I felt quite funny and sad not sending a write-up yesterday morning. I tried to neglect the feeling but it didn’t seem to go away and I wondered why this was happening.
Yes! It was a year on the 3rd of June since I/We lost dear ones on the ill fated Dana crash but I still came to work and discharged my duties as was expected of me. Trust me, it’s painful and no one can really fill the vacuum they left behind but haven’t we all learnt that life goes on? Quite sad, I agree and painful too that all we have left of them are bitter sweet memories, ones we all wouldn’t let go of in a hurry.
Prior to leaving work yesterday, I decided to take a quick look at what was happening on my favorite Blog and I saw
Bonario’s post on wordless Moi-Moi... I didn’t read it at that time but the title sure got me laughing and really helped me relax. Uncle Bona, well-done, you really made a sister laugh real hard; thank you so much. It feels good to know men can cook (biko men, make una no abuse me o).
At home after supper, I tried to find an excuse for not sending a write-up and I finally found a name for it. ‘Writers block’.
I had ideas but just couldn’t figure out how to start or from where to start. My little secret is I can really be lazy having to write things down but when it comes to typing, the sky isn’t even a limit.
I eventually managed to put my thoughts to paper and before I knew it, I couldn’t stop until I had written down 4 articles.
Biko, she don come again O; Na wetin she dey yarn?
My passion is writing and I could do this even when I was tired, when I’m not being paid for it or when I just didn’t feel like it. It just seemed to flow until I literarily said to myself ‘Fola, there’s work tomorrow, your bed is calling’.
What is passion?
I like to define passion as that thing you still have and can do when nothing else seems to make sense, that thing you can do even when you’re not being paid for, that thing that even after a failed attempt at it, you try one more time and you keep trying until you’re there, simply because you just can’t stop. A passion is that thing that you do not need an extra effort to do; that single thing that while at it, every other thing seems not to bother you, while at it, the whole world seems to stand still ‘coz right there is doing what means the whole world to you.
Your passion may feel irrelevant to others, they may criticize you for doing it but that shouldn’t be a problem to you ‘coz it’s your passion and not theirs, hence, you need to protect it.
Yes! Like me you tried severally and failed or didn’t even get any recognition; keep at it and someday, just like the bible says your gift will make you stand before kings and not just mere men. At that time, you’d wonder why everyone is applauding you for something that comes naturally to you. When people ask you, you can barely even explain ‘coz while at it, it came naturally to you. As opposed to saying you were working, you can easily say you had fun all the way while at it.
My name is FolaShade, I’m passionate about writing and I like to call myself an artist, one who paints pictures with words;
What is your passion, c’mon let’s discuss.


  1. Anonymous6/05/2013

    Bonario didn't make the moi moi

  2. Wow! Thank you.

  3. Next time you read through an article/post before saying anything about it. This post is too long abeg, a summary will be appreciated!

  4. Thanks for giving me the benefit of doubt aunty eya. I love your blog and would never do leave nasty comments. Please disregard such comments from impersonators, I only leave comments with my blogger ID and nothing else. Thanks once again :).

  5. Awwww, you are welcome Dobby. I removed the second comment. It's OK.
    God bless you.

  6. I love this,,,tnx fola

  7. Awww! Fola good to know I dimpled your smile.
    Just like you I also love to write,hmmm and it won't be out of place if I say writers posseses the highest concentration of passion*rme*we're romantic,enthusiastic and very dedicated to what ever we don.
    Lil wonder the great poet Miguel de Carventes opined that a writer/poet is somewhat possesed when writing. Goes to show the level of passion writers put into their works.
    Nice piece Fola.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  8. Of all... (I’m passionate about writing and I like to call myself an artist, one who paints pictures with words) my favorite.

    Well done!

  9. Anonymous6/06/2013

    Bin wantn to post my comments since, bt i no fit. I cnt do it, dnt mind being laughed at.


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