Nigerian tomato Stew With Scent Leaves

 Add preserved tomato in hot oil. This tomato was blended with  onion, tatashe, pepper, garlic and ginger before storing in the freezer.
 Add seasoning cubes and a little curry to stew
Add tender beef and a little stock to stew

Allow beef to boil and cook in tomato stew

 Add scent leaves to cooked stew for flavour  and nutrients
Add vegetables sparingly

Stir and allow green vegetables for about 30 seconds before removing from heat. If oil is much, scoop out some before serving the stew.

To be able to chew beef. I cut into flat pieces before cooking. That way I'm sure it's cooked right inside. I stopped liking beef when I chew or bite into a fat piece and get that raw beef smell and taste in my throat. I hardly eat beef outside cos the meat sizes are big.

One reason I like take-away food is because I get to put my meat or chicken in the oven/ microwave again before eating. My family knows me for microwaving bought cooked meat, fish or chicken. The truth is, when I'm done reheating or microwaving, everyone wants mine. 

I don't know if there are people like me or is something wrong with me? I find it difficult eating meats not cooked by me unless I have to take home and dry or roast again. Meat lovers don't care, so long it's meat, they just enjoy themselves.

The way suya is cut (flat pieces) is how I sometimes cut my beef to cook at home. It cooks so fast that if I'm not careful, everything starts falling apart. I like the way people enjoy meat and I think I'm missing something. My children too, many times they clear their food without touching meat. Is that OK? Are there kids like that? 

While dishing food, they come to whisper that you don't put meat on their plates. My seven year old is always announcing that she is "cutting down on meat" when I haven't really seen her eat meat the way children do. This early announcement is to help prevent whoever is dishing her food from adding meat.

Are there people like me who struggle to wash or eat meat? Please let me know I'm not alone.