Saka To Port Back To Etisalat?

Image courtesy: Uyi Ehigi'e blog
I just read on Uyi Ehigie's blog that Saka has been given 90 days to port back to Etisalat. They want him back within those 90 days. Is that possible? (Wrong question by me). The right question should be is it true?

Well, as you all
know I'm glued to BBA for the next 60 or less days, are there very current NAija'S here? Please fill us in.
 Is it true Etisalat wants Saka back?
How do people get to become "those" in HOT DEMAND?


  1. yea! Very possible Saka i dey gbadun u injoi ur money

  2. hmmm, i dont think dats possible. Guess he s on contract wiht MTN now. for interesting storories visit Suspense and Emotions

  3. Anonymous6/19/2013

    Not possible o. Good for him

  4. Naaa don't believe dat!

  5. Anonymous6/20/2013

    Anty Eya, I beg look pokello hairstyle well and guide me on how to go about it.

    1. Me too, I like it. That hair style reminds me of fantasia the one time American Idol winner. The singer. Remember?

    2. Anonymous6/20/2013

      Yea, ure right! The moment I saw her, I tot of you cos I know it will suit you. I like it too but still don't know how to go about achieving those baby curls.

  6. I came across your blog as I was browsing and looking for home made shawarma recipes. D best thing about your blog is the down to earth manner with which you blog.I am hooked. I pray this comment goes this time. And yes, I am a guy. You are real. God bless you.

  7. Anonymous6/21/2013

    Well mine is a different ball game, @ 26 bt nt allowed by my peeps to kip male or female friends no outing, graduated and ve to help out in there biz till job comes, want to break out from dis cage bt dnt knw hw to go abt it witout causing chaos at home since Both my dad and mum re ill And ve nt been going to work and biz for a long time now. Once am expected at home and am nt home its alwz a prblm . Am so tired of causing hbp for dem every now and de. Pls hw do i break out witout much prblm


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