 2limit my communication with the new friend and over time, the friendship just fizzled

  23. Anonymous6/19/2013

    Frm d story above I believe the one frm enugu jst wanted to spend quality time with her bestie and also discuss sme personal things.
    I dnt think its wrng.

  24. All man with their own wahala! I dont see anything wrong here, sombody else could have seen it as gaining a new friend instead of complaining about her coming along. Btw, i just moved from Lagos to Abuja with no job yet and boredom is seriously dealing with me here, so PLEASE I NEED A FRIEND(s) preferably female cos i'm also a ''She''. Aunty Eya, great job u re doing here

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