Pedicure And How To Make Romance Interesting

Good day Eya. My hubby doesn't like going to the salon for a pedicure. He feel d salon is made for women alone and so feels shy to visit one. He only does his pedicure when he is out of d country and that's once in about 4 or 5 months. Besides, he has this harsh skin that makes romance uninteresting. Please
can some of our wonderful readers who are experienced in that aspect be kind enough  to teach us the necessary tools and step by step procedures in carrying out a pedicure. Thanks alot


  1. Anonymous6/18/2013

    Someone comes home to do home service pedicure for my hubby and I.

  2. She could heelp with the pedicure herself. Doing it is another form of romance entirely. she could convert the pedicure session into romance. Her ingenuity should come to play here. For interesting stories like All about Deborah and Scandal in St.Luke visit Suspense and Emotions

  3. peace_udo6/18/2013

    If u've not done it before then u have to get home service for him, so that u don't slice off his heels. U have to learn how by watching it done.

  4. peace_udo6/18/2013

    If u've not done it before then don't try it o! So that u don't slice off his heels. Get home service for him n also learn while it is being done.

  5. Anonymous6/19/2013

    If u are in Abj, he should visit Beauty masters, 2nd avenue Gwarinpa, they have a separate room 4 males and also a vip room. So his privacy is ensured. Its a new place though.

  6. ashawo6/19/2013

    I pity u,when those sexy manicurist snatch ur hubby from u ur body go cool down.shior

  7. Anonymous6/19/2013

    Asleep oshi! Not everyone is as insecured as u! My hubby and I go today to d spa once a month and we gist away.

    1. Anonymous6/19/2013

      *ashewo *

    2. Anonymous6/19/2013

      *together* new phone getting used to it

    3. ashawo6/19/2013

      Hohohoho lol@Asleep.anyway my name is ashawogbin shortened to ashawo not ashewo .OLODO


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