Moi Moi And Custard

Breakfast Idea 9

Nigerian moi moi cooked with eggs
Moi Moi with boiled egg.
 Moi moi with boiled egg can be made wrapped with leaves, aluminium foil, plastic plates and even santana cellophane bags. Wrapping with leaves is the best and healthiest method so far. This moi moi in the pic was cooked in bags #sorry. For custard or pap (I don't like to call it pap for one reason) making, mix with a little cold water before cooking with boiled water (Expecting to hear someone say "Eya kuku teach us how to boil water"). After cooking with boiling water,
 Add sugar, honey or your choice of sweetener (Not saccharine abeg). Stevia is always the best sha

For me adding custard or akamu to moi moi is like eating two meals at once so, I eat just the moi moi or wait for akara with akamu. I can take moi moi with drinking garri on a hot day, it's  filling.

Breakfast should be something light and to us Nigerians, I don't think moi moi with akamu is heavy *rme* It gives us the energy we need to take care of us, kids, hubby, job and errands. For breakfast ideas 1-8, check below the pics.

moi moi with custard
Moi moi with banana flavoured custard

moi moi with custard 02
Hot moi moi with hot custard
moi moi
Healthy moi moi with an egg



  1. Anonymous6/06/2013

    Eya I c u invested in a good camera. The pic quality is everythn

  2. Anonymous6/06/2013

    Mehnnn, aunty Eya your picture quality is now dope.. I likeeeeey...

  3. Nice aunty Ojay,bookmarked already.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

    1. ashawo6/06/2013


    2. Hehehehehe boo whats false about me bookmarking it,oh! Or u think I can't prepare it? owk lemme burst your bubble I can even cook more than you.*wink*

      ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  4. Anonymous6/06/2013

    Superb ♏έ likey.(Ephy)

  5. I love the pictures, they look so professional! Well done

  6. It's the old camera. It's a good camera owned by a not so good user. I'm Still learning how to use it correctly.

  7. Anty Eya finally you like moi moi alot.

  8. Anonymous6/07/2013

    Eya pls change ur profile pic.
    U r a pretty woman nd this makes u look old.
    I ve been begging u

    1. Anonymous6/07/2013

      This is d finest pic of Eya
      If u know all d photoshopping that went into it u will bow
      Truth is aunty Eya is not fine at all ooo
      If u see her in person eh
      U go pick race ni
      Aunty no vex ooooo
      I just dey yarn truth ni

    2. This moi moi can also be cooked with corn.

  9. ja baby6/07/2013

    Am always passing by on dis blog but have never commented, but today i decide to comment by saying i really Ĺ♡
    ν٤ dis blog, especially d cooking aspect cos i Ĺ♡
    ν٤ cooking. Cooking has always bin my hobby. God bless you aunty eya, and keep d flag flying.


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