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Wives Connection

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Thank you all for your suggestions and advice. Everyone needs advice I guess. Always posted you guys' mails for advice and this time I decided to seek advice myself. I also needed to benefit from you guys' wisdom and intelligence. I didn't expect so many of you to bother about
a name change consideration but was shocked at the outpour of comments.#Smiles

Finally, both the Yeas and the Nays have it. After reading all our comments. I felt it's wise to leave the name as it is. Also considering that after I did the shortening of that title, it took some time before my new posts started showing on Search Engines.

 I just learnt yesterday that over tweaking that area of a blog can be dangerous. Changing things too often will look suspicious to our Oga at the top of the Internet world, and can lead to a fatal drop in ranking. After reading that, I was sober for some time before looking for ways to edit the description without touching our title.

What you see up there is our new blog description. I pray you guys like it cos without you all reading and commenting, there would be no blog here.
Thanks for all your suggestions and advice. 
Well Appreciated.


  1. Thanks aunty Ojay,u're very considerate. Atleast its better now.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  2. nice description

  3. Nice one aunty Eya,i rest my case.Smiles.

  4. Anonymous6/05/2013

    Aunty Eya kudos. Ado ok

  5. Nice one Aunty Eya you are so Considerate as you listened to everyone..More Grease to your elbow..x


  6. Aunty Eya, as I was reading the new description, when I got to the 'Single Ladies', I thought I was going to see a (If you like it, then you should have put a ring on it) beside the single ladies :-)


    1. Hahahaha Jay u yeye no b small.

    2. JaY oh JaY, you are at it again! :D

    3. Jay, funny geh! But na true o...after all, we have a WC hook up. Ehen, *put's on my amebo facial expression*. Pls, Mr and Miss WC Hookup, how far na? Gist us. Wetin dey happen? Hope say all the rainbows never fade? Hehehe...

      Aunty Eya, well done. U managed to appease everybody. You are a good mother, no be lie!


    4. @Ahdaisy: LOOL. Na true o, we really do have a WC hook up o. Ahdaisy ya wicked sha @ rainbow never fade. ​

      @Rubynnia: I'm loyal oh.

      @Ivy: the yeye no be small yeye. Walahi :-)

  7. Lovely one. Thanks for retaining the blog name.

  8. The ever considerate Aunty Eya!
    Eyaaaaaaaa, the description is nice!

  9. I love this new description, it's all encompassing

  10. Joyce Edos6/05/2013

    Aunty Eya well done the new blog description is nice.

  11. VALENTINE!6/05/2013

    /Sigh/!!!!!!! Well thats Berra.at least "Men's Corner" don cover the 'shy' men in Da Lodge like yours sincerely. thanks Aunty Ojay

  12. Anonymous6/05/2013

    Me like!!!..now i can proudly comment#singin#...anty eya u 2 gud o..u too gud....#drops mic#

  13. Omotee(Pinnacletee)6/05/2013

    Thank you aunty Eya, u r such a sweetheart!

  14. Well done Aunty Eya! Great description. Very soon we go add matchmaking, abi e don dey happen already? :D

  15. Nice! well done. when are you going to feature my recipes? :)

    I sabi cook small o! :)


  16. Anonymous6/05/2013

    NICE1 ,Mi like it, God Bless Dis Blog n U our Madam at d' top Aunty Eya. MASON'S MUM

  17. Anonymous6/06/2013

    nice description i think it accommodates everybody.at least i can mingle as single now knowing that i am included in d picture

  18. Licious6/06/2013

    Anty Eya... Yay!!! Me likey!!!!
    Really thoughtful of you to put into consideration all and sundry!!!
    Thats all!


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