Re: Characteristics Of A Nagging Wife

Hello Mrs. Eya. Honestly, I've read so many articles about marital problem and most of all are truly "Unfair". Unfair in the sense they will always put the blame to the husband. But then, the moment I found your blog, well, justice speaks for all. 
Based on my terrible experience as a husband, I truly found out that there's
also something wrong in the other side of the coin. What I mean that men and women have the same characteristics regarding good and evil. 
In fact, when I tried to share your blog to my wife, honestly, she's really got mad and she couldn't believe in what you're saying about a nagging wife. Due to her strong personality and great pride she won't admit her fault nor don't want to hear that she can commit mistakes. I have more things to say but it's better to pray for us.


  1. Many women r prayin dt God shld touch der husbands n som of d women dt got d few gud ones, dnt appreciate dem. Evn as an advocate 4 women's ryts n all wht not, I can testify dt som men r suffering in der marriages aldoh not as many as d wailing women.

    1. Anonymous15:06

      Wetin be ur own sef?

    2. Anon 3:06! Abeg hw I tak boda u?

  2. Anonymous13:25

    yawns! enough already!. relationship this relationship that. sister eya pls not every one here is a relationship freak. give us wetin we go cook this weekend a beg.

    1. Anonymous16:50

      *yawns with you*... Courtship is a period of learning about the other person, not a period of preparing for an elaborate wedding without planning about the marriage. I must marry by force or i must be in a rship by force is what is really destroying us. Staying single rocks mehhn until i find the ONE that i can't live without! All aboki wit em kettle

    2. Anonymous17:00


  3. Anonymous12:43

    I think you guys are making a mockery of d mans pain which is quite unfair!!

  4. Anonymous17:01

    Many ppl didn't comment here because many women are guilty.LOL.

  5. Anonymous17:24

    @Poster, sorry about your pains. I just pray God will touch your wife's heart. I guess the reason your kind of situation doesn't get talked about so much is because men's ego will not let them admit and disclose what they are going through.

    We don't have the details of your issue so I will just say you should pray for your wife. Let her know how she hurts you and tell her what you expect from her.

    I pray the peace of God will abide in your home.

  6. Only the end justifies...
    When the appointed time comes all men, all women will stand behind their names and deed.

    @poster, keep trying!

  7. Anonymous19:21

    Do to others what you want them to do to you, be nice to ur wify, and she will reciprocate! *i spell am well* na night sch I go oh.

  8. Anonymous20:01

    Poster, take your wife on a weekend away fro the home, have a serious heart to heart talk appraisal of your marriage so far, let each of u express ur mind and expectations from the other. My hubby and I analyze our marriage when we go on date nites, some times life makes us forget the special things we have like a good wife or a good husband. Why is she aggressive? Let me answer cos am a woman: she knows she is guilty! Most times we women eh, admitting that we nag! Urgggggh! Who will, but my hubby knows hw to weaken me so I can't get angry ESP when he starts talking in a gentle manner, who will fight someone who is simply talking to her in so much love? Dnt worry we will pray, but pls call her to Oder in a loving and relax atmospher, u guys should talk things over. Hmmm marriage is hard work oh


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